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NECA Reveals the Coolest ‘Alien’ Action Figure Ever Made!

We finally got Ripley. We finally got the Power Loader. What else could NECA do to clean out our bank accounts?

What if they were to take one of Ridley Scott’s well-known Xenomorph concepts and turn it into an action figure? Well, they did it, and it’s the coolest Alien action figure ever made. Hands down.

NECA announced today Series 7, which includes NECA’s very first concept figure based on the original prototype suit for the “Big Chap” Alien in the 1979 movie. H.R. Giger originally had the suit cast in a translucent flesh-tone but, in one of the many technical hurdles that had to be overcome to bring his creature to life on screen, repeated difficulties with the material forced the change to the coloring seen in the movie. The figure features 25 points of articulation and bendable tail, and stands over 9” tall.

Series 7 also includes the long-awaited release of brand new figures from Alien vs Predator. The “Warrior Alien” and “Grid Alien” feature over 30 points of articulation and bendable tails, and stand over 9” tall.

Here are some images to drool over.



  • eli

    Def grabbing this.

  • Mike

    Just make all the marines dammit (and not from the crappy sega game no one liked). We’ve had enough aliens already you idiots. No one cares about AvP. It sucks.

    • khail19

      *whispers in corner* …i care

      • Steve Fisher

        I care too!!!

    • Eastman420

      Yeah got enough Aluens need more marines. Heard Vasquez will not happen actress doesn’t let likeness be used. Would kill for Drake, Apone and Frost!!

  • Darkness69

    This is a must.

  • Ghost alien!

  • Let_there_be_rock

    his head looks like a giant penis

    • Rahkarne

      Hasn’t it always?

      We are talking H.R. Giger’s style here, after all.

      • abyx34

        That’s it. No mystery here 🙂

    • Cliff Foster

      The alien was always a giant dick monster.
      It’s head is a dick. It shoots a small dick out of its mouth that also has a mouth. It’s back is covered in dicks.

      When it’s born, it’s like a snake – like dick bursts out of your chest.

      It’s a dick monster.

    • artemious

      You my friend need to know more about H.R. Giger’s work.

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