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‘Saw’: Lionsgate Begins Developing Next Sequel, ‘Legacy’

Saw II
Image courtesy of Lionsgate

Back in 2004 Jigsaw became a household name when Lionsgate carved out a theatrical release for James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s low-budget festival fav Saw.

It was so successful that it became an annual tradition to expect a new Saw sequel each and every October.

The games came to an end with 2010’s Saw 3D (Saw: The Final Chapter), which was pegged as the end of the franchise. Yet, the final scene set up a world that could easily be expanded.

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Since then, Lionsgate has been taking a breather. We’ve reported multiple times that the seventh Saw wasn’t the end, and that the studio has even considered remaking Wan and Whannell’s film that’s one of the most important horror films of all time.

After five years of pitches, and a re-release of the classic back in 2014, Lionsgate has decided to move forward with an eighth film in the franchise, according to a trustworthy tracking board.

Lionsgate has tapped writing duo Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger – the duo behind Sorority Row, Piranha 3D and Piranha 3DD – to pen Saw: Legacy, although there’s no story details at this time.

James Wan, who has gone on to direct Insidious, The Conjuring, Dead Silence and Fast 7, will executive produce with Whannell.

Will Saw: Legacy start at the beginning? Could it follow an entirely new cult of Jigsaw followers? What do you guys think will happen next?!




  • oh good god lets get a NEW horror franchise already! lets get a new horror franchise with a boatload of sequels and kids wanting to dress up as the bad guy for Halloween, Jigsaw was that guy for the 00s and we havent had that since him…and no you cannot say the terrible Paranormal Activity movies because what the fuck can a kid dress up as from that shitty franchise…nothing!

    i have a feeling that MAYBE Five Nights at Freddys might be the next big horror franchise because there is already much merchandise being made and ive seen quite the number of kids dress up as Freddy Fasbear last year for Halloween…who knows maybe with the movie coming out next year that could be it

    • Rob8891

      How old are you? You mention “the bad guy from Halloween”, you say we haven’t had any characters since “Jigsaw” that people could dress up as, bash Paranormal Activity because you can’t dress up as anything from the movies and than you bring up Five Nights at Freddys…

      – “The bad guy from Halloween” happens to be a horror icon how do you not know his name?

      -some characters you could potentially dress as since “Jigsaw”….Mary Mason (American Mary), masked killers “You’re Next”, Victor Crowley (Hatchet), Sam (Trick ‘r Treat), Pale Man (Pan’s Labyrinth), Chromeskull (Laid to Rest), anything from Silent Hill, Baby, Otis and Captain Spaulding (House of 1000 Corpses/The Devils Rejects).

      -who dressed as Jigsaw during the 00s? Jigsaw was just Tobin Bell wearing different clothes so your saying people went as him? I don’t remember that. You probably mean Billy the Puppet….

      -judging a movie based on if you can dress as a character from it is fucking stupid. The first Paranormal Activity did very well considering how little money it was made for.

      -Fuck Five Nights at Freddys

      • im 27 and i am talking about dressing up for Halloween…THE HOLIDAY

        many people dressed up as Billy the puppet back in the mid 00s for halloween…THE HOLIDAY!

        over-reactionary dumbfuck!

        i swear you cant comment on bloody-disgusting without some fucking dumb asshole over-analyzing every little fucking word you say.

        from the bottom of my heart Rob…FUCK YOU

        • Rob8891

          I’m over-reactionary because I misread the Halloween part, commented on the fact you said “Jigsaw was that guy in the 00s” (Jigsaw isn’t the same as Billy the Puppet), and for wondering what dressing up as characters has anything to do with? Okay cool at least i’m not the one ending posts with “from the bottom of my heart Rob…FUCK YOU”


          • here…let me explain it to you so you dont have to misread and over analyze everthing

            in the mid 00s the Saw franchise was the big horror franchise of that decade with multiple movies, merchandise and many people dressing up as Billy the puppet for Halloween (the Holiday!) just how people in the late 90s dressed up as Ghostface from the scream movies because those movies were arguably the big horror franchise of the 90s.

            what i was saying in the beginning before you so rudely misread and over-analyzed everything was lets have a NEW big horror franchise that everyone including the mainstream gushes over, there is multiple sequels, merchandise and tons of people dress up as the bad guy from that future franchise for Halloween (the Holiday). basically lets get something NEW

            and I do not count the paranormal activity franchise because what exactly can someone dress up as for Halloween (the holiday) from that franchise?

            also i have a feeling Five Nights at Freddys could be the next big horror movie franchise for this decade because it is insanely popular with people much younger then us, it is getting well known amongst the main stream, there is already merchandise for it in stores in malls and there is a movie being planned for 2017. i am not saying i want five nights at freddys to be the next big horror franchise but theres some damn good evidence that might be it

            there…now is that better for you

          • Gadriel

            Actually, there is a really obvious, and CHEAP, costume that you can have from the Paranormal Activity movies (and I’m not referring to one of my earlier posts about being naked) – and that’s a sheet over your head – recreating the scene from PA3!

          • concerned citizen

            James, you seem to have a weird obsession with Halloween costumes. Maybe you should just make peace with it and perhaps dress up around the house.

      • Jack Derwent

        “Jigsaw was just Tobin Bell wearing different clothes so your saying people went as him? I don’t remember that. ”

        I’ve seen people dressed in the black and red cloak he wears. Or the pig mask.

      • Gadriel

        Re-read what he wrote.
        Not “the bad guy FROM Halloween” but “the bad guy FOR Halloween”.

        Some good calls on modern Halloween costumes though – I would also recommend our lady friends dressing up as Jennifer Hills!
        Of course I jest.


        Just noticed that further along the thread the Halloween thing was rectified. Ahem.

        *****slowly backs out of the room……******

  • Creepshow

    This is brilliant, and exactly what everyone fucking wants!

    Another helping of “Re-hash”. (I’m full thanks)
    Can the people that make these decisions just go away for a while? And will someone please fund something semi-fucking-original?
    Hello? Hello?….is this thing on?
    Microphone two..checka!

    • Shawn Savage

      If a revival of Saw is gonna make this silly ass ghost trend disappear, bring the shit on.

      Also, when these studios do take a chance on something, people opt to see whatever remake/sequel is playing instead. They’re just giving us what we’re telling them we want with our wallets.

      • wehoaks

        Then stop paying to see this trash.

        • Charles Bronsons Mom

          Who’s paying?

      • Creepshow

        What you said absolutely makes total sense. Horror fans are always united, and sometimes divided in their taste.

  • wehoaks

    No. One. Wants. This.

    • Collin Shaw

      I. So. Fucking. Do.

      • wehoaks


        • wehoaks

          It is sooooo shocking that both of these dudes have very similar DOUCHEBRO user pics. Nice sunglasses, Chads.

    • Jeff Eastwood

      Except for those of us who do.

      • wehoaks

        Cool. You never ever ever ever get to complain again about Hollywood’s lack of originality. You forfeit that right now.

        • Jeff Eastwood

          lol OK. I have never been one to complain about that. I’m of the mindset: if you don’t like something, simply do not buy/watch/read/listen to it.

          • wehoaks

            I like you.

        • LoveAnimation

          Its possible to get sequels to the old stuff we love and also get new stuff.
          And i really like the Saw Movies so im happy we are getting a new one.

    • Keep your eyes on your own paper.

  • Rene

    Probably the minority here but I LOVE these films. I was disappointed by SAW 3D because it was such a filler movie. Let’s hope they do this right.

  • Creepshow

    I’m sorry folks. But the real “kick in the cock” here is that Wan & Whannel wIll be executive producers. You guys are talented enough without this! Stop going back to momma’s empty tit!

    • wehoaks

      EP means they don’t have to do shit except collect a check.

      • Creepshow

        Respect levels plummeting Captain!

        • wehoaks

          Franchise creators are almost ALWAYS given EP credits on sequels. Industry standard.

          • Creepshow

            As always, good insight.

    • John C. Reilly

      Executive Producers rarely have any role in a film other than financial. James Wan was EP on all 7 films but rarely contributed after the first one and had almost no role after the 3rd.

      • Creepshow

        Honest to goodness, great stuff John C. Reilly. And by the way…
        I don’t know how you kept your cool, during the firecracker scene in Boogie Nights? Much respect, you nailed that scene! LOL

  • disqus_JGr7FxyRat

    Yes, I’m hyped as fuck. I think the Saw series is a lot of fun so I’m glad to see Lionsgate are finally getting a move on. Honestly though, at this point, the current series has gotten so convoluted and messy I think they should reboot it. Common moviegoers would probably be like “what the fuck, the first movie was only in 2004” but as someone who enjoys these movies, I’d be so up for it. The writers they’ve selected don’t exactly inspire me with confidence, but even if this turns out to be shit, I’ll be happy that another Saw movie is getting made.

  • Mark Andrew Glinka

    It’s about time. The first film is now a classic and parts VI and VII were excellent. Definitely looking forward to this.

  • Kali J. Burgos

    I can’t wait!!

  • What’s the source for this?

  • “the duo behind Sorority Row, Piranha 3D and Piranha 3DD ” = Yikes

    • Rob8891

      So can we expect David Hasselhoff to play Jigsaw? LOL that would be legendary.

      • Gadriel

        Nah, he should be the Jigsaw Hunter.

    • Rob8891

      I just realized they were only credited with writing “characters” for Pirahna 3DD. I’m not sure if that means they wrote only for returning characters or for every character.

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Eh, I wish they’d invest in the next big franchise since Saw and Paranormal Activity are dead/

  • DJV1985

    I watched the first one completely but it wasn’t for me. It was sold to me as a Horror but it isn’t really a horror it’s more of a Gore film, I’m not calling it rubbish, it has some great kills but still wasn’t what I wanted. I cant stand gore with all the blood and blah nah I’ll stick to my slashers/horrors over the Gore films.

    I’m a little bit squeamish.

    • Rob8891

      Most slashers are gorier than the first Saw…..

      • DJV1985

        Not the ones I’ve seen. The Halloween films have very little actual blood in them (ignoring the Rob Zombie ones which I’m not a fan of) Scream has little blood in it, the only one that really comes to mind that has gore in them are things like Nightmare on Elm Street but it shows very little blood much like Friday the 13th films, I haven’t watched many slashers in a while mainly because the recent ones are either very poorly acted or not interesting to me.

  • I don’t mind the franchise returning but don’t get the choice of writers. What I enjoyed about the SAW films was the continued story that twists and turns. The credits of these writers don’t reflect that except maybe for Sorority Row which I hated.

  • blairwaldorf

    I’m here for a reboot of the series. As long as it’s better than 4, 5, and 7 I’m all in.

  • jasonlives1986

    No Hoffman no point

  • TH3J4CK4L

    James wans project became a Shelley Frankenstein nightmare that spawned countless & quite pointless sequels. It’s OK though lionsgate give money to the marketing of these films but absolutely crap on Dredd.touche.

    • Wes Draven

      One makes money. The other does not.

      • TH3J4CK4L

        I fail to see the connection since dredd made a decent amount of money on DVD release because word of mouth. Is it our fault that dredd was poorly marketed if at all. I mean if lionsgate can produce dismal straight to DVD horror,of which most are Terrible, then surely we can get a dredd sequel.

        • Wes Draven

          You fail to see the connection. I will explain it to you.

          Dredd had a 45 million dollar budget and at least a 20 million dollar marketing budget, which amounts to 65 million. (Box Office analysts suggest 71 million) The film only made 41 million, subtract the percentage the theater gets, and it only made about 35 million, if that. The DVD sales were decent, a cult-following on the internet doesn’t really amount to that much. 18 million in the last four years. It was a flop, sir. And, thing is, 1995’s Judge Dredd film was also a flop.

          Is it our fault that Dredd was poorly marketed? Nobody once said it was. Dismal straight to DVD horror doesn’t have a big budget and a Dredd film would need something more substantial.

          I repeat – One makes money. The other does not. That’s the connection and that’s why Saw can have a sequel and Dredd cannot. Which is unfortunate, because like you’ve observed, Dredd is terrific.

  • Jeff Eastwood

    Loved both Sorority Row and Piranha 3D.

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    I understand and get the criticism the Saw series gets, but I still enjoyed them, and it’s kinda my guilty pleasure franchise. I’d hope this one has a unique idea for continuing the story. Because say what you will, but that story came a long way from just two dudes chained up in a bathroom. That’s kinda something ya know.

    • khail19

      and most of the installments happened while the other ones are happening so it’s like if Vantage Point or Arrested Development Season 4 decided to be a horror franchise.

  • Gregg

    Hoffman is still alive

  • Jack Derwent

    Anything will be better than Saw 3D.

    • Evan3

      They said that about the alba Fantastic Four films. And they were dead wrong.

    • Mischief Banes

      Saw 4 was horribly bad, but Saw 5 and 6 were pretty good. I could see them bouncing back, especially with all the time they’re taking to make the script and everything.

  • can we just get a NEW big horror franchise for the 2010s already?

    in the mid 00s the Saw franchise was the big horror franchise of that decade with multiple movies, merchandise and many people dressing up as Billy the puppet for Halloween. just how people in the late 90s dressed up as Ghostface from the scream movies for Halloween because those movies were arguably the big horror franchise of the 90s.

    lets have a NEW big horror franchise that everyone including the mainstream gushes over, there is multiple sequels, merchandise and tons of people dress up as the bad guy from that future franchise for Halloween.

    and I do not count the paranormal activity franchise because what exactly can someone dress up as for Halloween (the holiday) from that franchise?

    also i have a feeling Five Nights at Freddys could be the next big horror movie franchise for this decade because it is insanely popular with people much younger then us, it is getting well known amongst the main stream, there is already merchandise for it in stores in malls, i saw many trick or treaters dressed up as Freddy Fasbear on Halloween last year and there is a movie being planned for 2017. i am not saying i want five nights at freddys to be the next big horror franchise but theres some damn good evidence that might be it

    • Evan3

      Sinister? Conjuring? Insidious? The Purge? All of these are on their third go-around or so. Do they not count (to be fair, I don’t like any of them… though I haven’t seen the Conjuring).

      • Yes those movies do have sequels but were is the boatload of merchandise? Where are the tons of Halloween costumes sold during October for those movies ? I’m talking about those mega horror franchises. Almost every decade we get them…80s at freddy and Jason
        90s had tales from the crypt for a little bit then scream
        00s had the saw franchise…
        Waiting for the 2010s….

        • Mr. Screamer

          ikr, it’s 2016 already and there’s not promising horror movie so far to be released this year or in 2017 that would have enough time to develop into a mega franchise by 2020.

        • Evan3

          Fair enough… though I don’t remember a ton of Saw costumes.

    • Gadriel

      I had a great Paranormal Activity themed Halloween costume last year.
      I walked around the streets naked, hand in hand with a little girl – but made sure that everyone only looked at the bottom of my leg.
      You should have seen the look of horror on peoples faces!

  • Evan

    This is extremely exciting to me because Saw was and is one of my favorite franchises to date. I know people shit all over the sequels all the time, but I honestly have enjoyed all of them except Saw 3D… which is why i was so upset that the series ended on such a low note. Hearing about a potential sequel is exciting but at the same time I’m not too excited about who is writing it. Plus the Legacy title makes me fearful that they are going to go down the route 3D was going in where Jigsaw has a cult like following, which I’m not sure I actually like.

    We’ll see a part of me wishes they did what they did with Saw IV where they almost had a competition in a sense and had multiple people writing different scripts and they took the best one. I’m hoping for a reboot more than a sequel as I’m not sure how they could really continue with how they ended the films. I don’t want to see Dr. Gordon as the main villain continuing the series, but I would love to see Hoffman in some sort of way.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I just hope Hoffman is dead. He was so annoying.

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    Only surprised it took them this long to go back to the well…

    • Gadriel

      Why? The Paranormal Activity franchise is over (for now) so no real competition for Halloween, and there has been a little break for people to actually “look forward to” the next one, but not long enough for interest to have fallen.
      The franchise needed a break, hopefully it will come back refreshed – and SET ON A SPACE SHIP!!!! Ahem.

      • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

        Given that the title is Legacy, this one will be the time travel sharkjump sequel where the games get turned on Jigsaw in his younger years, and he becomes a paradoxical part of the chain he started…

        In Space is on deck though.

  • Mr. Dry

    Oh fffffffffuck this!

  • Evan3

    Is Saw entering B-movie territory? These writers suggest it is so.

    I actually think Saw could be interestingly re-packaged in a YouTube setting. For example, Jigsaw’s message caught on and a bunch of Jigsaws are creating their own traps and posting them on YouTube. And then, because such YouTubers deserve what’s coming, they fall prey to the true heir of Jigsaw.

    • Maxime C

      “entering B-movie territory”?
      They were B-movie material as soon as chapter 4 killed the intelligence of the franchise.

      • PsychoMantis18

        The fuck are you two talking about? It was always a B-movie franchise. And intelligence never even entered the equation.

        • Maxime C

          Yeah, I probably used too strong a word but… I’m of those who actually enjoyed the first one(s) and found some kind of smart elements in it, yes.

          • I know what you’re saying. The original got everyone talking about the couple of shock scenes, and the sequels were nothing more than fuelling the hype with more gore. Maybe intelligence isn’t the word but it’s impossible to enjoy the backstory in the later sequels because it’s overshadowed by the shitty character development and over the top effects.

          • Maxime C

            Yes exactly.
            Thanks dude.

        • Sweet Reaper

          I felt that the first 2 had good writing that kept me guessing til the end of both movies and then I was literally surprised by the endings, also the great but not too over the top gore was on point and a few deaths actually made my skin crawl (needle pit). Maybe I’m just not as intelligent as the rest of the world. They can burn the rest of them for all care but the first two movies were really wicked low budget horror movies, in my opinion.

    • PsychoMantis18

      It began in B-movie territory.

  • Mr. Screamer

    Mhm, Halloween has a new movie pitched, Friday the 13th has another film in the works, Nightmare on Elm Street supposedly has a second remake planned, Saw which spawned six sequels and was supposed to fuck off already almost six years ago will be back with a seventh follow-up and let’s be honest of course they wouldn’t return if there won’t be at least yet another one after that, but we still can’t have a Scream 5. Five, not eight, or nine… but whatever that’s none of my bussiness.

    • Adam Clifton

      Would you want a Scream 5 that’s not directed by Wes Craven? I know I don’t.

      • Mr. Screamer

        I mean sure, it wouldn’t be the same. But who knows, maybe it would turn out good… Wes wanted to make a Scream 5, so it could be in memoriam.

        • Darnell

          The problem with Scream 5 is I am pretty sure they couldn’t get all the principle players back. David Arquette, and Courteney Cox wouldn’t return without Neve Campbell, and it was hard to get Neve to come back for Scream 4. She was the major hold up. I think it took 6 years of begging from Wes for her to do it (she was busy making these artsy films no one was going to see)….

          They made a huge mistake not killing her off especially considering how hard it was to get her back for a 4th film.

          I still argue that Scream 4 would have been the best movie in the franchise if they film ended with Jill getting away with it.

          Miss opportunities all the way around..

          • Mr. Screamer

            Omg I know right I would have loved that ending for Scream 4. It could have changed the series’ future forever. The TV show wouldn’t even have happened, and most likely this year we would have been waiting for Scream 6, the final chapter of the saga. But honestly if Scream 5 happens it really should be the last one. And do you really think Neve, David and Courteney wouldn’t come back for one last time? It could be good. Any direction the franchise could in from the ending of Part 4 is better than Scream 3, so why not. It could be fun. 🙂

      • concerned citizen

        It depends…are they going to call it 5cream? My decision rides on this.

        • Mr. Screamer

          lol nah, SCRE4M looks good and when you think about it, the ”4” being an ”A” makes sense because it is a reboot, but also the fourth installment.

  • Adam Clifton

    I think they should rename it ‘Jigsaw’. That way they can do a Jigsaw 2,3,4,5,6 without it looking as bad as Saw 12. I think Hoffmann would be the main suspect in the new games and maybe the Doctor doesn’t have a tight grip on his Jigsaw survivors as he first thought…

  • Maxime C

    Urgh, NO.
    We were tired after number 3, how can you even think this is a good idea? Oh yeah…money.

  • What the fuck are they thinking? They bled Saw dry to the point that nobody cared and each new film was a joke and a critical flop, but you’d think after 6 years they’d have had time to prepare something brilliant to breathe some new life into the franchise. I was actually really excited to see this this morning, until I saw “Piranha 3D”. Way to kill all hope for a film before it even happens.

    • Mr. Screamer

      I thought Piranha 3D was fun, its sequel however…

      • Gadriel

        Gotta admit that I enjoyed both Piranha 3D and 3DD.
        Were they amazing? No – but I still have fun with them.
        Although the original Piranha movie is still the best.

        • Agreed, the original was brilliant, cheese at its finest! 3D and 3DD didn’t do it for me at all, but I can see why people enjoyed them. The gripe I have is that Saw has always had a great back story that gets lost in campy over the top gore, and I honestly thought that after 6 years they’d have at least tried to bring some seriousness back to the series. 2 seconds into the article and it mentions Piranha 3D/3DD and Sorority Row, so it’s pretty clear it’ll be more of the same.

  • Ress EZ

    What’s wrong with THE END Hollywood? WHAT’S WRONG with IT???

    • SlothyPunk

      To quote Nog from Star Trek: Deep Space 9:

      “There’s no profit in it!”

      • Ress EZ

        There must be a proper reason to it than just merely for profit, right? Are they really that naive to think this franchise can still make money?? Then pick me to call the shot. I want sequels to every damn franchise!

  • PsychoMantis18

    Saw sucked then and sucks now. Piranha 3D however was awesome. Thanks Aja

    • dybbuk

      Ah, I see you aren’t a fan of psychological torture porn horror. Or any horror at that if you like shit such as Piranha 3 fucking D….the D must stand for DOUCHE!!!

      • PsychoMantis18

        1. I don’t believe in the torture porn horror sub-genre (which, FYI, was a label created as a negative)
        2. If you think Saw classifies as a psychological horror you must be pretty simple, psychologically.
        3. Piranha 3Douche was well-done good-gory fun. Maybe not up to your juvenilely delusional standards though.

        • Creepshow

          Piranha 3Douche….hilarious.
          It looks like your dealing with one of those adolescents, who like to tell people they’re not real horror fans.

          • PsychoMantis18

            That’s definitely what i’m assuming.

  • AJ

    Leigh whannel did say if another movie is made they would like to do something new and different, personally I enjoyed SAW, gradually less as the sequel strayed away from the original concept

  • MadCows

    YES! I hope it opens with Hoffman dying in a trap.

  • Josh Nitsche

    Oh, wow. And I thought the writers of Feast were bad. Not looking forward to this at all.

    • thee561

      lol. feast was f*****g hilarious!

      • Josh Nitsche

        They were lowbrow. Saw is supposed to be serious. They made it all about gore, like Feast and The Collector. They don’t know what true horror is.


    Why all the hate? People love to bitch….Bring on another Saw, these movies are fun so why not?

  • Ben_Jammin

    The first three were alright but I think the later ones that everyone discredits are better mainly because of Hoffman and he’s a bad-ass. Can’t wait to see him again.

    • Mischief Banes

      I actually enjoyed Saw 1 and 2 the most. I thought Saw 4 and Saw 3D were the only terrible ones. The rest were pretty good.

  • parsyeb

    I could see a reworking of the concept that would put the series more into survival horror territory, rather than a series of victims trapped in a location, perhaps follow a single one through a gauntlet meant to push them to their limit, and then reveal at the end that the other participants were innocents forced into it. Have that turn that’s popular now in video games like Hotline Miami where it’s supposed to make you feel bad for desiring the violence or something. Maybe the traps don’t kill but just maim and then the character(s) have to figure how to continue or figure out other ones (lose an arm and you can take a diff. path). Just brainspewing here.

  • tyler

    ONLY if they bring back Jigsaw and Amanda and not in stupid flashback form. The series went to hell when it killed them off and depended on Hoffman… who was not in the slightest bit entertaining.

    • “ONLY if they bring back Jigsaw and Amanda and not in stupid flashback form” How then?

      • tyler

        It’s “Saw” we are talking about. Every film was about twists and turns. They could easily bring them back in to the story line.

        • Didn’t she get shot and die on-screen? If they brought her back that would be a pretty dumb moment.

          • Lirabelle

            It’s just a flesh wound!

  • Lucca Cantisano

    Even the worst movies of the franchise were entertaining as fuck. Sincerely, if they’re going to bring back a franchise, better be this, as it’s already kinda b-movie guilty pleasure anyway, and it actually has an extremely interesting and complicated story throught the films… Also, Sorority Row wasn’t a masterpiece but it was quite a good surprise, and Piranha 3D is a helluva fun ride!

  • Kyle Ord

    Hell yes!!!! bring on the blood!!!!

  • Khy

    I want to start off by saying I love me some Sorority Row and Piranha 3D(not that shitty “3DD” sequel) I thought both were a lot of fun! But that in lies the problem- When I think of Saw I don’t really think of “fun”. I think of a very story driven and detail oriented film with an extremely bleak atmosphere. I’m curious to see what happens with Saw: Legacy but I have a strong feeling it’ll be more like Saw 3D aka a dumb downed but still entertaining and gory way to kill a few hours but nothing with substance. I’ll still being seeing it though considering there’s no other big horror franchises active at the moment.

    I guess now that Paranormal Activity is done(for the next two or three years at least, we know these franchises never stay dead for too long) Lionsgate is trying to take back October as well as make some quick cash.

    • blairwaldorf

      I’m worried the new movie will just be gore for the sake of gore with a bad plot, kinda like TFD. I loved Sorority Row though so this will slay probably.

  • Andrew Barloq

    Hopefully they put more emphasis on the suspense rather than the excessive gore this time around. I didn’t care so much for the latter-sequels because the characters were nothing more than fodder to die in every single trap. Part of the appeal of the first 3 SAW movies was that the people in the traps survived more often than not, helping to let the characters develop and make the tension unbearable (plus we actually might end up caring when a character does go down).

    Also, considering the series’ torture porn reputation, it would probably be best to scale back on that unsavoury aspect entirely to avoid undue criticism for that not-so-trendy subgenre.

  • Charles Bronsons Mom

    “The duo already have a horror pedigree, having penned Sorority Row, Piranha 3D and Piranha 3DD, so they seem like natural choices for the gig.”

    I can see the tagline: Jigsaw is back! And this time he’s a totally hot slut with really big Beewbs!

    • “You never SAW this one coming!”

      • Khy

        OMG Classic

  • Jonathon Asuna Leafa Richards

    personally i hope they make it a sequel and try to tie it into the ending of the last movie with the doctor character being the head of this cult of jigsaw followers

    • Khy

      I’m thinking that’s what the “Legacy” title implies.

  • scooby279 .

    Yes!! I have wanted a sequel ever since 3D came out in 2010, I love this series and can’t wait for this!! Saw is the best series ever!! It was a tradition to go see Saw every Halloween, so I hope Lionsgate keeps the tradition and this comes out at Halloween.

  • Kirby4Ever

    Has mainstream/modern horror gotten so bad that I actually miss the Saw franchise? Wow.
    It was the closest we came to 80s horror in the sense that they released a new one almost every consecutive year like Friday the 13th, but certainly not as entertaining!

  • TheTwoJakes

    Sorority Row is very underrated….. it’s was funny without being meta or a parody of itself and contains some great lines, good acting, good production value and stylish direction. Besides being well received and not underatted, all the same things can be said about Pirahna.

    I like these writers and hope they can bring the same energy to the new Saw script. After the humor filled meta movies that began with Scream started to die off, the genre went dead serious with Saw, Hostel, Chainsaw Remake, The Grudge, Martyrs, Hills Have Eyes Remake, Haute Tension and The Ring.

    Hopefully a nice middle ground can be meet with Stolberg’s approach to the material by adding some levity to a series that took itself way too seriously even through 7 sequels. (Even Friday the 13th realized this by the 6th installment.)

    • Khy

      Well Saw 3D sorta veered into the “Fun” route a bit, but I get what you mean.

  • SuperKilla

    I’m surprised they are not developing a Saw tv series. Horror on t.v. is what this decade will be remembered for. The Walking Dead is doing this decade what Saw did last decade.

    • Khy

      If Saw did make the jump to TV it would be a fitting one I think but it’d have to be a stellar network. You can’t put SAW on MTV or the CW and expect it to be good lol

      • SuperKilla

        I hear that. I wouldn’t even suggest it be in AMC as far as they push the gore on WD. HBO or Showtime would be more fitting to a Saw tv show.

  • Darnell

    Please no…

    The first three were good, and the rest were garbage. The last film was absolutely atrocious, and I am still made I paid to see it.

    • Khy

      Did you like 6?
      For me I like the original trilogy + 6. But that’s it

      • Darnell

        Yeah 6 was actually decent. Seven was horrible even with the tie-ins with the first one for nostalgia purposes to cover over the fact they made a shit film.

  • Boris The Spider

    I’m not terribly excited for this one, or the one after, or the one after that one for that matter,but the one after THAT is going to be amazing.

    • Khy

      LOL. I feel another 7 films coming on.

  • The first was innovative and fun low-budget horror that never needed a sequel, and definitely not a 7th sequel.

  • joewaters

    I just hope they start it off with new characters. No more Detective Hoffman no more Jill Tuck, Jigsaw backstories.

    • Khy

      Exactly. Of course maybe a reference here and there, but I definitely think going the clean slate route would be best.

  • Quinn Wilx

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for this for so long.

    • Hoffman sucked! Glad someone agrees with me! I adore the Saw films. I know they became a laughingstock in the end, but I’m still psyched about a new one. However, it being written by two guys who wrote Boobie-fests like Sorority Row and Piranha 3DD has me worried. Saw was far more than nudity, but I get the feeling we’ll be getting a lot of it in Legacy… 🙁

      • Quinn Wilx

        Yeah, that would suck. no teen slasher stuff. less boobies, more booby-traps.

        • Partyboobs might be fun in a different movie series! XD Though I can look in a mirror and see my own partyboobs anytime I care to. XD

  • Halloween_Vic

    I mean to be honest I would be ok if there was never another SAW film made.

    • Khy

      Agreed, but…meh…it’s better than Paranormal Activity. At least we’ll get some gore and a juicy body count. It’ll have to do for now until Jason and Michael wake up from their graves.

      • Halloween_Vic

        True, that’s true…. I honestly like Part 1, 2 and 6 but that’s it, never was a big fan of torture porn. But you’re right until Michael and Jason are resurrected were gonna have to settle.

  • Give a shit. It’s disappointing, the second movie looked like it was genuinely making an attempt to build on the story and to some extent the third did too. But then it just rapidly descended into a pointless gore-fest with each movie becoming even more tenuously connected to the previous one. Much like Jigsaw’s victims it would be more humane just to let them die.

  • I Am Colossus


  • DarkBCB

    Oh God, another one? I was happy when this franchise ended.

  • Foxenstein Must Be Destroyed

    I think either bloody disgusting or fangoria reported lionsgate’s interest of going back to the series a couple of years ago. with the re-release of the original film in theaters I had a feeling that lionsgate was testing the waters to see if anyone was still interested in the movie series. i thought the first movie was good when i saw it in the theater. the sequels gradually went down hill but that’s to be expected with the time constrants that they were under.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    retarded idea, the first one was good, 2 and 3 were bad but entertaining, and the rest is fun crap, but VII is so terrible, it has to be one of the worst horror movies ever made, besides they destroyed the franchise with the story of the last installment when they could have tied all loose ends, i cant see how can they go on

    • Donte FusroDah Dillon

      The 2nd one is my favorite one.

  • Technocality

    The only way to redeem the Saw franchise, is by getting Leigh Whannell back as a writer. The only good movies of the bunch, are the first two, which Leigh was the writer on. After that, is when the quality started to decline massively.

    And he has a pretty good track record outside of the torture porn sub-genre too; he wrote all the Insidious movies.

    I have absolutely no faith in the two doofuses they hired as the screen writers for the reboot.

  • Dave

    No…just no

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