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Here’s the New Pinhead In ‘Hellraiser: Judgment’!


Gary Tunnicliffe is deep into production on Hellraiser: Judgment, a unique new vision for the Hellraiser franchise that will feature A Nightmare On Elm Street‘s Heather Langenkamp in a role.

What we know is that Hellraiser: Judgment is loosely based on Tunnicliffe’s passion project, Judgment, and will feature a bunch of crazy new Cenobites, including a fresh face to take on the role of Pinhead.

Bloody Disgusting can exclusively reveal that Paul T. Taylor is your new Pinhead. Tunnicliffe previously teased the casting of “a classically trained stage and film actor who brings a great physical presence and more than a hint of Peter Cushing and Ralph Fiennes.” Taylor, pictured, can also be seen in films such as Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s Sin City and James Gunn’s Super.

Paul T. Taylor courtesy of IMDB

We have way more casting news for you, learning that Damon Carney (The Veil, The Hitcher) plays ‘Detective Sean Carter’, Randy Wayne (To Save a Life) is ‘Detective David Carter’ and Alexandra Harris (In the Shadows, The Veil) will portray ‘Detective Christine Egerton’.

In Hellraiser: Judgment, “Detectives Sean and David Carter are on the case to find a gruesome serial killer terrorizing the city. Joining forces with Detective Christine Egerton, they dig deeper into a spiraling maze of horror that may not be of this world. Could the Judgment awaiting the killer’s victims also be waiting for Sean?“

As for the new Cenobites, get ready for this awesome bombshell: John Gulagher – director of Feast and Piranha 3DD – will star as ‘The Assessor’! This role is tied to ‘The Auditor,’ a character that learns of your sins, your transgressions, your evils, and takes careful note of them before passing them on to the Assessor for judgment.

Diane Goldner (Halloween 2, Feast 2, The Collector) nabbed the wicked role of ‘The Cleaner,’ a terrifying, aging, naked women clean bodies for punishment by licking them head to toe.

We’ve also learned that special effects specialist Mike Jay Regan will once again portray ‘Chatterer’!

Andi Powers is going to play one of the three ‘Jury’, who were described as naked, perfectly beautiful girls with have faces that have been shredded away; blood, bone, muscle, sinew and teeth exposed. They pass the horrific verdicts onto all offending mortals.


Yes, there’s more!

Jeff Fenter (The Box, Zero Charisma) is ‘Karl Watkins’ with Helena Grace Donald (Portrait of An Art Thief) as ‘Jophiel’, and Grace Montie (Southern Tale) taking on the role of Crystal Lanning’, a beautiful socialite who is never far from her beloved little dog, “Baby.”

As for Heather Langenkamp, she is the chain-smoking ‘Landlady’ who snorts obscenities to the police.

There’s still so much more casting to be revealed, but things are coming together nicely thus far.

Again, I feel like I need to reiterate this. I’m especially excited that this project’s genesis hails from something Tunnicliffe was beyond passionate about. I feel like there could be something special brewing behind the scenes with the only unfortunate casualty the inability to get Doug Bradley back as Pinhead. With that said, what I’m gathering from the casting breakdown and other uncovered information is that this appears to be taking things in a new director, and I can only imagine that Pinhead could be taking a backseat to these other awesome creations such as the Auditor. I’m reserving any judgment until we see a trailer and am keeping my chin up in the meantime. Shit, we’re getting a new Hellraiser movie, how can you not be excited?!

What do you guys think? Cool stuff so far, right?




  • Gadriel


    Ahem – someone had to get it in first…..

    In all seriousness though, even though it would be nice to see Doug back in the role – it’s not going to happen, so let’s all keep an open mind and go into the new movie with our hopes low, and hopefully we get pleasantly surprised.
    TBH I’m one of those who actually enjoyed the last Hellraiser movie.
    Was it at the level of the first 2 (well 4)? No.
    Was it any worse than what followed? No. It had a different Pinhead.
    If Doug had made that same exact movie there would be more people praising it for being “more of a real Hellraiser movie”.

    • Hero

      It would have contained a much better Pinhead, at the very least.

  • I guess we’ll see what happens. Yes, it’s a bummer that Doug will not be in it. I understand his reasoning completely. I’m just going to wait until it comes out on video or netfilx, whichever happens first.

  • Chris Destro Alexander

    Looks like the Bloodline cenobites are going to be in the newest one

    • Jack Derwent

      The above pic isn’t from the movie, it’s just a screenshot from IV.

  • MammaJuneBug

    The cop angle was done in one of the Hellraiser movies and that was a very poorly done movie, doesn’t bode well for this one either, give us another Halloween not trash heaps like this …

    • I agree,for it sounds more like a reboot/remake of HELLRAISER:INFERNO more than anything.

      • TH3J4CK4L

        Hellraiser Inferno is not as bad as everyone makes it out. If anything all of them after 2 were pretty bad except for 5. The angle wasn’t identical to this new film. It just shares the cop element. At first I was turned off by a new Hellraiser,but these details make it seem more like the directors trying make the budget work for his plot. So I’ll have to hold out hope that they don’t jump the shark with the plot. I mean think about it. It can’t be any worse than the last few that came out. If Pinhead can make it out of the makeup chair without looking like flabber from Big Bad Beetleborgs thenbit should work. We have to look at this film as a potential positive. If it does good then there is a chance the studios might shell out more money for a decent sequel.

      • Hero

        I was thinking the same thing, between the detectives hunting a serial killer and demons that pass judgement for sins. That’s maybe the main thing that worries me about this movie. I’ve said this a million times already, but it’s true and it needs to be remembered, especially by the people in charge of the franchise. The cenobites do not punish sinners. If anything, they see what they’re doing as a reward, and basically anyone who can open the box, good or evil, can be taken by them.

    • alwayswipetwice

      The only thing good about Inferno is the Wire Twins.

      But yeah, this project is a joke and the whole state of the franchise makes me sad as hell. Why can’t they get Barker on board to revive the franchise? Wasn’t he and Bradley on board to do a remake?

      • jambi

        It seems like Barker has so many interests and revisiting this tired film franchise is not one of them. It’s a shame the rights to all of his properties are scattered all over the place.

        • Hero

          He was interested but I’m sure he got sick of being jerked around by the Weinsteins.

      • Aaron Boone

        I used to think Clive could revive Hellraiser. Then I read the Scarlet Gospels, which was fuck-awful.

        • Creepshow

          I was at the game when you hit the game winning homerun in Game 7 against the Red Sox in 2003.

      • Hero

        He said around two years ago that he was writing a script but that Dimension hadn’t greenlit it yet and that he wanted Doug Bradley to come back as Pinhead. Then later, Doug himself said he had never been contacted about reprising the role, not even by Clive, and that he is against remakes/reboots.

      • MammaJuneBug

        I think so … I’m watching Infurno right now just to see the Cenbites!

  • guest

    at least they didnt cast a wwe wrestler to play pinhead this time.
    wonder if the person/people that cast revelations is/are casting this movie. (or any movie ever again.)
    still not sold that tunnicliffe can bring anything new or expand upon the cenobites in any way. he hasnt yet.

  • YES! Gulager and his wife Diane are exciting casting choices. Maybe this means we’ll get a Clu cameo. That family never seems to stray too far from one another.

  • alwayswipetwice

    Damn, I totally got him confused with Doug Jones (Abe Sapien and the eye-hand creature from Pan’s Labyrinth)

    • Werewolf

      Doug Jones would make a damn good cenobite himself.

  • darkko

    Kill it with fire!

  • Booger of Love

    Pinhead needs to go into the future…on a spaceship!

    • Shayne FV

      Didn’t see Bloodline did you? Been done already.

      • Booger of Love

        Pinhead needs to go back to the past!

        • Solitaire

          Well, there wasn’t an actual ‘Pinhead’ until Kirsty’s father became him. Before that was a different pawn of Leviathan’s.

          • Kori Batchelor

            Well…you’re half right. There was another “pawn” (I think you’re referencing Angelique), but Kirsty’s dad is not, nor has ever been, Pinhead.

          • Solitaire

            Right right, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the first movies. I was referring to Spencer. And I guess I was referring to Angelique, which should fit, but she was a Demon, not a Hell Priest. After Spencer, there’s been a couple more that take that rank.

        • guest

          jurassic pinhead!
          cenobites uh… find… uh… a way!

    • Stig Johansen

      The Pinheadium Falcon?

    • Gadriel

      He’s from the future……of space……

  • William Baker

    New Pinhead? I wish they’d stop dooing this. There is no Pinhead
    without Doug Bradley, just as there is no other Freddy but Robert
    Englund{when the new nightmare came out several years ago, with anew guy
    playing Freddy, I refused and still refuse to see it- and I would be
    the same way say if they decided to make new chucky movies without the
    voice of Brad Dourif}. I wish they’d stop dooing this shit.
    The only Pinhead is Doug Bradley.

    I’m glad to see Heather Langenkamp, a horror
    legend. But without Doug as Pinhead…it’s insulting to the fans, to
    Doug, to the series. Doug does’nt look THAT much older, and with the
    make-up he could still be Pinhead.

    I can’t believe Clive is alowing this, He has sworn up and down for
    years that he would’nt do/allow another Hellrasier without Doug.


    Silver lining , this new guy does look a little like a young Doug, but still.

    I boycotted and still refuse to see the new Freddy, if they replaced
    say Dourif as the voice of anew chucky, I’d do the same. With horror
    icons from the 80’s, it is ok to replace the old actors with new ones if
    the character is say a masked one like Jason or Michael Myers,etc. But
    only if masked.

    I am so much a fan of Hellrasier, I MIGHT check
    this out[and maybe it’ll turn out good or at least ok}- but I am
    fiercely loyal to Doug as Pinhead and fiercely loyal to the originals in
    general{unless they were masked killers which don’t really say much of
    anyhting, in which does’nt matter whom plays the roles}.

    • William Baker
    • William Baker

      the only new Hellrasier movie that shoud by made is an adaptation of
      Clives last hellrasier novel “The scarlet gospels”…starring DOUG

      • William Baker

        and the new cenobites are boring looking, popular tripe make-up affects.

        • Hero

          These pics are more or less makeup tests from Tunnicliffe’s unproduced Judgement movie, so technically, these aren’t the new cenobites. It’s possible that the demon characters from the movie could be converted into cenobites, but who knows if they’ll look the same. The makeup quality might be better than what we see here, for one thing, since he did these shots before he even had funding for his movie.

  • Darth_Siskel

    I’ll give him a shot. C’maaaan, people. When Clive said he was gonna remake Hellraiser, I as looking forward to his “more faithful” to the novel Pinhead. Which we’ve not seen

    • Zombie Boy

      I find it funny that people keep referencing the novel and saying only Doug Bradley can play Pinhead… But Pinhead in the novel was female!

      “Its voice… was light and breathy — the voice of an excited girl. Every inch of its head had been tattooed with an intricate grid, and at every intersection of horizontal and vertical axes a jeweled pin driven through to the bone. Its tongue was similarly decorated.”

      • Christopher Hill

        You dont read much do you?

    • Hero

      Pinhead was really the most faithful to the novella out of all the original cenobites. The other three don’t really match the other descriptions. But tattooed with an intricate grid with pins driven into the intersections.. hey, that sounds extremely familiar!

  • Shayne FV

    If it’s anything like the last one it’s going to suck. Hellworld was lame, and that was WITH Doug … Revelations was a shit ball rolled in more shit, so I can’t see this new one without Doug being any good at all.

  • wehoaks

    Christ, proofread your damn articles.

  • Darren James Seeley

    what do i think? I’m trying hard not to.

  • Werewolf

    Elements of Peter Cushing and Ralph Fiennes in Pinhead?
    Pinhead with self-righteous, sadistic decorum. Sorry, but that sounds pretty cool.

  • ~Adam~

    “We’re getting a new Hellraiser movie, how can you not be excited?!”

    See “Inferno” thru “Revelations” for your answer.

    • Chris Cochran

      Exactly. The plot/description reads like NEARLY EVERY GOD DAMN direct-to-video Hellraiser over the last couple of decades.

      Even the genesis of this matches those past films: the movie started as an unrelated crowdfunded film and became Hellraiser, not unlike the offending films which were unrelated scripts that were purchased and had Cenobites/the Lament Configuration shoehorned in.

      Honestly, after Revelations, the IP needs to be forcefully removed from the studio and given to someone entirely different. Revelations had the plot closest to a true Hellraiser sequel and the production was so mismanaged that it probably killed cinematic good will for the series for decades to come. The studio needs to give the license up to someone who can properly handle it.

      • Shawn Karg

        While I don’t find the sequels horrible, they suffered from a half hearted effort to keep the franchise alive by shoehorning the cennobites into scripts that weren’t intended to be Hellraiser films. A franchise thrives when sequels move the story forward rather than simply being made as a business decision. There is such a rich mythology to draw from and build on with Hellraiser which has been almost totally ignored.

    • WindowsIsDead

      I’d put “Deader” thru “Revelations”
      C’mon, Inferno is cool, and Hellseeker at least tries to give a follow up to Kirsty’s future (through her husband, but still)

      Now Deader and Hellworld?! Yes, totally worthless.

    • Ethelrreyes3

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  • Ultraman Knight

    Every Hellraiser after 2 was garbage. You are excited about that?

    • pluto545 .

      I agree, the series lost something after the first two movies. The first movie was just an outstanding low-budget horror film with good story and great creature designs. The second movie was outstanding, as well going more into the fantasy element of Hellraiser,while being just visceral and ghoulish as the first one. If they ever do a reboot/remake, I’d prefer they bring back Clive Barker, if not him… Guillermo Del Toro would be a good option to bring it to life.

  • Brian

    Just remake Hellraiser instead of doing a sequel. Yeah, the series has become so terrible that i’d rather a remake than a sequel, lol.

    • Hero

      It should be possible to reinvigorate interest in a franchise without resorting to rehashing the plot of the first movie. The way you do it, take all the enthusiasm and talent and money and publicity you put into what would normally be a remake, but instead, come up with a new freaking story.

      • Brian

        Did I say rehash? I said Remake. i never said it should be a rehashed story.

        • Hero

          Remake usually implies that a story is being rehashed. A story merely involving someone solving the box and summoning cenobites in of itself wouldn’t be a remake of Hellraiser, but a story involving a man who was taken to Hell and escaping back to Earth without skin and imploring his former lover/sister-in-law to help him would be a remake.

          • Brian

            I just thought about it and I meant to say, “re-imagining.”

          • Hero

            That’s more fitting I suppose. Or reboot. A Hellraiser reboot could be just about anything since it isn’t about one particular character. It could be the origin of the Lament Configuration, the origin of Pinhead, or any countless number of stories about human characters and the effect the box and cenobites has on their lives(but not necessarily a remake of the Hellbound Heart story).

  • Shawn Karg

    I don’t hold much hope for a Hellraiser film without Doug Bradley.

    • Same here.. the last one was horrible

      • Shawn Karg

        I didn’t even watch it long enough to see Pinhead.

  • Matt Clark

    Someone was in a rush to write this up lol

  • Joseph Agnello

    very few sequels can ever approach the original, let alone re-makes.

  • bd2999

    The issue with the Hellraise series was that it started to become a bit too much about pinhead and then it shifted over and became too little about the centobites. People expected them to be involved. And they were shoehorned in some strange movies.

    I want to be hopeful for this one, but I am iffy. Not because of Bradley. I mean the guy is Pinhead, but really one of these films does not even need to have pinhead in particular.

  • Bob James

    WHO FUCKING CARES? No Doug Bradley, no Clive Barker, NO HELLRAISER.

  • Bla Blah

    Looks same old same old to me. Never liked the movies.

    • Hero

      Maybe you’d be happy if they remade Hellraiser in the style of Frozen.

      • Gadriel

        Well Doug did say that he would only come back on the day that Hell freezes over……

      • Bla Blah

        Aww, don’t tease me.

  • LivingDeadMan

    I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve seen it. All I know is that it’ll be better than the last one. It certainly can’t be any worse.

  • webdancer

    “. . . a new Hellraiser movie, how can you not be excited?”

    Have you seen some of those movies? There are good ones–and then there are a few steaming loads of crap.”

    • Hero

      If they were to announce a theatrically released Hellraiser with a moderately high budget, I would be excited. We haven’t had one of those in 20 fucking years. Thanks for turning the franchise into a laughing stock, Dimension.

  • Strogg

    They couldn’t get Doug Bradley back. This tells me that Bradley probably took a look at the script, and said “okay, F*** this. Not anymore!”. I guarantee this will be another crappy Hellraiser movie. There hasn’t been a good one since Bloodlines.

    • Derek Lang

      It had nothing to do with the script, Bradley didn’t even sit down and read a script because he was being difficult about the whole situation.

      • Porst

        But…but… that goes against my carefully constructed narrative that any change whatsoever is due to them already ruining it!

        • Strogg

          They’ve already changed and butchered Hellraiser enough though. Do you actually think this new one will be ANY different??? Hellraiser has ALWAYS been about the gore and the awesome looking demons and death scenes. The story was always just filler. If you think otherwise, then you’re just thinking too much lol.

          • Derek Lang

            If you read the original novella you’d know that wasn’t true. The cenobites took a backseat to a story about a really fucked up family. The only reason why Pinhead is as recognizable as he is now is because the movie was released in an era where everyone was trying to create their own horror mascots. They succeeded in creating one, but after 2 the story took a backseat and they just did whatever they could to get more pinhead on the screen.

          • Strogg

            Novella??? LOL WTF I don’t care about no stupid azz novella dude! I’m talking about the MOVIE lol. NOBODY watches part 2 for the “story” LOLOLOL

          • Hero

            You should, since The Hellbound Heart is the whole fucking basis for the franchise. If you think Hellraiser is just some gore movie with no story then you don’t understand it at all. And that’s the whole problem with producers. They think al that matters is there’s a guy with nails in his head, some box, and a lot of gore. The themes and story have been totally disregarded which is why everyone attaches their own premise to the visual icons of Pinhead and the box without any thought to what it’s actually supposed to be about.

          • wehoaks

            You drool on your keyboard.

    • Tim Steele

      There hasn’t been a good one since 2. 3 and 4 blew. But I could have lived with the giant box in space if they has somehow connected the Event Horizon movie to the Hellraiser series and given us a glimpse into the Helliverse that should have been a perfect merger to mirror both the otherside of the Event Horizon portal and the gateway in Bloodlines. But Sam Neil probably wouldn’t go for it and you could never get writers to pen it.

      • Hero

        It’s funny how people are more quick to accept a space movie that features demons, but not a demon movie that features space. Anyway, Bloodline could have been decent if they hadn’t butchered Kevin Yagher’s cut. But I still feel they should have been more clear about what the big box in space was supposed to do. It seemed like the movie went from finding a way to close the gates of Hell forever to just blowing up Pinhead. Hell still exists even without him, and there are probably still other Lament Configurations on Earth.

        • Radb707

          Clive was at least somewhat involved in 3 and 4. 4 moreso of the two. I would’ve loved to see Yagher’s cut. At least….at least…this one is being directed by one of the special effects guys on the original Hellraiser movies, and he’s super passionate about it.

      • tiff Christie

        Right!? Imagine a competent director, and writer, plus barker’s influence to do a mash up with Event Horizon .. How nuts would that have been?

    • KennyThaKilla

      Doug wouldn’t sign a simple nondisclosure agreement, so he never read the script. Said it was beneath him to do so, or some such shit.

      • Strogg

        It WAS beneath him to do this movie lol.

        • RidleyScott

          Oh please. He shows up to a movie set as long as there are bagels and orange juice.

          He’s such a little girl. NDAs are common practice.

          • Strogg

            Your anger alone proves to me that I am right lol.

          • RidleyScott


          • wehoaks

            If you read Bradley’s rambling statement you’ll see that the idiot himself said he refused to sign an nda.

          • Strogg

            Good for him! He finally realized he was above the crappy new script and told them to shove it lol

          • wehoaks

            Yup, I knew you have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about.

          • RidleyScott

            Lol have you seen half of the Hellraiser movies Doug’s been in? He is NOT above a crappy script.

          • KennyThaKilla

            It’s like a never-ending cycle of incomprehension. He didn’t read the script, so he didn’t realize anything.

          • Strogg

            After 5 crappy Hellraisers, do you seriously think Doug Bradley needed to read the new script? LOL

          • KennyThaKilla

            He certainly didn’t have a problem with starring in those “crappy” sequels. LOL

          • Strogg

            Ya, well, I guess he finally had enough lol.

          • KennyThaKilla

            He could just say that, instead of coming up with some lame excuse that makes him look silly. lol

          • Strogg


          • Foxenstein Must Be Destroyed

            yeah. he was on the set of dracula untold.

          • Hero

            Why are you so quick to attack him over this? He’s an actor, if NDAs are common then he’s probably signed them in the past, so there must have been something unreasonable about the one for Judgement. In the end, if he’s missing out on another Revelations-quality movie, then it’s no huge loss.

          • KennyThaKilla

            With such respectable films under his belt like Lucifer’s Unholy Desire and Wrong Turn 5, I doubt very much he’s ever been asked to sign an NDA.

          • Hero

            I think he’s aware that he hasn’t had the most illustrious career. It just seems to me that if he had to sign an NDA for Judgement, why not his previous movies? He must have signed one for Revelations since we know he read that script.

          • KennyThaKilla

            From his statement….

            “I read this thing in disbelief, and informed Gary I would not be signing it.”

            His use of the descriptor “thing” leads me to believe he has previously never been asked to sign one.

        • KennyThaKilla

          Not to do the movie, to sign the NDA.

    • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

      He probably got sick of having all those pins stuck in his noggin. Ouch.

  • WifelikePigeon

    Everyone is all about hating on this because without Doug Bradley there can’t be a good hell raiser film. Now, I do enjoy Mr. Bradley as an actor, but him as Pinhead has not saved several hellraiser movies from being steaming piles of shit.

    Bradley or no Bradley, I’m reserving judgment until I see the film for myself.

    • Junker

      Didn’t save them by any stretch, but made them bearable to me. =S

    • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

      He got typecast. There’s an interview with Pete Atkins explaining it all. He said that Julia was to be “the Freddy Krueger of the Hellraiser series, but they fell in love with Pinhead.”. Now, don’t get me wrong. Doug Bradley rocked in the role, but the original story did not include him or any other cenobite as the main focus. They did the same thing with Friday the 13th, Scream (with the mask), Halloween, etc… don’t people find repetition boring?

  • Drake Nightfire

    What exactly has this non main character actor done to inspire them to give him the main role as the best known cenobite ever?

    • Hero

      $500,000 budget, dude.

  • jasonlives1986

    Dog Bradley shafted out of 2 movies now for no reason other than pennies on the dollar.

    Keep pumping out these shitty dtv movies just to keep the right to release a just as shitty remake. No really, go right ahead.

    • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

      Dog Bradley? Is he led around wearing a BDSM collar?

  • Bretz Abominate

    Sounds interesting…. but without Barker, this is merely a tribute, and without Bradley either…idk… it could be great, but it could also become one of countless bad remakes…

    • Junker

      I share the same feeling. As far as the first part of your comment goes. I don’t have many hopes for it, though. I sincerely doubt it’ll be anywhere near great.

  • WindowsIsDead

    “Shit, we’re getting a new Hellraiser movie, how can you not be excited?!” Oh, right, excited like when Revelations was announced? No, thanks.

    Although I have to say all this info looks pretty cool, I only wish they won’t use Pinhead and move on to another Cenobite, there’s plenty to start a new phase and yet avoid failing (again) a role that belongs to Doug. The movie is called Hellraiser, not Pinhead, he doesn’t actually needs to be present, mention would work and we would get a new main Cenobite to work upon.

    And I’m glad Chatterer is returning!

    • Werewolf

      The guy they picked might just take it away from Doug as far as scope.
      1 through 3 were great to me. Just wish Pinhead/Spencer had put up more of a fight in the second. The cenobites were criminally weak in that one except for Dr. Chanard.

      I agree, though, and so does the guy who runs this site. Would’ve been too risky for the film company without at least one established character. Which is essentially why.

      • WindowsIsDead

        I totally forgot about that lame Chatterer II. Damn you, damn, so ugly lol

        Yeah, I understand the business part, is just that the Hellraiser universe is so much more than Pinhead that I would be interested on it the same way I am now if there wasn’t one, because the general idea looks great. (although I’m not allowing myself to get too excited because Revelations was really sad)
        But I understand that Pinhead carries the flag and that for the majority of people it would sound the same as a Ft13th without Jason, which is a no-no.

        Halfway there If they get the voice right, which shouldn’t be an issue, hoping for such sights!

        My ranking would be 1, 2, 5, 3, 4, 6 and then the rest

      • Gadriel

        Actually it’s not the same guy from Hellraiser 1 and 2, but the guy who took over the role (originally as Torso) from Hellraiser : Bloodline.

        It is nice to have some kind of link to the other movies though.

        • Werewolf

          Oh. Thanks for the correction! Damn internet treats rumors as facts… Yep, I agree about the link.

    • Gadriel

      I always found Chatterer to be my favourite of the Cenobites. Much scarier than Pinhead (sorry Clive, Hell Priest just doesn’t cut it!) in my opinion.

  • Blade

    Oh Heather Langenkamp will be in it? Awesome, I love her 🙂

  • Dr. Decker

    needs more pins.
    and a grid.
    and less hair.
    and no smiling.

    • Gadriel

      and no tears please……

  • Werewolf

    Good job helping us out with something new on Sunday, guys.
    Lots more than we got on plenty of other Sundays.

    • Ethelrreyes3

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  • PsychoMantis18

    Definitely a step in the right direction.

  • Spankee

    Your post is making everyone think that picture of Pinhead is from the NEW FILM. Its NOT. Its from Bloodline.

  • Guro Taku

    Great, another promising screenplay rewritten as a Hellraiser sequel. Because that worked out so well with Deader… I’m also worried that this will be painfully low-budget, seeing as the Weinsteins are only making it so they can keep the rights to the franchise for another couple years.

  • James Davidson

    No thank you. No Doug = No Pinhead = No Hellraiser

    • Cpt. Obvious

      The hellpriest was around before Doug and will be around long after. Though i love Doug, he was the character not the other way around.

  • Anthony

    Still a better love story than Twilight.

  • silentevil77

    Better than the last guy but still No Doug

  • Daucus Karota

    I’ll give him a chance.

    • Hero

      The franchise has been disrespected by Dimension for over 15 years now, with direct to video releases, repurposed scripts, and increasingly lower budgets. I don’t blame him for not being into it anymore. The ridiculous thing is if he blabbed about Judgement, he’d be liable for more money than the movie’s even being produced for.

      • Daucus Karota

        Very true. I get it though, like you said, the series hasn’t been on solid ground for some time, so for a guy to want to protect his film by insuring that, “If Doug doesn’t want to do it, fine, but he can’t go out and sink it before it sees the light of day by telling everyone what it’s about and why he didn’t want to do it,” is completely understandable.

  • Pip

    I’m glad they chose a classically trained actor, Pinhead has such a regal presence to him only an classically trained actor can display. Imho.

  • Harry Palm

    ” Shit, we’re getting a new Hellraiser movie, how can you not be excited?!” Pretty easily if you’ve seen the last four or five of them.

    • tiff Christie


    • DisqusRaider


  • wehoaks

    We get it. There’s no Pinhead without Doug. There’s no Jason with Kane. Quit your fucking crying already.

    • William Baker

      There is a difference between having different actors playing the same role as some hulking faceless psycho in a mask, versus sauy having somsone else play a different face to a horror movie icon that did’nt wear a Pinhead or Freddy

  • Wes Draven

    I feel like individuals might be focused a little too much on a lack of Doug Bradley, … it isn’t like they did no bad movies WITH him, and it isn’t like he always offered GREAT performances.

    • Michael John McCabe

      Bradley always played Pinhead the way it was supposed to. Dont blame the actor for shitty directors and producers and scene cutters for fucking up movies!!!

      • Wes Draven

        I didn’t blame him for the films themselves. Though, I don’t think his performance was very good in the first place.

  • Evan3

    How can I not be surprised? Have you seen the last entry? The studio doesn’t care about the movie, just the rights. I wish Langenkamp had gone to GoFundMe if she needed the money,

    • RidleyScott

      Lol hahahaha

  • ZigZagWave

    Please kill this franchise.

    • Hero

      There’s actually no reason to kill it other than the fact that the rights holders are making shitty movies with it. It could easily be just as good or better than any other current horror franchise, but it’s controlled by people who would rather make extremely low budget movies with recycled scripts, which they’ve been doing for over 15 years now.

  • HumanCobras

    terrible idea

  • DisqusRaider


  • Mark

    Just stop already! Do it right or don’t do it all. Those things just look like zombie chicks. They’re not Cenobites.

  • Cheshire TrollCat

    This guy…. I like this guy. I HAVE A GOOD FEELING! Oh no, i jinxed it.

  • Sykes

    So many people will cautiously look forward to this and then be bitterly disappointed.

  • William Baker

    I’d support this if it was’nt apart 10 of the actual series. Even with this new actor as Pinhead, if it was say a revamping of the original movie. But because it’s a part 10, it is of the series and yet without Doug Bradley as Pinhead, does’nt make sense. It’s a money grab, it will not do well, and it will further ruin the series.

    I can’t believe Clive signed off on this, he has swore up and down that he would’nt allow this unless Bradley repriesed his role. What they should do instead is finish the series ff completely with a movie based on Barkers newest novel about it “the scarlet gospels”{preferably with Doug as Pinhead, but even with this new guy; I will admit…as far as casting choices go…this guy does look alot like a younger Doug Bradley}.

  • jamie usher

    I think tom hiddleston would be a great pinhead if the remake ever goes ahead.
    thoughts anyone?…….

    • KennyThaKilla

      Hiddleston is pretty great in everything he does, but Doug has agreed to reprise his role for the remake, so we may never know… unless they ask him to sign an NDA? 😉

      • jamie usher

        Doug is amazing in the role but i fear he’s getting too old for it. The make-up would have to be pretty spectacular. I wonder is there any progress with the remake? I hope they don’t fuck it up to be teen friendly. It should be a solid R-rated proper horror movie.

        • KennyThaKilla

          They certainly can move mountains with makeup these days. All I’ve heard about the remake is that Doug and Clive are attached, so I’m guessing an R rating is a given.

          • Michael John McCabe

            No Doug is not attached he refused the role. Read up on it!!!

          • KennyThaKilla

            He refused this role, not the remake. Read up on it!!!

          • Michael John McCabe

            I have read up on it he turned down the last one and Judgement!!!

          • KennyThaKilla

            You need to read more then!!! The “last one” was Revelations!!! We’re not talking about that movie, we’re talking about an upcoming remake written and directed by Clive Barker!!! Do all these exclamation points work for ya?!!!

          • Michael John McCabe

            5 really you talking about the new movie Noah I know what you’re talking about and I know he refused Revelation and he refused to do this one and my statement read English numbskull

          • Michael John McCabe

            I know exactly what you’re talking about dude! I read the article and I have read numerous statements by Doug Bradley for his reasons and I supporter his decision! He refused to do Revelations and refused to do this one under grounds of insult! And I support Doug Bradley, he is the only Pinhead and will forever be the only Pinhead!!!

          • KennyThaKilla

            That’s great, but not relevant to the conversation. You claimed Doug turned down the upcoming remake written and directed by Clive. That’s not the case.

          • Michael John McCabe

            My bad mistype went back reread what I originally typed!!!

          • KennyThaKilla

            Apology accepted.

          • Shawn Karg

            Doug IS Pinhead. I didn’t even watch Revelations long enough to see the replacement actor in the film. Doug’s performance, and the general mythology are the only redeeming qualities of some of the sequels from III to VIII (although I really liked Hellworld and Deader). Hellraiser belongs as much to Doug as it does to Clive, and if nothing else, I’d like to see Doug wrap his tenure by portraying Pinhead in an adaption of The Scarlet Gospels. Then, the studious can feel free to keep re-booting and Fucking up the franchise with cheap re-makes and recasts.

          • DisqusRaider

            do you fight with everyone? you ever think you are just a complete asshole and thats the issue?

          • Harley Jackson

            You make it sound like you’ve been tracking his bitchiness. Is that all YOU have to do? We’re talking about a bunch of straight to video flicks that haven’t had a thing to do with Hellraiser since part 4. Stop being a bitch and let people vent, captain mom. You voice of reason types are all the same. Now. Ack to the movie. We can at least assume that it will be better than Revelations because Revelations was only made to keep the film rights reserved. It’s an ashcan copy in every way. This film, however, is someone’s years-long passion project and unlike Revelations, wasn’t written by the Craft Services dude.

          • KennyThaKilla

            No doubt. And don’t mind DickRider, he’s just a troll who’s sole intention is to flame message boards wherever he goes. Just an immature chumpstick with nothing substantial to add to an adult conversation.

          • DisqusRaider

            always arguing with someone

  • modomocabro

    Gary Tunnicliffe has ruined Hellraiser …..

  • Cynthia Keagy

    So I’ve been trying to follow any progress that has happened regarding another Hellraiser movie or prequel or “reimagining” as Clive Barker said on his site and its had so many different incarnations. At one point the director of “Martyrs”( the original French one, the remake was awful ) was on board. Being a die hard fan of the series I’m only cautiously optimistic after being let down soo many times by the promise of a new movie that Barker is involved in. My one question is does Clive really have some involvement in this movie? Some posts alluded that he does but I would love a concrete answer because, as we have seen in the past, the movies he hasn’t been involved with have f-n sucked! And a movie using The Scarlet Gospels as a reference has always seemed like a no-brainer to me too!

    • Allegedly according to Doug Bradley he doesn’t and this doesn’t sound like what Clive was working on.

  • Don Praught

    Interesting fact, if you read The Scarlet Gospels, you will come to find the his name is not pinhead, that is a given nickname, also he is what is called an hell priest….read the book, its really cool with everything we come to expect from Clive barker

    • Really loved the Scarlet Gospels and the return of Harry D’Amour to do battle against Pinhead. God I would love to see that filmed as a final appearence of Doug Bradley as Pinhead… even wouldn’t mind Scott Bakula returning to play Harry for that matter. Ryuhei Kitamura directing. A boy can dream…

  • bandoogiemanz

    This is the first I am reading of this. Anyone know where I can find more up-to-date information about this? And also about how the remake is doing?

  • Vassago Gamori

    Ecstasy of blasphemy, exquisite degradation, ascendancy of agony–shall the Order of the Gash approve the offering ?

  • If I don’t have expectations, I won’t be disappointed. Will check it out, though I am still waiting for Clive Barker to release his reimagining of the series.

  • richard

    it sounds shit to be honest

  • Mike Harden

    No Doug Bradley?…Then it’s not Hellraiser, period!! Sell out if you must. But, it won’t be Hellraiser. Shove that NDA up your ass. This movie is already doomed.

  • Red Wolf

    Nothing I have seen about this movie makes me feel good about it.

  • Ricky Nelson

    The Hellraiser series as a whole, is dirt that’s been fucked by a hobo. One and two were good. I also liked the one that was panned, and the director took a smithee. Bloodlines. Cenobites in space style. But they rest of them. Strait to DVD ass chili. I do not see this one being any different.

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