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Ridley Scott to Reveal Who Created the ‘Alien’ Xenomorphs?!

Aliens Xenomorph_1986_01

In Ridley Scott’s 2012 Prometheus it was revealed that the race of Engineers were behind the creation of mankind, and was also planning its extinction.

I think the majority of us assumed that these Engineers, being “Gods” and all, also created the Xenomorphs, which first made an appearance in Scott’s 1979 Alien. In fact, Prometheus ends with an Engineer “birthing” a Xenomorph-esque creature before cutting to the end credits.

I thought it was pretty clear. I guess not?


The Alien universe has hit peak confusing, with Neill Blomkamp’s sequel to Alien and Aliens postponed indefinitely, and Scott moving forward with his newly titled Prometheus sequel Alien: Paradise Lost.

As we’ve stated multiple times in the past, Prometheus was originally to be a one-shot sci-fi film that would bridge directly into Alien and explain how the Engineer ship ending up destroyed and decayed in Alien.

Damon Lindelof expanded the universe, turning Prometheus into a planned trilogy, only he left Scott and Fox with their pants down giving no plans for the next two sequels. Thus, the delay.

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Anyways, in a new interview, Scott drops a really strange bomb.

Prometheus 2 [Alien: Paradise Lost] will start getting shot in February and I’ve already begun now so I know what the script is,” says Scott. “Then there will be another one after that and then maybe we’ll back into Alien 1, as to why? Who would make such a dreadful thing?”

Okay, so, what Scott is saying here is essentially what we’ve been saying all along – Prometheus is now a trilogy, and that eventually he’s going to bridge that franchise into Alien.

But what I find strange is the question, “Who would make such a dreadful thing?” What does he mean? I thought the Engineers created the black ooze that morphs DNA into various lifeforms – one being the destroyer known as a Xenomorph?

I’m intrigued by this new proclamation that injects an air of fresh mystery into the franchise that was sort of feeling a bit, I don’t know, unnecessary and gluttonous?

What do you guys think? There’s a lot here to digest.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation‘s Rebecca Ferguson is allegedly in talks to join Ridley Scott’s Alien: Paradise Lost, in theaters May 30, 2017.



  • concerned citizen

    Ok, I read that statement – “Who would make such a dreadful thing?” – to mean we will actually learn some things about the Engineers beyond the fact that they exist.
    The dig at Lindelof is *so* 2010. He adapted an existing script to Ridley Scott’s specification. Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox don’t wander around bumping into things and “derping” whilst mastermind Lindelof rubs his hands and cackles. He got a scripting gig, did what he was asked by Scott, and Ridley and Fox signed off on the script. Who still thinks the polar bears weren’t explained in Lost?

    • Charlton

      Yeah but, Lindelof’s scripts ALWAYS feel like him. So it can’t just be Scott telling him what to do.
      And before you claim I am someone who didn’t understand LOST or whatever, I actually did. I don’t even understand how some people don’t understand the ending, when it was so clearly explained it was pretty close to obvious expository.
      But yeah, the film’s script felt Lindelofy.

    • GrossGreg

      Lindelof was the one who suggested that the Xenomorphs were taken out of the script and Ridley gave him the green light. Lindelof will always be the guy who took the aliens out of the Alien prequel.

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Scott talking about what’s to come kinda annoys me. It should be exciting but it’s not for me lol I hope Paradise Lost is a good sequel. Let’s just start there.

  • WindowsIsDead

    Being the proto directly related to the xenomorphs or not, we still had a glimpse of the original xeno in the sculpture at the black ooze room, as they worship it. So maybe the Engineers created the black ooze from Xenomorph dna/gene and not the other way around.
    Maybe the Xenomorphs are one of the oldest and most primeval creatures on the universe and Engineers tampered with it to due its adaptability, thus creating the black ooze which can adapt in different environment thus prospering life and evolving in different ways.
    The ship on LV-426 could simple be a ‘feedstock’ transport ship that couldn’t do its job right.

    Damn, that would be awesome, Ridley, are you reading? I’m open to conversation. Biggest plot twist ever, humans are descendants of the xenomorphs. BOOM!

    • WindowsIsDead

      Dude, all pieces now fell into place. The engineers want to destroy the human race because Weyland wants to tamper with the Xenomorphs, and if all I said before is plausible, we can assume that tampering with Xenos can go bad, and Engineers don’t want anyone else tampering with Xeno DNA.

      (If we were to cannon Predator lore here, I would say that the Engineers turn their heads to the Yautja because they use the Xenos for hunting and hunting only. Hell, who knows, maybe there is even an agreement, after all Yautjas are very honorable)

      • Black Canarrow

        Its canon not cannon. why do so many people make this mistake?

        • eli

          Maybe he was looking to destroy Predator lore with a round shot?

          • WindowsIsDead

            I should’ve used that excuse haha

          • SugarShane333

            Winner of the day.

        • WindowsIsDead

          To be honest I was in doubt when typing, but english is not my main language so I overlooked it. Fair mistake

        • J Jett

          Black Canarrow, WOW! what a interested and on topic contribution you’ve made to this article!…….not.

    • Brian Hunt

      love this theory! I was thinking the same thing regarding the xeno frieze in the black ooze room… the xeno’s have always been around… the ooze is their very life force. the the xenos are the engineer’s gods!

    • J Jett

      WindowIsDead, i love what you wrote. i’d prefer it that the Xenos have always been around and that the Engineers just use them/their DNA as weapons. i am not really interested in a story that they were created by someone/something else.

    • Halloween_Vic

      You are a fucking GENIUS!!! Love this theory!! Can we get you on board for this?? 🙂

  • eli

    H.R. Giger?

    • Mehliens

      That would be a major plot twist xD

    • Diego P Minero

      Actually, if they had made this movie just a couple of years earlier, Can you imagine a cameo of Giger as the Engineer-esque being who created this creatures in his scientistic/black magic laboratory? That would have make me cry of emotion, literally…

  • Charlton

    I don’t want them to have been created. I just want them to literally be an alien organism. I always imagined there was some sort of planet they lived on, with other more intelligent spices and the Xenomorphs somehow got on one of their spaceships which is how we ended up with Space Jockey.

    • J Jett

      Charlton, i agree w/ you. i liked the idea of the Engineers just using the Xenomorphs as weapons but i’d prefer the Xenos to just having always existed. IMO making a whole movie a mystery about who created them is meh….

  • RidleyScott

    I can’t wait. I’m all about it. Ridley is making some career-best movies in these last few years.

    Ridley, I’m glad you’re now taking the reigns of this franchise! We needed you from 1992-2007…

    • Mehliens

      Then that horrible movie called Exodus was just a dream? Oh well, Scott was always the hit and miss kind of guy. I really hope he finally got his shit together and will have a nice plateau of several good films.

      • RidleyScott

        I’m talking about The Martian, Prometheus and The Counselor.

        • Mehliens

          I know. Obviously he has is on an upward trajectory right now if we assume that Exodus was just a cash in project for him he had no heart in. I really hope he can now finally put his 40 year routine into making a real masterpiece that may or may not include our favorite monsters. Hell, as long as its fucking scary I don’t care how they call the monsters….

          • RidleyScott

            Blah frickin’ blah.

        • James

          Prometheus was ok but a confused mess. The counselor was absolutely awful. the Martian was the best thing he’s done in a long time.

          • Kingdom of Heaven was ace (director’s cut) but the counselor and Prometheus were omg….shame the talent involved in these flicks

          • RidleyScott

            Blah blah blah

          • James

            Oh how witty

  • Blade

    These are the questions I want answered lol Prometheus made me hungry for more

  • PeteyHalfSox

    the creature at the end of Prometheus was just the first incarnation of what we know to be the Aliens we all know and love… cant wait to see how they evolve

    • RidleyScott

      It was not. The aliens have been around for a looooong time. Way before that Deacon creature.

  • I Am Colossus

    Pretty excited for this, I liked Prometheus

  • chatty ma’am bart

    I know the xenomorph at the end of Prometheus isn’t exact, but I just assumed that each new xenomorph was a little bit different, like gremlins. Whatever, still psyched.

    • brewers_rule

      Until they announced more sequels, I just presumed that evolution took its course from there until the alien became its modern form. Based on the speed things moved in PM, it didn’t seem to need centuries for that to occur.

      • Robert

        That xenomorph came from an Engineer, not a human. The xenomorphs are different depending on the species of their host (ref. Alien3- dog alien, predator alien, human aliens- the ones we see most commonly).

  • Bobby Jones

    i thought the Predator race created them as hunting dogs that became too intelligent

    • Jamie Leng

      That would be true if AvP was canon, which it isn’t.

  • brewers_rule

    It’ll be great when they fall upon a document authorizing the alien’s creation and it’s signed ‘Burke, Carter J,’ lol.

  • Halloween_Vic

    Ridley starting to urk my nerves, one because clearly he is trying to be in competition with BloomKamps Alien, and now all this extra shit like can we just get Bloomkamps Alien first then let ridley do his little side stories.

    • Dirty Frank

      He’s not trying to be in competition with Blomkamp’s movie. He’s killed it. He knows Prometheus was largely hated by a lot of the Alien/Aliens fans, but he’s determined to ram more of it down our throats. The last thing he wanted was Blomkamp’s movie, which was getting good buzz, stealing his thunder. So he’s not competed with it, he’s killed it and now we get more crap Prometheus movies instead of something genuinely interesting in the Alien universe once again.

      • Halloween_Vic

        Ugh man it pisses me off, BlomKamp had a great idea with what he wanted to do with his alien film and hello can we talk about him bringing RIPLEY back?!?! Like this shit would have been epic!! But the fact that Ridley saw all the buzz Blomkamp was getting he wanted to all of a sudden re-title Prometheus as Aliens:Paradise lost??? Like really? I’d rather a new Alien film with Xeno’s and Ripley what more could be asked for? Fuck you RIDLEY for causing this!!!

        • Dirty Frank

          100% agree, Vic.

          • Halloween_Vic

            I’m laughing even harder at the name Alien: Covenant lol!!!! He seems confused himself tbh.

          • Dirty Frank

            Yeah. The whole thing just get’s worse and worse. I love Scott’s earlier works, he’s given so much in the way of truly genre defining scifi. I’ll even happily admit The Martian was a great return to form, although no classic like Blade Runner or Alien. But he truly has failed to understand what made his own Alien so great back then, Prometheus was an utter abomination, and his jealous hoarding of the property all of a sudden and his willful killing of the only Alien movie I’ve wanted to see since 1986 – Blomkamp’s take – is a really awful thing for him to do to film fans. Disgraceful, actually.

          • Halloween_Vic

            I agree word for word, especially the last sentence, literally what BlomKamp was cooking for Alien was what fans have wanted since Aliens!!! And that jealous hoarding like you stated kinda pisses me off cause all of a sudden you want to step in and add more Alien-esque features so your prometheus sequel which now u titled as a ALIEN film, like wtf?? LOL it’s almost laughable cause you know he only did this cause the hype for Blomkamp’s version was rising, I mean shit we even got quoted from Sigourney herself and how excited she was for his version and her return. Like did we need more confirmation then that? At this point it sucks cause I do like Scott’s earlier work I really do but he pissed me off and needs to get over his menopause phase.

          • Dirty Frank

            I love Scott’s earlier films, all the way up to Gladiator. Since then he’s really lost his mojo for a long time, although my missus will hate me for saying that as she loves all his work. He managed to make a great film of The Martian, although I didn’t like the changes he made to the end of the book’s story – but fair play it was a good film. I just don’t think it was as good a film as either Elysium or Chappie, and certainly not even close to District 9. The other thing that’s irked me is that for years, he’s been critical of the other Alien movies, he’s even intimated he thinks Aliens was a bad film, and yet when he wants a big hit after years of flops he goes back to the Aliens universe with Prometheus and completely rewrites what he had in his own original movie and makes a film worse than even the AvP movies – then gets annoyed at the fans reception of that film so decides to push it even further down our throats. Awful.

          • Halloween_Vic

            Yea Frank I agree man, and I don’t understand his criticism towards ”Aliens” while his film definitely is a classic and is great but ALIENS is a better film in my opinion. He should take this as a compliment I mean Blomkamp is an actual fan of the films and a fan of Scott’s so Scott definitely should have gave this man his moment to shine and come up with his own version of something he created, HELL even if a collab between the two happened you know actually trying to help the guy out in creating a new bad ass ALIEN sequel that fans have been wanting. It just sucks man I’m so let down.

  • slope72

    The Martian sucked. Prometheus sucked even worse. I have no faith in Scott, who should hand the reins over to someone new (but not Blomkamp, bc Elysium and Chappie were unforgivable).

  • Eyz

    this time I’ll wait for the home release.
    If R. Scott puts half of the ideas Lindleloff cut from Prometheus in this sequel, we’re in for a “treat”… (I mean, “Jesus was an Engineer”-sort of things…)

  • GODSON83

    Maybe The Xenomorphs are humans that were exposed to something like a fusion between engineer and human dna

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