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M. Night Confirms New Crypt Keeper For ‘Tales From the Crypt’

Two days ago we exclusively reported the disturbing news that TNT’s upcoming revival of “Tales From the Crypt” wouldn’t feature HBO’s incarnation of the Crypt Keeper, the infamous host voiced by John Kassir.

Now, show curator M. Night Shyamalan was addressed the topic on Twitter, and confirmed our story that there will have to be a new Crypt Keeper as the original is the property of HBO. However, he claims that the new host will be “…cool and dark.” It’s uncertain if John Kassir, who provided the voice for the Crypt Keeper, will be involved. In Brad’s report he said, “The new show will be highlighted by an old man with a cane, wearing a hood, and keeping warm by a fireplace.” This is faithful more to the 1972 movie and the original EC comic series.

In other news, Shyamalan also tweeted asking fans, “What are your favorite “Tales from The Crypt” comics and episodes? Looking to adapt some and I’m ready to dig in!

While this suggests that the revival will continue the anthology episode style it was known for in its inception, we still haven’t gotten confirmation that they’re not aiming for a serialized storyline, one that will feature 13 episodes following one story over the course of a season.

With a title this beloved by fans and ourselves, we’ll be keeping a very, very close eye on any developments as they arise.



  • John

    John Kassir or GTFO.

  • I wish every episode was a new story like the original classics. I don’t like the idea of a new story every season.

  • Cappy Tally

    Hopefully they at least try to respect the source material. You know, the comic books. Which the old series did a good job of, let me be clear. I’m just saying, it’s not like they’re completely lost without the HBO-specific stuff. That said, I’ll miss their CK and that fantastic intro.

    • With the descriptions of the new Crypt Keeper, it sounds like this is what they’re trying to do… stick closer to the source material too. I’m hoping for a touch less camp myself.

  • Shadow914

    John Kassir IS the crypt keeper, if he’s involved I’ll be more curious since right now it’s basically M. Night Shyamalan presents American Horror Story and that is very unengaging.

  • Trioxin83

    Hearkening back to TNT’s Monstervision, I hope the new Crypt Keeper is Joe Bob Briggs

  • Theron
  • Grimphantom

    If they get someone else, i want this guy to be the new host

  • Adam Clifton


  • Hal Sutton

    Not sure whether to shit my pants with excitement, or prepare for an epic let down.

    TFTC, Ray Bradbury, Al Hitchcock presents was the raddest childhood Friday’s. Off to a bad start with no JK rocking the crypt keeper. Elvira would be the only replacement I’d allow at this moment.

    • Blade

      Elvira would be amazing!

    • TH3J4CK4L

      That would be a bad start since Elvira schtick was sex appeal. It’s good that they’ve just grounded it with the original host which is closer to the EC comics host and movies. The opening and theme for me would be a terrible loss because I’m sure HBO owns that as well.

      • Hal Sutton

        nah. thats what makes it creepy. perfect mix of classic boobs and she would slowly morph into the crypt keeper in like 10 years. Like i said. not sure whether to be happy or prepare for devastation.

  • DeathNote81

    Jared Fogle is the new CK.

  • Onebadhatharry

    If HBO won’t relinquish rights to the puppet then so be it. As long as there is love put into the series I am genuinely quite excited for it.

    • Gadriel

      HBO won’t release the rights to the puppet – does this mean that they won’t be able to mention in the new series that the CryptKeeper went back in time and had a metallic arm?

  • Vader the White

    Just do an anthology horror series with a wisecracking ghoul with a dark sense of humor and we’ll be cool.

  • TH3J4CK4L

    Seems OK. At least they are doing the real host as the replacement. It’s tolerable and a homage to the original true host of the EC comic.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Not a good start. Not at all.

    • It hasn’t actually started yet. Cool your nerd rage.

      • The Almighty Foust

        Well, I think that was more like nerd slight annoyance.

      • Flu-Like Symptoms


  • That doesn’t seem like a waste of time at all…

    • Theron

      No one’s forcing you to sign it or even read it buddy

      • You’re forcing me to know it exists, tho. That’s just as bad..

        • Theron

          Yeah I know what you mean. If any part of my life was spent arguing against the validity of an online petition for a tv show I can see how I’d go crazy. Phew, dodged that bullet

  • Matt Bonaldo

    Donald Trump for Crypt Keeper! I mean he’s fucking terrifying enough…. “Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not an immigrant was stirring.”

    • I’d like to reboot “Cannibal Holocaust” as a Tales from the Crypt episode starring Donald Trump. Maybe some racist crackpot gives him a “hot tip” on Obama’s “real birth certificate,” and he chases it to some remote island. There’s no birth certificate, only cannibals who eat him. There’s a few logistical plot holes to contend with, but I think we can make it work.

      • scooby279 .

        Hillary Clinton, It would be nice if she went to a remote island never to be seen again.

        • And take all of the Tea Party members,everyone at Fox News,all of the Republicans,and all of the right leaning Libertarians with her.

          • poopsadaisy

            If their opinions don’t mirror yours exactly, they deserve exile, right liberal?

          • Meisha’s Taint

            You misread. They are all joining Hillary

        • Meisha’s Taint

          Keep dreamin’…………

      • Those cannibals would surely have a really bad case of intestgestion.

  • Cool by me! I’d rather the show go its own route than try to recapture the HBO show’s glory. Obviously tho, if they don’t cast David Bradley as the new Crypt Keeper, they hate us all personally, and everything freedom stands for…

    • Gadriel

      I would’ve like Angus Scrimm, but sadly that is not going to happen.

      • Not unless you know any good Satanic priests…

    • baronterror

      Oh yes, this is a great choice.

  • Richter Belmont

    It would be great if WB/DC created counter programming with a House Of Mystery or a House Of Secrets TV show. Ooh, almost forgot Weird War Tales!

    • TH3J4CK4L

      I’d love to to see house of mystery come out. That comic was my favourite.

  • Garth Skrzycki

    “HBO’s incarnation of the Crypt Keeper, the infamous host voiced by John Kassir.” Hitler is infamous, the Crypt Keeper is famous.

    • Alanmac

      INfamous is when you’re more than famous. This man El Guapo, he’s not just famous, he’s INfamous.

    • huntermc

      Infamous means that you’re famous for bad or evil reasons. Obviously, a real life genocidal dictator like Hitler is far worse than a fictional ghoul like the Crypt Keeper, but CK still would qualify for infamy. It’s not like he’s famous for volunteering at children’s hospitals or something.

  • DJV1985

    Growing up I only got to see one or two of the original shows because it was on so rare in the UK or at least channels that I had. I recently bought the entire box set and have plans to add them to my binge watching list (I’ve already run through the original Twilight Zones) and cannot wait for to start the originals of Tales from the Crypt but what I have seen it’s a shame with the puppetry work we have today and improvements on mechanical puppets that we wont be getting what was both the creepiest looking thing I’d ever seen in my youth and also a really good impression of my Aunts appearance.

  • baronterror

    I did love the original show of course. However I also loved the old comics. I loved the british movies. I remember seeing episodes of the show that had already been done in the movies and finding it really weird, but since same source, cool variants. I’m failing to say that though ole Crypt Keeper as the world knew him that was so phenomenally popular never was, nor never should be considered the only take. Not even the first. Frankly I’m looking forward to a darker live action version myself. We’ll always have the old shows, and alot of them.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    M Night knows at least how to make things look cool.
    It would be sad not having the old Cryptkeeper, but what can one do when facing copyright issues?

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Is Joe Dante not available? M. Night seems like a horrible choice. He’s good at suspense that never delivers in the end. This should be cheesy, over the top, gory and fun. So bummed out but Ill still watch.

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