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‘The Raid: Redemption’ Remake Loses its Director and Distributor

XYZ Films’ remake of The Raid: Redemption appears to be in a little bit of trouble as distributor/production company Screen Gems (and its parent company Sony) has pulled out of the project. If that weren’t bad enough, director Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3) has also announced his departure.

The remake was set to star both Frank Grillo and Taylor Kitsch, although the latter has left the movie since we announced its postponement.

Based upon Gareth Evans’ 2011 film of the same name, The Raid: Redemption follows an elite SWAT-like team that raids an apartment complex that is holding a powerful and extremely dangerous drug lord. When the team’s cover is blown, they become targets of everyone in the building. The remake is said to take place in the near future, according to Tracking-Board.

Hughes is now set to film The Storm Warning, which tells the tale of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race disaster, which occurred in 1998 and saw six people die and five yachts sink.



  • Mark Lepine

    Sony finally realized that there already was a remake and it was called Dredd.

    • Gadriel

      Aside from the fact that Dredd was in written and in production long before The Raid…..this has been covered sooooooo many times now!

      • zob rombie

        Love the reid, love dredd even more.

        • J Jett

          zob rombie, same here!

          • Gadriel

            Indeed – both movies can co-exist and both are fantastic.
            There really does seem to be a bit of marvel/dc fanboy stuff building around The Raid and Dredd though. Which is a shame.

          • They are both awesome!

  • chatty ma’am bart

    Good. I don’t see a scenario in which a raid remake is any good. They should give the money to Gareth Evans so he can complete his trilogy quicker.

  • PsychoMantis18

    Bwahahahaaah. Fuck yeah! Die evil worthless remake scum!

  • Alanmac

    Best news all morning! I’m a fan of remakes but only for films that are at least 15 to 20 years old and maybe have slight flaws. The original Raid is neither of those and should NOT be messed with.

  • Eizzy IceBorne

    I can`t help myself. I should look serious now, but I have to smile in my most evil way. XD Nobody needs a remake of that incredible action-flick.

    • Mr. Dry


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        • Mr. Dry

          Oh shut up!

  • Mr. Dry

    I’m sorry but I’m really glad. Just put some fucking subtitles on it and watch the original!! ! Is that so freaking difficult?!?

    • Gadriel

      There is an English dub version too.

      • Maxime C

        So what’s the excuse??

        • Gadriel

          Without wanting to sound controversial, the movie is probably seen as too Asian and needs to be Yanked up a notch.
          Shame really, as both Raid movies are fantastic.

          • Maxime C

            Agreed. Yet I don’t think it needs to be Yanked up, I just think Americans need to be less dumb.

  • Alex Warburton

    Omg…. Seriously, I actually just watched this last week and it was incredible. Hearing that they are thinking of a “remake” just infuriates me. This article makes me happy, no remake for this movie I say.

  • astronauta69

    great news

  • elpinche

    When the time comes, along with Taylor Kitsch, I hope they throw in Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams into the cast to make the remake complete and utter shit. Fuck XYZ and their remake.

  • eli

    Dear Hollywood,
    Don’t fuck with perfection.

  • GoodGuyGoneWrong

    good news

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  • Sweet merciful (insert deity here)… And I thought this morning was already starting off great! Waking up still drunk,,, had a great night, and one of those “Oh sweet fuck yes!” moments after reading “The Philosophy of JonathanBarkan” (damn you have a lot of a’s in your name). Yes, a bit inebriated, and lets not forget confused. This comment (opinion) better not sober me up, but remakes like this seriously confuse me. Now I get the whole idea of “we’re stupid greedy bitches, lets make money” studio side. But still, how can you put your name behind that type of rushed, rip-off shit. And really (I’m gesturing with my left hand now) it’s an action horror film, the original… That. Just. Came. Out. So, maybe, you don’t like to read then. It’s an action horror film (forgot what I was going to type) on crack. Not much dialogue, just when it’s needed, and usually people still die. And if you’ve read this drunk (imaginative) rant this far, you can handle a little left to right karate style reading chops. Or, say, you like your movies with big name stars. Well, can’t blame you there, we all have our own taste. But seriously be open minded to others out in the foreign film bracket. It’s always nice to be pulled into a movie and let a couple hours go by, especially when you’re not expecting it. Anyways, I could go on, but I’ll sum it up in my Cliff notes.
    So, Cliff notes – I’m going to get a beer.

    • Evan3

      I think you have written the internet’s best comment. Well done!

  • Gadriel

    I think we all know it’s inevitable that The Raid is going to get a remake – whether it’s necessary or not. The question is, who should be the lead?
    My vote goes to Scott Adkins as I really believe this could be the movie he really shines in.
    Although I expect for box office they would probably go for Jason Statham.

    • Maxime C

      No, the real question is: why is it inevitable?

      • Gadriel

        Action movies are big business.
        The Raid has “brand recognition” to a certain section of the market.
        The original movie has made as much money as it’s going to make, so wouldn’t make sense to release it at US cinemas – so it’s cheaper to buy the rights to the remake, and make vast profits of of it by getting a “name” star to headline it. The truth is that the vast majority of people will see an Asian star on the cover (who they don’t recognize) and that will put them off.
        Sad. But true.

        • Maxime C

          Very sad indeed.

  • fannypack aficionado

    Good. Perfection should never be fucked with, and The Raid is perfect as is!

  • Maxime C

    Please give up on this remake.
    If american people are too lazy to read subtitles in the movies, then it’s their loss. But don’t kill the movie for the rest of us who actually can make the oh-so-hard effort.

  • Do not f****** dare touch that movie! Way too soon, and there is nothing to be improved. Acting, fighting, camerawork, characters and direction are perfect.

  • shawn lawson

    I couldnt be happier. Hopefully this never gets resolved. No one, i repeat, NO ONE, can match iko uwas. Everyone just be patient. Raid 3 will be here soon enough. Besides, didnt we already get a “remake” sans martial arts in Dredd? Loved it, but jesus. It was SAME movie! Remake hard boiled. It got some years under its belt.

  • Undead Lady-Parts of Ayn Rand

    I’m not one to have a knee-jerk reaction against remakes, or reboots – I’ll reserve my judgement and consider them on their own merits, after all, a bad remake/reboot doesn’t stop me from enjoying the original – but I definitely make an exception when it comes to martial arts movies.
    A big part of what makes (good) martial arts movies so entertaining is that the actors tend to be trained martial artists and stuntmen, able to perform all or most of their own stunts, and the directors tend to shoot fight scenes with far fewer close-ups and cuts. It gives the movies their power.
    When they get remade for English-speaking audiences, you tend to end up with actors who are far less capable in on-screen fighting and stunt-work, and directors that lean heavily on close ups, excessive cuts, and shakey-cam to hide that fact. Or because ‘that’s the style American audiences prefer in action movies’.

    John Wick was a big exception to what I said above, and I love it for that.

    Maybe someday there will be a crop of American actors that always knew they wanted to martial arts movies, and began training for them at a young age.
    As it stands now, remaking a martial arts movie with actors who can’t pull off on-screen fighting and directors that can’t shoot those scenes is like remaking a comedy with screenwriters and actors who objectively aren’t funny.

  • Chamber

    Great news. There was no way the remake would live up to the original. Hollywood needs to focus on getting people to read more, not remaking perfect experiences. Stop catering to idiots.

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