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‘Spaceballs: The Search for More Money’ is Happening!

Earlier this year, director/comedian Mel Brooks stated that he might be interested in creating Spaceballs: The Search for More Money (tentative title), especially with the recent surge in Star Wars popularity.

Brooks stated back then on Adam Corolla’s “Take A Knee” podcast, “In Spaceballs, in the movie, Bill Pullman says to me, Yogurt, just plain Yogurt, he says ‘Do you think we’ll ever meet again?’ and I say ‘Well, I don’t know…maybe in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money.’ And I’m thinking now, if I did a movie that came out right after Star Wars comes out — maybe a couple of months later — I’d have a big weekend, you know?

Coming to today, Brooks recently appeared on the podcast again and said that not only is he hoping to potentially start filming in early 2016 but he hopes that some of the original cast will return!

It kinda sounds like Brooks wants to take Spaceballs 2 in the same direction as Star Wars: The Force Awakens by having the original cast make their appearances but possibly bring in new talent to push the story forward. After all, both John Candy and Joan Rivers have passed away since the original was released and Rick Moranis isn’t acting anymore. Still Daphne Zuniga and Bill Pullman would probably be up for it, especially with Pullman making a big comeback in Independence Day: Resurgence.

Brooks is a master of parody and satire, so doing something like this would come at the absolutely perfect timing. I think the public needs another scene like Yogurt talking about merchandising to remind us what Hollywood is all about. If nothing else, we should all remember the sponsorship scene from Wayne’s World.

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  • Wolf-man

    “…possibly bring in new talent to push the story forward”
    What story? Its a parody. Its not like there is a strong lore attached to it. As much as i love Star Wars, I feel like making a sequel to an almost 30 year old parody film, is a recipe for disaster. But whatever, it will get released and people will scream about how its the greatest movie ever and insult those who disagree. Rinse and repeat.

  • Antisocial_ism

    Well, that is good news for a huge fan of Spaceballs like I am.

  • Robert a Bb

    i wonder if they could explain barf missing in the movie since hes dead in real life. maybe hes searching for him and hes in some galactic space kennel somewhere or w/e. i know bad idea but its just a thought. who would you want to replace him if barfs character was to return. i cant even really think of anyone right now

    • Strogg

      It would suck to replace John Candy as Barf, but I think there’s someone out there who could pull it off and make people happy!

      • ebinrock

        John Goodman, perhaps?

        • Strogg

          John Goodman would be perfect for that role! Excellent!

    • Adam Clifton

      Don’t you know? Mogs are like dogs. They age faster than humans. Barf died of old age, god bless him

      • Robert a Bb

        holy shit i never thought of that LOL. at the end of the movie right before the credits roll. if i was mel i would have a picture of barf and have a in memory of mans best friend or something like that. but thats a great idea adam

        • Adam Clifton

          It’s a nice way of writing him out without recasting and fits with the character

          • Robert a Bb

            very very true

      • SaintStryfe

        He got taken to a nice farm up galaxy somewhere.

    • Fernando Ignacio Moraga Muñoz

      they will do the same that star war is doing… timeskip the whole universe so there are all new protagonist ( probably sons of the old ones) and the original ones they get appear as their older selfs

    • Scott Mantooth

      a galactic space kennel for geriatric Mogs has possibilities and is very much in the spirit of the original movie universe…would also open up the chance of having Jack Black appearing as his son and confront the evil administrator of the kennel and quote a variation of the famous Inigo Montoya line: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die only something like… to something like “Hello my name is Puke, son of Barf…you killed my father…i’m here to kick your assets”

  • Strogg

    YES!!! I’ve been waiting for this for a LOOOONNNGGGG time lol.

  • LostBoyPA

    Rick Moranis is rumored to once again be considering roles, but only on a very, VERY specific basis. While he did turn down a cameo in the new Ghostbusters film (which nobody is terribly excited about, especially after the death of Harold Ramis), I honestly believe that Mel Brooks could be the man who brings Rick back to the big screen.

    After all, we all know what happens when you try to go over the Helmet, or even more to the side…

    • john

      Not rumored. His words in The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Aggro Sky

    Brooks has been saying this since Revenge of the Sith came out over 10 years ago. Not going to happen. Especially at his age. The dude is 89 years old! Pretty sure he’d be the oldest person to direct a major Hollywood film if this actually happened…

    • ebinrock

      I know, at this point, without Rick Moranis especially, let Spaceballs rest and be what it was for its time. Let the “Search For More Money” reference just be a joke as it was in the first movie, Mr. Brooks. Without the funniest people in the original – Rick Moranis and John Candy – you’ll never be able to top the original.

  • Evan3

    While I want to be excited, Brooks is well past his prime. I get the feeling that the expectations would far outweigh the finished product. That said, his arc on Curb Your ENthusiasm was a true highlight, so maybe he caan pull this off.

  • brewers_rule

    In the words of the almighty Jim Carrey: JOYGASMS!!!!!!!!

  • Benny

    Doooooo eeeeeeeeet!

  • Scott Mantooth

    i honestly hope that Spaceballs would consider the idea of just skipping to the third movie “the Search for lost revenue” and explain that the second movie was in fact made but has been lost in transit between planets for the last 20 years…they could have dramatic flashbacks from the second movie and at the very end of the movie the cargo vessel carrying all the copies of the second movie are destroyed in a huge and spectacular explosion of epic expensiveness

    • Monkey Madness

      That’s actually a pretty good idea.

      • Scott Mantooth

        thank you

  • ebinrock

    Brooks should have done this sequel a lot sooner. It’s bad enough that we won’t have the fine talents of John Candy and Joan Rivers, but with Rick Moranis out of acting (I wonder if enough $$$ and/or petitions could convince him otherwise), to me there is no Spaceballs 2. Moranis STOLE THE SHOW on the first one!

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