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‘Alien: Covenant’ Loses Dr. Elizabeth Shaw

Well, that’s an interesting twist.

Noomi Rapace, who played “Dr. Elizabeth Shaw” in Prometheus, is officially not returning to reprise her role in Alien: Covenant, according to director Ridley Scott. This comes just a few months after Scott stated that Rapace would be coming back, although for a minor role. I guess they wrote that part out?

Rapace was the only human survivor from the 2012 sci-fi/thriller, alongside Michael Fassbender’s “David”, who is confirmed to return. Per Xposé, the direct also stated, “We’re still casting the main roles.

The sequel to the 2012 film, Alien: Covenant will take place 10 years after the events of the first film. Tons of news has been coming out for it over the past several weeks, including that the movie will bring back the xenomorph eggs, face-huggers, and chest bursting that we’ve come to know and love over the years.



  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Can’t say I’m disappointed. Glad they’re distancing the story away from the mess that Prometheus became.

  • As my fellow commentator below I’m not really disappointed by the news either. I did like Prometheus for what it was but since this is the start of a new alien trilogy I think that distancing itself from it is a good thing. I would even drop David

    • RidleyScott

      Ha! Drop David. Yes, drop the best part of the Alien franchise short of the xenomorph itself. Yeah, no thanks.

    • Nameless

      As would I.

  • Kyle Ord

    Im actually really disappointed

    I loved her in the movie and wanted her to be the new ripely, so when I found out she wasn’t I was sad but felt OK because she was at least going to be in it a small amount. Now she’s not in it at all!?!! Sucks

    But I’m still interested of course

  • Aaron Percival

    I’d be weary of this one guys. The XPose article doesn’t link back to
    the supposed interview and there doesn’t seem to be any recent Ridley
    Scott interviews with a Daily Mail either.

    • john

      Look up “Noomi Rapace Interview -Cirque Du Soleil Amaluna 2016” on that popular video streaming site. Go to 43 seconds in.

      Seems pretty clear to me.

  • RidleyScott

    Ugh, fuck off with this shit. Please make a good movie Ridley.

  • RidleyScott

    Who would trust that website?

  • J Jett

    IF this is true, then this fucking sucks.

    • eli

      Agreed. I really like her. I get many people despise Prometheus (proud to be in the minority of those who loved it), so they’ll be thrilled. But I want to see her in as much as possible, & I thought she did a wonderful job in Prometheus.

      • Kruger

        She was intense. And she is Bad ass, she saved herself from alien killing her by birth. She is only survivor of impregnation, so far in the entire franchise.

        Yes, they made her run only straight but she did turn, didn’t she?

        Plus, you can see how she is suffering in the scene where her character has to run after C-Section. She did a good job. And deserved to be back and she was back, she was talking about the meetings with Ridley about the sequel and Scott himself said that P2 was supposed to be a Road Trip of Shaw and David to discover the darkest secrets of human and alien origins.

        And they officially stated that it was the sequel. But ,,,]

  • john

    She ain’t coming back. All you need to do is look into her eyes as she’s asked the question in this video…

  • john

    She ain’t coming back.

    Look up “Noomi Rapace Interview -Cirque Du Soleil Amaluna 2016” on that popular video streaming site. Go to 43 seconds in.

    Just look at her eyes as she’s asked the question and then her answer.

    It’s a done deal. Ridley’s just making this crap up as he goes along.

    • RidleyScott

      Nah. She didn’t look angry or annoyed.

      • john

        I want my money back for Exodus, Ridley.

        • RidleyScott

          I’m not really Ridley Scott, that’s just my username.

          • john

            I know. Your name’s still Ridley. So, pay me.

          • RidleyScott

            No. Suck it up. If you’re still mad over $10-15 bucks/a few hours of your time you lost three years ago you have serious issues.

          • john

            Dude, I’m joking around– as I thought you were, and I thought your name was. Wow. Way to live life on the edge of a belligerent response.

            Sorry you take message board communication so seriously.

          • RidleyScott

            I take everything very, very seriously.

          • Dude, he is fooling with you. 🙂

          • RidleyScott

            Tom gets it.

          • Free gratis

            Here’s a present for you from my butt, john.

          • john

            Get a fucking life, moron

          • Free gratis

            I think some angry toddler is overdue for a nap.

          • john

            Yes, you are.

          • Free gratis

            Awwwww, listen to him use his words.

          • john

            Are you seriously raising your hand as high as you can in response to the “Who takes message boards seriously?” question? HAHAHA.

            Get. A. Life.

            So long, loser!

          • Free gratis

            Don’t go away angry. Just go away.

          • Foxenstein Must Be Destroyed

            i’m still mad about dracula untold!

          • huntermc

            Ha, don’t try to deflect the blame!

        • eli

          He gets a pass on Exodus, considering the numerous other great films he’s been behind.

    • To be honest, that answer makes me think she is involved if anything. Normally when actors can’t comment on a film project it’s because they are in negotiations for a role.

      By all means if Ridley has stated she isn’t in the film then negotiations probably fell through, but this interview you are citing doesn’t really confirm anything.

  • Seal Clubber

    That’s too bad – I thought she was good in Prometheus. Also, I understand that there were lots of problems with Prometheus but overall I still think it’s a pretty fun movie to watch.

  • Aaron Percival
  • LN

    Much as I’m a fan of both Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace ended up being the only good thing about Prometheus which had its moments (like Noomi giving herself an abortion).

  • Blade

    Well can we at least get some sort of in-story explanation as to what happened to her? I can live with her not returning, but at least let us know what happened to the character one way or another lol

    • Dirty Frank

      Well, she had no food or water, and she took off in an unfamiliar ship with tech totally ahead of her understanding, with only the head of an android that has already proven deceitful and untrustworthy, searching for an planet full of the beings that had just tried to kill her so she could ask them why. For a scientist, her critical thinking skills were pretty much the bottom of the class. And it must have been a very big class. Not too much of a stretch to imagine she was dead within a few days of them taking off from lack of water let alone about ten billion other fatal possibilities.

      • Blade

        I know there are a million things that could have happened to her, but I need some something official lol idc if its something as dumb as her ship crashed and she died, they just gotta give me something lol

  • Biscoito18

    I think that Elizabeth Shaw was a great final girl. If it’s true I will be very upset with the lack of respect with their previous story. At least give us a answer to her questions.

  • Rocco Paone

    What a waste.

    • Ted C

      Of what?

      • Rocco Paone

        A start to begin with. Just scrap the idea that it had anything to do with Prometheus and just make a prequel. It keeps getting farther and farther away from that film.

        • I’m not sure why people are jumping to this conclusion. It’s quite possible for them to continue the Engineer arc without Elizabeth Shaw. Not to mention the possibility of a recasting.

  • Rocco Paone

    It’s not an interesting twist, it’s the signs of a disaster. Is he rebooting it again or something? What a mess this is becoming. I am so disappointed as a fan.

  • Golic

    the further this moves away from Prometheus; the more interested I become. Honestly; Scott should just sever any ties it still has to Prometheus and just make it the prequel to Alien we were originally promised.

    • We were never promised a prequel to Prometheus, Ridley Scott was pretty adamant it was’t one.

      • James

        Actually at one point we were

        • When and by whom? Pretty sure it was just the media with their clickbait headlines, the same way everyone is calling the Cloverfield spin-off ‘Cloverfield 2’.

          Ridley Scott was always very transparent about it not being a prequel nor an Alien movie.

          • Kruger

            It was written under his supervision as Alien Prequel by Jon Spaihts. Then he kept making changes and adding plot points he got from reading newspapers and Lindelof offered to take out xenos and eggs. Even though he put some of Ridley’s stupid shit instead.

  • DJV1985

    Shame because I think that there chemistry during the last act of the film was enjoyable and I did look forward to seeing them in another film but saying that (And while I enjoyed the film) I think the mistake the studio and those involved in the film was trying to make it a separate film trilogy rather than connecting it to the Alien universe.

    If they had just done that and then over the two following films they could have taken it to another level but at least now they’ve learned from that lesson.

  • Jer

    This film is going to end up making little sense, and it becomes even more apparent Ridley had zero idea of what he was doing with Prometheus and now even less with the sequel. Why did they put Alien 5 on the backburner again? Lol what a mess!

    • Ted C

      Even though you really don’t know.

      • Dirty Frank

        He’s pretty much spot on actually. This was a bad idea from the start.

        • Peter Vallance

          Uh, I don’t know why anyone expected Shaw to somehow survive for long with the limited supplies/resources she had at the end of Prometheus. Sure, they could keep her in the engineer’s cryo and have her wake up later, but that trope was done twice already in Prometheus and that’s assuming the engineer’s cryo tech would work with humans (likely but we can’t be certain). To assume Ridley has “zero” idea what he is doing is nonsense; he’s been pretty clear about his intentions for this new trilogy and the John Logan re-write simply wrote out Shaw, that’s the creative process, it’s as simple as that. She will most likely be referenced, heck she may have left messages that the Covenant crew will find, but to have expected her to survive was wishful thinking. Quite frankly, Alien 5’s proposed retcon of Alien 3 and Resurrection will result in a true mess for this franchise.

          • Dirty Frank

            Rubbish. Every Alien film since Aliebs has been a mess. Granted 3 had merit, but everything since Aliens gas screwed the Alien mythos more with each movie and none so bad as Prometheus. If they rebooted Alien as a comedy ripoff of The Odd Couple with Ripley and the alien sharing an apartment with hilarious consequences, it would be less of a balls up then Prometheus was. This follow up is just continuing a flawed beginning. Blomkamp’s idea was the best concept for the Alien mythos since 1986.

          • Peter Vallance

            Ridiculous! Alien 3 was undoubtedly a mess, but it has been accepted canonically for over 20 years, if Blomkamp gets his fanboy wank greenlit there will be an ugly fork in the road after Aliens; two timelines, two alternate fates to Ripley. Make no mistake, it’ll merely compound the mess, and look at Blomkamp’s recent critical reception, give me a break. Prometheus was a mess in certain contexts but not in would building; it expanded the mythos and the potential to expand on the myriad ideas of Prometheus can still be done (award winning scribe John Logan recently re-wrote the script, I’ll just add) and losing Shaw is inconsequential because her mission was always a fool’s errand. The through-line from Prometheus characterization-wise will be David; he was the best thing to happen to the franchise since Aliens, heck the scene of David on his lonesome on the ship is superior to the entirety of 3 and Resurrection combined.

          • Kruger

            Even Aliens screwed with mythology a bit. Cameron knew about Alien life cycle of Egg-Facehugger-Chestburster-Alien-Egg, even if the scene was deleted from original release of Alien. But he chose to ignore it and created Alien Queen and we thank him for that but still it messed with the mythology as any other films after Alien.

          • Dirty Frank

            I’m not saying he didn’t, but that change is generally accepted as adding an element to the mythos that enhanced Ripley’s character, her adopted role of matriarch to Newt vs the alien matriarch. It can be viewed as a loss of the more creepy element of the alien having to entomb people in its resin to create more eggs, but by and large Cameron’s changes worked. Nothing that has been added to the mythos since really has. And certainly nothing in Prometheus, that film only detracted from it.

          • Kruger

            I would say that it is arguably better than turning people into eggs.

          • Dirty Frank

            I can see merits to both. Having the alien lifecycle require hosts not only to incubate the main stage of the life cycle, but that main stage then needs to find additional victims it then converts into eggs to start the whole thing off again is a very, very alien concept and pretty horrific when you think about it.
            The whole Queen addition is a lot more simplistic, but it certainly added a great deal of added pathos in the Ripley/Newt dynamic.

          • Kruger

            Motherly instincts are better character motivation since they are natural for almost any creature.

            I like both ideas. I still think that if there is no alien queen around, Beast will be able to create an egg.

            One thing that bothered me with egg is how human body will turn into an egg and with face hugger in it? I guess alien spits some sort of enzyme and it has viruses and bacteria that turn any life form big enough to become an egg into a egg with face hugger.

            And I guess Alien Queen is more of a King/Queen since there is no King-Alien around to impregante her, she does it herself.

          • Jer

            Stick by my thoughts. Prometheus had no idea what kind of film it wanted to be. Ridley is already backtracking on it with all the changes he’s now made to distance it from the sequel. Its a mess.

          • Dirty Frank

            Thoroughly agree.

    • Kruger

      Because Ridley wanted to make Alien film first, so he pushed Alien 5 out of the scedule and I doubt it will happen ever. Oh, and he insisted that some of his ideas (that he gets from newspapers as he admitted many times) have to be in Alien 5.

      No, thanks Ridley. Go make music videos and commercials. Without a good script he is basically Old version of Zack Snyder, now. Good visuals, incabability of telling the difference between good scripts and bad ones. Yep, pretty much old Zack Snyder.

  • astronauta69

    and there’s goes my interest in this movie


    why the fuck did they make Prometheus then? this covenant bullshit is sounding more like a remake in disguise now

    • Ted C

      Relax. It’s just a movie.

      • Gadriel

        Keep repeating that to yourself……
        Keep repeating that to yourself……
        Keep repeating that to yourself……

    • James

      It’s just a response to fans getting excited for Alien 5 more than Prometheus 2. I think it hurt Ridley’s ego.

      • Kruger

        We can say that for sure but honestly it does fell that way. Strongly.

        He openly stated that Blomkamp should wait until he make shis movie and that Blomkamp has to put ideas from Covenant into Alien 5.

  • Cody

    Not gonna lie I’m relieved about this. I don’t mind Noomi as an actress but I hated the character of Shaw. She was so damn holier than thou that it was annoying.

  • Forest

    Total bummer, because that’s why I’m so excited about the next movie because I’m dying to know where they go and what they see in the alien ship! Ridley, what is the intrigue without Noomi?

  • Bryce


  • Michael

    Shaw this coming from a mile away

  • Francesco Falciani

    bad bad start!!!!!!! 🙁

  • Werewolf

    That’s ok. As long as she is being replaced by a Chieftain with a gravity hammer.
    They said this was Alien: Covenant god dammit!

  • Vicente Garcia

    In Space
    No one can hear the fans scream

  • Adam Clifton

    Can’t wait to hear the true story behind all this. I’m sure word will get out someday

  • Peter Vallance

    lol I don’t know why anyone expected Shaw to somehow survive for long with the limited supplies/resources she had at the end of Prometheus. Sure, they could keep her in the engineer’s cryo and have her wake up later, but that trope was done twice already in Prometheus and that’s assuming the engineer’s cryo tech would work with humans (likely but we can’t be certain). To assume Ridley has “zero” idea what he is doing is nonsense; he’s been pretty clear about his intentions for this new trilogy and the John Logan re-write simply wrote out Shaw, that’s the creative process, it’s as simple as that. She will most likely be referenced, heck she may have left messages that the Covenant crew will find, but to have expected her to survive was wishful thinking. Quite frankly, Blomkamp’s proposed fanboy retcon of Alien 3 and Resurrection will result in a true mess for this franchise.

  • RawBeard

    So this sequel to the prequel of the original won’t be seeing the return of the only human survivor in the film that originally was supposed to explain how the alien ship crashed on LV-426 except that the prequel took place on a different planet but coincidently had a similar looking ship crash in the exact same way but isn’t the prequel to the film Alien (but possibly the sequel to the prequel which makes the prequel actually a prequel prequel)…
    Why can’t Ridley Scott just say “Look, Prometheus was a HUGE mistake and I stupidly allowed myself to be influenced by Lindelof and his hipster way of not being able to write an ending, I’m sorry… please scrub that pointless effort from your minds, here’s the real Prequel”

    • James

      I’m not sure we can blame it all on Lindelof. A lot of the blame has to go on Ridley.

      • RawBeard

        I can and I will 🙂 I’m pretty confident that before Lindelof joined the Film Old Ridders (it’s ok I worked with him) was all set to make the proper prequel to Alien called Alien: Paradise and would have ended with the correct Engineers ship crashing on the correct planet before allowing the surviving human(s) to have their own sequels…. but Lindelof worked his “ooh but what if we removed everything to do with Alien from the Alien prequel and be all mysterious about it?”…
        I know Ridley could have said No, so he can be blamed for that at least… but the changes in the story and script is all Lindelof.

        • James

          You’re right he did and he does need to be blamed. But this is Ridley’s creation and he could have easily corrected the writer and he didn’t. They are both very much to blame.

        • Kruger

          I read it. IT was still not that good.

          And most of the stupid ideas are Ridley’s. He got them from newspapers. Really. He said it, it;s on record.

    • He doesn’t have to. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Ocelot006 .

    Considering how easily Scott could have been misquoted and the original source is of course the Daily Mail, not buying this for now.

  • Stoibs

    There was never any reason no to connect this prequel directly to Alien. They had the ship, the planet, and the Engineer. For whatever reason they decided to change these details. Now the most interesting idea this sequel had going for it is gone. David and Shaw traveling throughout the universe and finally confronting the creators was the most exciting part about seeing a prequel.

    • Kruger

      And that was official synopsis before Ridley changed his mind for the 20th time. Probably got ideas from newspapers….again.

      Exactly, no reason to not connect it to Alien. Ship wrecked the same way it did in original and they used script ideas and concepts that were in early scripts for Alien but NOPE, different planet, different pilot that dies in similar way but diffent. ship that felt the same way but different and all/

      Now, since they are abandoning the most of the Prometheus even teh lead character that set the sequel pretty clear, it makes even less sense.

  • thegunshow

    This movie sounds worse by the day. I was a fan of Prometheus, despite its shortcomings. This is starting to sound like something altogether different. Why even tie it to Prometheus at this point? Guess I’ll find out. I’m a sucker for Scott’s directing and that franchise.

    • ViewerMale

      What shortcomings? Can you be specific?

      • CrouchingWeasel

        Well, for starters how about people who’re supposed to be the smartest in their field doing stupid shit that a drunken retard wouldn’t even do.

      • thegunshow

        Reaching out and touching the snake like thing seemed a little ridiculous to me. The way some of the scientists reacted to things. Shaw not moving out of the way of the wheel like spaceship that was bearing down her, etc…

        • Dirty Frank

          Not even the beginning of the stellar amount of dumb on exhibition in that movie.


    Terrible news if true, just so messy. Shaw was such a likeable character, to write her out seems like a disservice. Prometheus was bad but pressing on with the the established story and hiring better writers would be the most fulfilling way to go. Instead they’re sweeping it under the rug, making Prometheus a real unwanted child.

  • aaaandI’mBored

    oh this bodes well… they should have killed her off and kept Charlese Tharon

    • Jimmy Black

      Actually – that would have been nice. Turn the villainess into the hero over a 2 or 3 movie arc… would have been sweet…

      • aaaandI’mBored

        that`s where i thought it was going! stupid Lindaloff. Tell him to fuckoff.

        • Kal-Il AKA Ultraman

          dude where did you learn how to spell names? Its Charlize Theron and Lindelof

          • Frank Lloyd Jr.

            If she married Criss Angel, her name would be Charlize Angel.

          • aaaandI’mBored

            i’m not a tmz expert

        • Charlton

          Don’t listen to Kal-II, aaaandI’mbored!!! You should only learn how to spell once Lindelof stops writing himself into plot holes

        • Vicente Garcia

          Charlize dying in Prometheus simply because she couldn’t run to either side remains one of the dumbest scenes ever written.

      • umaneo

        I agree, it would have made for a rich, multi layered character.

  • Jimmy Black

    Considering that the ship that Shaw and David flew off in was loaded with thousands and thousands of biological weapons meant to destroy and kill humans – it’s not hard to fantasize that something went wrong in the 10 years leading up to the next movie… It only took 2 days for half of the crew to get killed by things in that ship….

  • disqus_k39rnaVe8B

    Off the rails so soon?

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    what? that is retarded, i want to see how the story continues

    • What makes you think we won’t see that? I feel like everyone is jumping to conclusions. The Elizabeth Shaw character can be recast, or not present at all, and the story can still continue.

      • Peter Vallance

        This. I doubt she’ll be recast though, unless she’s transformed into something else. I can just as easily make the assumption that she’ll be in the next one lol Either way, everyone is jumping to wild conclusions, as usual. “waaaaaaaaaaaa I just want my hix and newt, retcon baby! yeaaha pulse rifles!” UGH.

  • Lirabelle

    On the one hand, I couldn’t stand her character in the original. On the other hand, I have no idea what the heck is going on with this movie. So is this really a sequel to Prometheus? Because it’s not even one “in name” any more.

    Ridley Scott, stop what you are doing with this movie. Just stop. Look at your planning board. Think about what in the world you are actually doing. Think about it some more. NOW go back to the drawing board and get started. Stick to your plan.

    • DJV1985

      I think that outside of the very loose plot of the Engineers, they’ll ignore the film or 90 percent of it. I really think Ridley regrets making that films rather than the original version of the script which was much better and had great connections with the Alien films. Prometheus felt more like two films – One about the origin of man and an Alien prequel – and they smashed them together and came up with what we had.

      I know the original script was actually written as an Alien prequel but you get my point.

    • REC03

      You have no idea what is going on with this movie? neither does Ridley Scott tbh. this is such a mess. give us Alien 5. k thks.

      • Lirabelle

        Well, yes, that was my point. This movie is a hot mess.

  • kyle tonaus

    Scott decided to make the same mistakes as Alien 3, eh?

    • John Connor

      Worse. It would be like killing off Ripley too before Alien 3 started.

  • Nicholas

    Liked Prometheus, although it wasn’t obviously a prequel to alien; but a great deal of time elapsed.

    Sad she doesn’t carry on; it kind of makes what happened in the first film pointless. I object to paying to watch a film that is billed as part of a series to have them change their minds.

    I was encouraged to watch it under false pretences.

    • umaneo

      I agree it make Prometheus utterly pointless. It’s like the way Alien 3 made all of Ripley’s struggles redundant,

      • Peter Vallance

        It doesn’t make the introduction to the engineers, the black substance, nor David pointless though.

        • umaneo

          Yes but Shaw was center of the film and now gone. In Alien 3 everything she fought for was wiped out in a second. Now with Shaw gone the humans’ desire for answers seems like it doesn’t matter.

          • Peter Vallance

            That’s a fair response, but something tells me there’s more to it than Ridley is letting on, if Shaw is in fact dead by the time the Covenant crew arrive, her story may be picked up by one of the crew members, leading them to where Shaw got her answers? This is thing – I don’t think the answers Shaw was looking for were going to be positive or friendly, heck her fate may just be kept as a mystery for now until the next chapter, sought of like Force Awakens with Luke, only she won’t appear at the very end. Heck Shaw could still be in it, as something “other”, if you know what I mean, hence why Noomi won’t be needed. We really don’t know anything at this point so it’s best to wait and see.

          • Kruger

            I hope it is Luke type of situation. Story telling wise after a certain ending of the film and certain character motivation it is really bad writing if they couldn’t came up with a sequel to the very specific ending of Prometheus. So, half a job was done there when David and Shaw flew away.

            And if she is killed, I hope there is some sinister revelations behind it. Or even more sinister situation of her being turned into alien-human hybrid.

            Heck, what if she is The Beast of the film?

  • Lesnarsaurus Rex

    So why did we invest in her character at all in Prometheus?

    • RidleyScott

      Yup this was Ridley’s plan all along. He pulled the long con on you. Yup yup yup.

    • Nameless

      He did the same thing to Newt.

      • Kruger

        He wasn’t involved with Alien 3. But it is his fault this time for sure.

  • gabriel

    This sure is disappointing.

  • Greg Stalnaker

    Dumbest movie ever. Hi don’t touch anything unless it’s this killer alien worm. I found the planet but got lost in the spaceship. Run direct,y away from the crashing spaceship underneath it instead of to the side to avoid being crushed. The original engineer transmission was not an sos it was a warning bit now hi- I’m going to kill everyone I warned. My head hurt from shaking it so much during the viewing. I hope he gets the franchise back on track

  • Frank Lloyd Jr.

    They should recast the role with Rooney Mara.

    • joewaters

      fuck that shit!

    • zybch

      Or Mickey Rooney…

  • Royal Rican Prince

    It’s just the son of a film whose Father was terrible. 😉

  • Transhuman

    I’d rather get Neil Blomkamp’s Alien sequel, especially if we’re just going to Alien 3 the Prometheus sequel.

  • Kruger

    Ok, Ridley, stop. Just stop, man.

    What the hell are you doing?

    Like it or not Shaw was only human survivor of the Prometheus. Now, we have David on Alien planet, AND another space crew that mostly will die AND another female lead that will survive AND David will have his own agenda.

    So, we have established female hero that had great journey and great questions to push the story forward and in fact, SHE IS the Reason they went for that fucking planet. She was Ripley type of weak character evolving to a survivor. She was the only survivor of Alien impregnation, only human survivor of first movie.

    Ok, even if she is pushed to be a side character she still could provide something to the crew. Without that we have another repeat. David might help them but will have his own agenda as he always had. He is made that way. Fucking Robot.

    What is the point making it besides wanting money. Seems like None.

    Plus, while I do blame Lindelof for bad third act (it is common thing in everything he does), he was typing the shit Ridley was giving to him. And Ridley was getting his ideas from articles from News papers. He even admits that. That’s where Black goo comes from. He read an article about water infestation.

    • GrossGreg

      Lindelof was making suggestions to Scott, who would then make the final call. It was Lindelof’s idea to take the Xenomorphs out of the script.

      • Kruger

        Xenomorphs are insignican’t in terms of storytelling and plot points. They still had threat in form of Alien life. So, there is that.

        Black Gue virus that turns people into big headed zombies, that turns tall albinos into molecules that was supposed to be dropped on us 2000 years ago because Romans killed -Jesus (who of course was an Engineer) that was sent to Earth – is Ridley’s idea.

        It was Ridley’s idea to have another Planet in Prometheus instead of LV426.

        But he forgot to change details such as Horse Shoe ship falling in exact manner that it was discovered in Alien. And Engineer dying because xeno bursted out of his chest.

        I guess those ships tend to fall in exact same manner no matter what planet they are on. And Pilot Engineers are destined to die of aliens bursting out of their chest.

        That’s all Ridley.

        AND even in early scripts that I’ve read with chestbursters and eggs, Xenos were insignificant as well, They could’ve been easily replaced to something else…AND they were and it still didn’t matter.

        Lindelof’s mistakes are mostly Ridley’s mistakes, his stupid ideas mixed with incapability of seeing the difference between good scripts and bad ones. The Martian is his only good film for a while and Drew Goddard wrote the script before Ridley was involved, so he didn’t put his newspaper ideas into it and it worked.

        No matter who is writing the scripts, Ridley’s movies had same stupid mistakes when he was involved from the start.

        So, I think it is mostly his fault. Lindelof can’t write third acts. It is easily proven by all of his things. But he wasn’t deciding factor and he basically was writing what Ridley was telling him to write in the meetings.

        P.S. Did you watch Prometheus Blu-ray with all extra features?

  • Nick Barbarito

    BLOMKAMP needs his Aliens Sequel fast-tracked not this mushfest.. I want my ripley back.

    • James

      I want Ripley and Hicks

      • Kruger

        Even if Blomkamp wanted to create and alternate timeline or make 3 and 4 unhappen, I don’t care. It was still miles interesting than another crew arriving on alien planet to get killed by an alien again.

        At least in Blomkapms art you can see that Hicks and Ripley were trying to destroy Wayland-Yutani corp that had Horseshoe ship in possession and probably everything that was within it. Already pretty good, right?

        • James

          Absolutely! I would much rather see his idea come to life instead of Ridley trying to recapture his first Alien to make up for the disappointment that was Prometheus.

          • Kruger

            I liked Rapace as Shaw, even if she had to deal with a bad dialogue and plot points. She is a great actress, now we left Prometheus with a promise given to us. It didn’t come to life. IT was supposed to be a journey to discover secrets of Aliens, Humans and what created it all.

            Now, we have abandoned planet with Android on it, another crew arrives to get killed, female lead will survive. And we will have some new alien I guess. How exciting…

            Since we are not getting Alien 5, I rather have what we wee promised with Shaw and David flying away to find answers. I rather have that, than crew number 5 arriving on the planet to repeat what previous crew have done.

            Out of them all destruction of evil corp from within while running away from aliens and humans using alien technology and Ripley merging with alien or Engineer tech is more interesting than what we already saw many times within the franchise.

            And since we not having that I would like to see where that ending of Prometheus leads.

            And now we not having even that with answer being abandoned planet, David is there. Two other David’s arrive with the new crew. Some alien killing, some dark shit secrets happen and all….

            Even the lead actress is not that good. I mean she was annoying in Steve Jobs and played some wacky chick in Paul Anderson movie. Sorry, Ridley but you done.

    • zybch

      Seriously? Did you not have to suffer through ‘Chappie’?

    • Skarl the Drummer

      Ripley sucks now. She sucked ever since Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection turned her into a goddamn joke. Why keep bringing back the same person? It’s a huge universe. With lots of potentially interesting people. What should matter in Alien is the aliens, not Ripley.

  • joewaters

    why the hell did they let her live only to cut her out of the sequel???!!! what a waste of time investing in her character. I really liked Dr. Shaw and the alien c-section scene is the most creepiest scariest scene I’ve seen in a while in the horror genre. Such a fuckin shame! I love Noomi Rapace.

  • Dagon Frostvs

    I think that the Engineers would have killed Shaw upon her arrival to their home world. I personally believe they regret creating humans, but have not wanted to waste the resources on returning to Earth to eliminate them all. (However, they might change their minds about this since humanity has clearly advanced enough technologically to become a legitimate threat.)
    Therefore, David survives since he has some means to communicate with them, and is tasked with reviving the Engineer’s xenomorph program on a designated planet to eradicate humanity. However, a wrench is thrown in the whole operation as the colony ship as described in the Alien: Covenant plot, lands on David’s world, where the films events will unfold.
    Just my thoughts.

  • Already a mess. So at the beginning Scott said we will follow Sahw, now she is not even there. Go figure. Prometheus had some very interesting ideas but no direction. Will see this but the cinematic value of “Alien” is decreasing with its entry.

  • Mr Turbine

    It’s over.

  • GrossGreg

    Goddamn it. I watched Alien again last night, and the studio should have started challenging Scott when he decided to retrofit 25-foot creatures with exoskeletons with 9-foot-tall albinos in suits. All Prometheus has done is muddied the lore for no good reason. It’s akin to the medichlorean bullshit in Star Wars.

    • Darnell

      yeah i agree. He screwed the lore/canon badly and now it appears they are just going to ignore the previous film so we not going to get much clean up.

      I am a big fan of continuity so this is kinda upsetting. I hated Prometheus and thought it was boring. I am however a big Alien fan so I was hoping they would at least clean up the lore after the mess that was that film.

      Oh well.

    • Kruger

      YES. Thank You.

      And lets not forget that exact same ship has fallen in exactly the same manner, while the pilot was killed the same way as in Alien….BUT on another fucking planet. This Engineers tend to fall and die all in the same manner, I guess. Stupid. And there is nor reason to not call teh plant LV426. None. They even used the Pyramid that was supposed to appear in original BUT no, different Planetoid. Why? No reason besides stupidity.

      • Skarl the Drummer

        They didn’t fall and die the same way though. The Engineer in Prometheus died just recently in the Alien timeline, and died outside of his ship due to that baby tentacle thingy. The Engineer in Alien was thousands of years old and seemingly died with the Xenomorph bursting out of him. The general theory is that the Engineer from Alien was fleeing the outbreak on LV-223, but died because of the Xenomorph and crashed on LV-426.

        And honestly, lots of people have died in plane crashes. That doesn’t make it unbelievable every time it happens.

        • Kruger

          Yeah, but it’s still too convenient that exact same ships fell exactly the same way on a planet with severe storms.

          Problem comes from them rewriting the direct Alien prequel. They should at least rip the ship in half or something else to make it more distinct.

          Yeah, Space Jockey was dead for a long-long time. And someone was laying those eggs there,

          Not lots. In my memory only 3 space ships fell exactly the same way on distant planets with bad storms. Get your shit together, sir.

          • Skarl the Drummer

            I do agree. This movie has problems partially because they rewrote what was originally intended to be a direct Alien prequel. I agree. And I also agree that what they did in the movie would understandably confuse or bother people who were expecting it to still be a direct prequel to Alien. That doesn’t change the fact that we know they’re completely different places and events. And the fact that the Space Jockeys both died in different ways.

            And you know I wasn’t talking about spaceships. Plane crashes have happened multiple times in history. There’s no reason to assume spaceship crashes wouldn’t happen as much either. On stormy planets too, which aren’t rare. So don’t tell me to get my shit together when I know precisely what I’m thinking and saying.

          • Kruger

            Shut up, man!

            I’ve studied Spaceships in South.Harmon.Institute.Technology. Specifically Horseshoe shaped ones that crashed on storm planets. They do not fall exactly the same way in exactly same type of Planets carrying extraterrestrial weapon.

            There is only one exception, if they carried rubber ducks within eggs filled with baby shampoo, than there is a realistic possibility. Otherwise you don’t know a shit you talking about.

          • Skarl the Drummer

            Well, shit, I guess I really don’t know what I’m talking about. I can’t measure up to a professional.

  • GrossGreg

    Ohhhhh yeah. “Well I have no comment on that…” As she looks away. WTF did Ridley do? I thought Rapace was great in Prometheus. She is an awesome actress.

  • Benjamin Priest

    There’s a chance she could show up in the third entry.. that she isn’t in this one doesn’t necessarily mean she’s dead.

  • c-s-a78

    and I thought she was gana be the next ripply!!!

  • Peter Vallance

    I love that many haven’t considered the possibility that Shaw will still in fact be in this film but radically altered, mutated, etc, hence why Noomi won’t be in it. Or the other possibility – she’ll essentially be like Luke Skywalker was in Force Awakens, only they won’t reveal her at the very end but in the next film.

    • Kruger

      That would make more sense than a Black Goo turning anyone into a convenient to the plot creatures that has no validity within the movie itself.

      It was supposed to be virus. But in the beginning it made Engineer (who has mostly identical DNA to us) fall apart into a DNA that created life on Earth on whatever planet it was because Ridley keeps changing his mind about that as well.

      Then, they wanted to drop that goo to Earth to kill people because Romans killed their messenger Jesus (Yeah, it is true, listen to the interviews and commentary).

      Then, it turned that stupid fuck with holographic map that got lost into a jumping zombie.

      Before that it mutated dudes sperm so Shaw would give a birth to giant face-hugger.

      Even by merits of sci-fi that is pretty stupid. Virus can mutate from less harmless to killing and being highly contaminating. But i doubt it can create life and do whatever writers need it to do.

      So, Shaw being turned into a Penis like creature is much more intelligent and fitting to the franchise than Black Goo doing whatever. So, good job)

      • Peter Vallance

        When it comes to the black mutagen, take into account dosage, application and other factors though;

        Ingesting large amount of mutagen – almost instant disintegration.

        Mutagen mixed with water/h20 – creates new life.

        Large amount of mutagen applied to Fifield’s face/skin – aggressive mutation, and given the morphing of his cranium eventual bodily explosion (as evidenced by the exploding head and exploded engineer bodies).

        Small amount of mutagen ingested – slow mutation (with sperm mutating also) resulting in aggression later, and the mutant sperm finding a womb to develop into primordial facehugger.

        That space Jesus stuff was considered then dropped when they were developing the script, “too on the nose”.

        Also consider the possibility that the mutagen may have originally been created solely for creating life until it was weaponised later (two factions of engineers, perhaps), the film is so open to interpretation you can derive multiple possibilities.

        Why thank you, I really do want more phalluses in Covenant!

        • Kruger

          Actually they didn’t drop it at all. They just took out way obvious talks about messanger being killed frm earlier scripts. They left the fact that date of supposed attack of Earth was around 2000 years ago ( so basically after Jesus was nailed to the cross) but there was an outbreak and idiots died. Well, almost. One was smarter though.

          The ship in the openning is different, Engineers’ clothing also different. It creates 2 options:

          1) There are two factions, as you mentioned. One faction creates life, some sort of religious scientists. Others straight up military faction.

          2)As time went on they were disappointed with humans and Jesus’ crucifixion triggered their attack.

          Scott confirms Jesus thing in commentary and I think they even shot the dialogue. He also mentioned that in various interviews.

          Still, mutagen doing so many things is way too ridiculous even for sci-fi movie. Science in Sci-part is very questionable. They should’ve stick to one=two thing it does instead of introducing the rule of the thing in the film and then ruining it . I believe many writers have said that including Chris McQuarrie recently on twitter.

          We gonna see the dickhead for sure. Even better if it is Shaw.

          • Peter Vallance

            I suppose it wasn’t dropped entirely, Scott just wanted it less obvious, as such the film doesn’t have to be interpreted solely on that angle.
            One thing that’s interesting in the commentary is how Lindelof comments on the humans being morons, he calls Milburn a moron in particular. He very deliberately juxtaposed the intelligent and curious David against foolish humans and while I think he made them a tad too foolish, David being the most developed and the most sympathetic seemed to be Lindelof’s goal, he just should have been the main character.
            I have to agree that they show too many effects of the mutagen, perhaps they just wanted it to be chaotic so as to make it less predictable and thus more of a threat.
            Oh well, all things considered I still admired the risks and ambition even if it wasn’t executed perfectly, here’s hoping Covenant fleshes all the ideas out convincingly, with John Logan’s recent re-write I’m pretty optimistic.

            Yes, I can’t wait to see the classic beast, he deserves one final glorious send off!

          • Kruger

            I also liked how original writer Jon Spaihts just kept pointing out that all of the stupidity of humans is solely Lindelof’s writing, Lmao. But it is true. Having read numerous drafts of the Prometheus, I can confirm his statements.

            I am also from the minority of the people who liked Prometheus but it’s faults undeniable. I like risks in films but when movie makers know exactly how to pull them off.

            I’ve seen Ridley giving out ideas and when writer would execute them on paper, he would then take marker and specifically cross it out as a mistake. Yeah, he has that right but lack of certain focus is worrying factor. Especially in his later works. He is great visual storyteller, he can work with actors. But his age is showing up. The Martian worked because he wasn’t involved in the script stage. Drew Goddard is a good writer and adapted the book in a best way possible and Ridley just took the directing job because Exodus underperformed. And it deserved that.

            John Logan haven’t written anything good Ina while. I am not a downer but I gave a lot of chances to Ridley and Logan. Logan recently wrote Spectre. Well, he co-wrote it. And it has almost nothing good in it. Prometheus might be devisive but Spectre is straight up shit. Plus, John Logan’s Gladiator script went through many re-writes by other people to get where it is.

            And Covenant’s plot sounds almost exactly as Prometheus’. Another female lead that will survive, another android , another space crew to die.
            I still rather have original version of Prometheus sequel with Shaw (I actually liked her, she went through a lot and looked hardened and was motivated) and David on the Joirney to discover origins of life.

            But let’s see what final version would be. It still might change a few times. But so far retconing Prometheus is not the thing I like. I thought Rapace is a very worthy new lead for the franchise (and she looks strong as hell, fantastic actress).

            At least they can turn her into a Penis Headed monster, that would make all this shit a bit more acceptable.

            And let’s be honest even if we don’t like anything from Covenant so far, we still gonna watch it.

  • aNYagenda

    This has the same trainwreck as prometheus written all over it.

    The good news is that I wont get caught off guard this time.
    In fact I’m excited to see just how bad it can get.

  • Halloween_Vic

    LMAOO!!!! Ok Ridley just shut up already man

  • pablitonizer

    Now I wonder if this alien:covenant is even Prometheus related? Hmmm

    • sliceanddice

      I think it would be better if it was not. or if it was very loosely linked.

    • Darnell

      it seems they are pretty much moving away from Prometheus entirely. This sounds 100% like another Alien movie. Prometheus was pretty awful anyway so it’s probably for the best.

      • Skarl the Drummer

        Whether or not it ties to Alien doesn’t necessarily make it good or bad. What matters is the movie as it stands. As it stands, Prometheus may be bad, though I don’t agree, but not because it wasn’t a direct prequel or addition to the series. Alien 3 sucked ass and Alien Resurrection was a mindless piece of fun but still wacky and needless entertainment, so it’s not like Alien movies are good just because they’re Alien movies.

    • Rudyblue1

      it can’t be abstractly related to Prometheus . it’s just another alien movie with face huggers and the alien creature. Given all that might be new and exciting to a new generation of viewers. Hope they enjoy it, but for me, I’ve seen them all and I know the drill over and over and over. How many times can they burst out of a chest, go on the rampage and eat all the humans. I thought it might be interesting to see a new planet, new adventure, so on and so on and Dr Shaw get her answers. I think that’s the main thing, is the courousity she had for the engineers planet, what would it be like, etc. Hope you guys enjoy it. The David robot is a murderer and did sabotage the whole mission by his action. I don’t want to see him again.

  • sliceanddice

    I often wonder how much mr scoot knows about the production of his own films. you can;t argue that he’s not a great artist but “development hell” – a shadow of it anyway – does somewhat seem to strike his movies. Prometheus is a good example of this i think.

  • Nameless

    He did this last time too…when we watched Hicks and Ripley risk their crew and lives to rescue Newt, only to have her killed off in the next episode.

  • Nameless

    After watching that video, maybe she isn’t coming back because she laughs like a goat.

  • Darnell

    How are they going to bring back the David (Michael Fassbender) character without her character? He had no body so no way he makes it off the planet without help. Hmm he was my favorite character so if they write him out I will be disappointed. I already have next to no faith in this movie as is.

    • Kruger

      So, far he is in it, but so was Shaw. SO….chances of that are pretty high.

    • Peter Vallance

      She would have fixed him up before either dying or disappearing, the film is set 10 years after Prometheus, that’s quite a lot of time.

    • Mike Keith

      Uh….. LMAO, He is a robot, all he has to do is play ANOTHER model, like a v2.0. Perhaps on the mission to see what happened after no one contacts home.

  • Shawn Wilson

    HOPE Shaw is killed off.. DUMBASS BITCH.. Gets EVERYONE killed with her narrow minded stubborn..”Because thats what I choose to believe” mentality…
    Asks David “why should I help you?” AFTER he saved her life in the storm and then warned her bad engineer was coming. pretty snotty…THEN stuck on going to Engineers homeworld after KNOWING they just want to kill humans.. SO STUPID.. I believe in god crap. The stars wouldve changed in 35,000 so the constellation being pointed at would not look remotely the same. The geologist getting lost when he had the mapping stupid..WE MUST leave.. Leave? after finding highly advanced engineer technology?? I doubt it! And pretty sure David couldve performed a Cesarean with some assistance of a doctor.. not a hard thing to make a couple cuts take the thing out and sew her back up.. AND the guy at the end shooting at the engineer.. too stupid to aim for a head shot? Fifield transforming into a monster when the black goo only melted his helmet..he couldve easily pulled it of. and the two idiots going into the vase room when it was where the big dead body was that they were so scared of to start with.. Anyway..yeah Shaw was an idiot.. “I want to go where they came from.”. engineers obviously forgot about earth as it had been 2000 years since they were going to wipe it out..but she goes back to remind them humanity is still alive and so gets the planet wiped out. “I gots ta know!!”
    Use your brain shaw.. poisoning the planet /…killing each other…

    • aNYagenda

      Dont blame that on Shaw, blame that on lindelof.

      Shaw didn’t make everybody take off their helmets, get drunk and pet space cobras, lindelof did.

      And lets not forget that ridley scott allowed him to do it.

    • Skarl the Drummer

      Some of those things you listed I agree with, but a few have explanations which I feel are either apparent in the film or can be realized through a little inference. David obviously knew the alien creature was inside Shaw, but he was either trying to preserve it (he wanted to keep her in cryosleep and even knocked her out) or he wasn’t concerned about it because he had other orders.

      Fifield had acid sprayed all over his face, possibly killing him or at least horrifically torturing him then and there. He felt into the black goo as his helmet and face were being eaten by the acid.

      The geologist and biologist went back to the dead body room presumably because it was the opposite of where that seeming unknown life form on the ship was, and they were still scared of the bodies as they walked around them.

      Shaw wanted to go to the Engineer world to get answers. Is it stupid? Probably. Is it bad for the good of the Earth? Maybe. Nothing is obvious about the Engineers. We don’t know if they forgot about the Earth and why. It might still be a dumb decision, but we still don’t know anything about them. For all we know that final Engineer was some rogue who is following a very old and outdated mission.

      The movie isn’t perfect, but it is not as confusing as lots of people complain..

    • Beestingza

      Yes this! You got almost all the things that drove me nuts about this abomination of a film. Thanks Damon Lindelof. Fucking idiot.

  • Jan

    Sounds and reads like Ridley has also jumped on the same Hollywood platform like so many other directors of prequels/sequels/smirquels: Start spreading rumours and controversy waaaay before the actual release date. Do a couple of screenplay rewrites. Overpromise (but underdeliver) on (future) storyline(s) and promote the movie up the wazoo once the release date comes closer. Because…who cares. I’m Ridley Scoot, the movie title contains the word “Alien” and people will (initially) flock to go see it and within 3 months the whole flic gets released on DVD anyways.
    The sad truth with the complete Alien franchise (and that is NOT including AvP garbage) is this: from Alien 3 and onwards, the whole Alien format has been turned into poorly devised box office magnets (and failing miserably at that; case in point being Prometheus). And now we get a promise off what lies ahead: Covenenant: a sequel to the prequel that was Prometheus and more prequels explaining (hopefully) how an Engineer ended up ditched his FTL-capable “horseshoe-of-a-spacecraft” on LV-426. And all this (and with each release) served with the usual Hollywood hoopla and humdrum.
    And as for David and Covenant story line, here’s my prediction: David gets superglued back together by Shaw whilst en route to the Engineer’s home turf. Shaw chokes on a piece of schnitzengruben (Engineer’s staple food) and David’s memory routines are unable to deliver a Heimlich. Shaw gets jettisoned into space “Dallas-style”. Weyland-Yutani will have evolved into new levels of greediness. Covenant’s crew & scientist compliment will turn out to be the same caliber dumbasses – if not dumber- than in Prometheus (“ohh lookie here, what a nice worm-like alien lifeform… I want to pet this”). Covenant’s “away team” will stroll around the planet like they own the place. One of the scientists knocks off a vase. The entire crew and team (except for the female lead and perhaps David Mk 5) gets killed. Final scene: female lead enter an entry into the ship’s log. Back on the planet a xenomorph leafs through the operating manual while strolling towards a dry-docked Engineer’s spacecraft.
    The End.

    • aNYagenda

      Ridley’s lost it.
      I knew that his movies had become uncomfortably underwhelming for years,
      that new york gangster movie wasn’t very good either.

      But prometheus just bared all his hubris and weaknesses so raw and exposed.
      It was kind of shocking.
      Too much reality too quickly.

      But I like trainwrecks too.
      Who hasn’t stayed up al night watching fail compilations on youtube.

      I just dont like being caught off guard by them.

    • Beestingza

      So true. Hollywood underwritten film is almost dead as a viable artistic outlet. They focus group everything to death and give properties to ‘known-entity’ directors that have no vision or artistic genius. Gone are the days of Kubrick and the other great auteur filmmakers, as well as the audience for them. We are entering into the great mental vacancy of our civilization.

  • DeadInHell

    History repeats itself. This franchise can’t keep a character.

    • aNYagenda

      Except for Ripley obviously.

      Although if you take into account that Ripley wasn’t some feminist wonder woman in the first movie, she was just a working stiff who survived through some luck, some desperation and intelligence.

      And it was sassy-axx james cameron who turned her into some catch-phrase spouting superhero, is that actually the same character either.

      • Beestingza

        Nailed it. I loved the first Ellen Ripley. Of course Sigourney Weaver is a friggin force of nature, so she was great even through the over-the-top stylings of Cameron.

    • Peter Vallance

      David? The film will have two of them.

  • jonnythec

    They killed Neil’s movie over this crap. Blomkamp would of came up with something way better for a new movie, but Ridley Scott put the kibosh on it to make this thing. I’m a huge fassbender fan but would prefer a sequel to alien over another prequel.

    • Kaijudude

      Agreed . A new story for a new generation.

    • Itsreigningmen


      • jonnythec

        Widely reported by multiple sources that Scott was mad about Neil getting sigourney for a movie to take place after aliens. She and Michael bien were on board for it.

        • Itsreigningmen

          Not that I’ve seen. All I’ve been able to verify was that Blomkamp was asked by Scott to put it on hold since Prometheus2/Alien0.5 was slated before Blomkamp’so project existed and that Scott is producing Blomkamp’so Alien 5. Everything anything saying otherwise has been nothing but paranoid incoherence.

  • MarsupialRebellion

    Well. That sucks, I really like Noomi Rapace. Her character wasn’t too terribly bright though (even down to her boyfriend who was also dumber than a rock) and for that reason probably won’t be too missed. I have faith in this either way as Scott is one of the most underrated directors and I’m sure he won’t let this suck m

    • Beestingza

      Exactly. Her religious sensibilities (given to her by dorkus-maximus Lindelof no doubt) and instincts were all horribly misguided, and she spent most of the movie reacting hysterically and shrieking like a banshee. I’ll give her this though, at least she knew how to roll sideways at important moments.

  • Kaijudude

    I’m a little om the fence about this, cause one the one hand i’m excited to see what direction this takes, but on the other if this hot little elf ( and lets face it , she does kind of look like an elf ) isn’t a part of it , it kind of ruins it for me. Even if she was only really going have a small part.

  • Shit

    that blows. i liked her, good acting.

    • Rudyblue1

      I agree, she really became endeared to most of the audience. her survival, her will to live, really lifted me. the new show should be centered around her. I’m tired of ridley, the alien, the face huggers.

  • Mark Andrew Glinka

    I refuse to see it any other way. As far as I’m concerned, the planet in Prometheus is LV426. Ridley Scott can fix this simply by changing the on-screen text and re-releasing the movie, directly connecting it to Alien.

    • Skarl the Drummer

      But it’s not LV-426. It wouldn’t make any sense if it were LV-426. If it were LV-426 then the colonists in the second film would have known about the ruins and Weyland-Yutani would have been all over those Engineer ruins. The movie isn’t a prequel to Alien nor is it supposed to be. For better or worse, the movie is its own thing, simply set in the same universe as the Alien franchise, or something. The theory is that the Space Jockey and the derelict in the first film were fleeing from LV-223 during the outbreak, but due to the Xenomorph inside him died and crashed on LV-426.

  • El Comelón

    I had mixed feelings about Prometheus. The movie had an A-list cast and the acting ended up being not so A-list. Visuals, SFX and etc….were great but overall, a mixed bag. Disappointed Shaw won’t be returning but glad the original Aliens are.

  • Rudyblue1

    if elizabeth shaw character not in the remake, I would have no interest what so ever in seeing it. I’m alien creatured out. we had a new dialoge and story going. something new and fresh.

    • Beestingza

      Shaw was an illogical, hysterical, *religious*, screeching bitch in Prometheus. Good riddance. Ripley was ashamed to be followed up by such a pathetic example of female protagonation.

      • Winston Smith



    Actually would not make any scence at all Dr. Elizabeth Shaw coming back to her role on this new movie Covenant, on prometheus last scenes, you see a ship leaving the planet allegedly with David and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, so…Covenant movie is 10 years after prometheus, for what i saw, Covenant crew find alien ship and david in that planet! My opinion, or Dr. Elizabeth Shaw will be (is) speeping in hypersleep chamber and maybe come back in another alien movie, or she dies after arrive to “engineers planet” out of oxygen, food, water, health problems, microorganism, etc, this is my view… excuse my english.

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