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Is ‘Children of the Corn’ Secretly Shooting, Too?! (Exclusive)


Has “He Who Walks Behind the Rows” returned to Gatlin, Nebraska?!

Dimension Films has not been on the right side of news as of late, having lost the rights to the Halloween franchise, delayed the release of Amityville: The Awakening to 2017, and seemingly rushed a new Hellraiser into production.

That’s a trifecta of literal hell, although some of this news is good for us horror fans.

The same goes for what I’m about to tell you: we’re being told exclusively that Dimension is also secretly filming a sequel to Stephen King’s 1984 Children of the Corn.

While we don’t have official confirmation, what we hear is that Joel Soisson has returned to write the followup to his 2011 Children of the Corn: Genesis, which followed a young couple who tries to free an imprisoned child with catastrophic results. Barbara Nedeljakova, Billy Drago, Kelen Coleman and Tim Rock starred in the sequel that Soisson directed.

A second source tells us that the film is most definitely shooting, only under the direction of John Gulager, the filmmaker behind Feast and Piranha 3D. With that, we put an e-mail in with Gulager to get a firm answer.

Why is this important? Much like Hellraiser: Judgment, this is all about retaining the rights to the franchise. And the timing makes more sense than you think.

If we flash back to 2010, both Hellraiser: Revelations and Children of the Corn: Genesis were rushed into production, with a light theatrical release in 2011 concocted to keep both franchises in Dimension’s back pocket.

The confirmation of a new Hellraiser basically gives serious weight to this story and the return of “He Who Walks Behind the Rows” in the tenth Children of the Corn.

We’ll update you with any new information.

Updated March 16, 7:36am



  • Lucca Cantisano

    Can Dimension just go bankrupt already, I mean geez…

    • wehoaks

      I think these sequels prove that it kinda already is ahahahahahaha

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Kinda glad they lost the rights to Halloween tbh

    • Daniel Baldwin

      You and me both.

    • Flu-Like Symptoms

      As long as it doesn’t fall into the grubby hands of Platinum Dunes.

  • Creepshow

    Nobody wants to smell Malachai & Isaac’s
    …old balls anymore.

  • Khy

    Not surprised. Knew Corn would be shooting sometime this year once I heard about Hellraiser.

    • wehoaks

      Dimension Ahahahaha so cute

  • Adam Clifton

    Coming up next… the latest sequels to the Mimic, Pulse and The Prophecy series

    • RidleyScott

      I love me a good Mimic movie.

      • Agreed. I thought Mimic 2 was cheesball fun and 3 was a cool take on Rear Window.

    • wehoaks

      They own those outright.

    • wehoaks

      Don’t forget From Dusk Til Dawn!

      • Adam Clifton

        Oddly enough, the Scream movies don’t seem to be exploited with sequel after sequel after sequel. We’ve got 10 Children Of The Corn movies, 14 Amityville Horrors, 10 Hellraisers, 10 Halloweens and only 4 Screams. Weird since they own it

        • Sadly after part 3 there were talks of sending the series straight to video with cheap cash grab titles. Thankfully they never did that.

        • wehoaks

          Scream I think is a must different, more expensive beast.

  • wehoaks

    Ahahahahaha the remakes to this and Hellraiser will make like four cents.

  • wehoaks

    Up next PULSE 4: a pulsier pulse

  • wehoaks

    Dracula 4: the samesies

    • Adam Clifton

      They’ll be more clever with the title… ‘Dracula 4 Mina’

      • wehoaks

        Dracula 4: Religious Subtitle

        • Adam Clifton

          Dracula 4: Insert Joke Here

  • diapers

    All I know is that, dude that played Malachai went on to star in Hardbodies, the best film ever made. If you have seen it, you already know. Wait, what are we talking about?

    • Adam Clifton

      The best movie Malachai was involved in was ‘The Burbs’

  • Brey Compton Arriaga

    Don’t know what happened to Dimension Films, they were great in the 90s and early 2000s, with franchises like Halloween, Scream, Scary Movie, Spy Kids, Sin City, The Others (to name some of them) they were so successful and had tons of million dollars by these films, with great reception by the public and good stories. Hope someday they got up on their feet again and make excellent films again (yn)

    • wehoaks

      They lost the edge when they stopped making smart original films. They got lazy and it killed them.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    I haven’t seen any Children of the Corn sequels. I’m pretty okay keeping it like this.

    • Khy

      You are not missing anything lol.

      • Flu-Like Symptoms

        I remember one up on Netflix a while back that said “Isaac Returns”. Caught my eye out of nostalgia but something told me to keep scrolling.

        • Khy

          Pretty much
          2- Guilty Pleasure
          3- Dumb fun
          4- Boring, attempts to be good at least.
          5- Meh, generic
          6(Isaac Returns)- A mess. Complete mess.
          Syfy’s 2009 reboot- Nothing new.
          I still haven’t seen Revelation (2001) or Genesis (2011).

          • Frank Lloyd Jr

            Revelation is kind of fun and it features Crystal Lowe (Wrong Turn 2, Black X-Mas, FD3).

          • Joey Odendahl

            Genesis is one of the better Corn sequels which……. isn’t saying much.

    • BlubberNugget

      Yeah, all the sequels sucked ass. I only liked the first movie.

  • Uter

    Good grief, just do something different already! Give up COTC. No one cares anymore. Put a few people in a room and tell them to take a month to formulate a new, interesting idea. A freshman college class could come up with something better than this.

    Instead of grasping onto the rights for some trash, do something different and exciting! What does a movie like this bring in, a few thousand dollars at best? Maybe you won’t come up with a revolutionary idea, but just try! How could it be worse than this?

    • Khy

      Exactly. I don’t even know why they’re trying to hold on to the rights to Corn so tightly. Nobody gives a shit about this series.

  • I want Dimeonsion to go bankrupt like yesterday, they have not put out something great for over a decade now, give it up or do something new

    • James

      Me too. They’ve done nothing but garbage for a long time now. Go bankrupt and let someone else take over these franchises and do real films.

  • Jon Lachonis

    So much undiscovered talent out there that Dimension could be mining to establish themselves as ground breakers. But no, this.

  • I was waiting for this news as history tends to repeat itself, especially if you’re Dimension films. Though if Gulager is directing than I’m certainly interested. He was able to make a watchable Asylum picture. I’ll certainly check this out.

  • Tryst V. Umbra

    Maybe the children this time around will all be millennials with cell phones and memes and recruit via youtube channels!

  • Mr. Screamer

    Lol. Just lol. This was so predictable. I mean, please, at least try.
    I am seriously starting to think we could be seeing a Scream 5 (in-name-only, most likely) announced pretty soon if Dimension continues to, well, be Dimension.

  • Frank Lloyd Jr.

    Why don’t they kill two birds with one stone and do a Hellraiser/Children Of The Corn crossover… HELLMAIZER!

  • Khy

    Haha, what the hell, I might watch both Revelations and Genesis just to say I’ve seen them all.

  • Khy

    LOL That Bath scene, fucking hilarious! Yeah, I definitely might watch it soon. Looks to be in the vein of 2 & 3- just stupid fun lol

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