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‘Children of the Corn’ Is Shooting Under the Title ‘Runaway’!

I love all of the juicy gossip that’s been bleeding out of Dimension’s grasps. They lost the rights to the Halloween franchisedelayed the release of Amityville: The Awakening to 2017, and seemingly rushed a new Hellraiser into production.

Then, out of nowhere, we found out exclusively that they were also allegedly in production on a new Children of the Corn, which we were told was being filmed under the direction of John Gulager, the filmmaker behind Feast and Piranha 3D.

I want to send seriously love to Bloody’s @jandrysays who tipped us to the film’s title, which also led to a plethora of information.

We have confirmed that the tenth Children of the Corn is shooting under the title Runaway, and it now in production in Oklahoma City, OK – yes, near the same locations that Gary Tunnicliffe used for Hellraiser: Judgment! I’m told filming wraps April 2nd.

While the director is listed as Alex Lehmann, who worked on various Dimension projects that include Feast II, The Collector and Pulse, I’m hearing that Gulager is the actual director.

We also confirmed that Joel Soisson has returned to write the next installment to his 2011 Children of the Corn: Genesis, which followed a young couple who tries to free an imprisoned child with catastrophic results.

The plot of Children of the Corn: Runaway follows a young pregnant woman who escapes a murderous child cult in a small Midwestern town (Gatlin, Nebraska?). She then spends the next decade living anonymously in an attempt to spare her son the horrors that she experienced as a child. She lands in the small Oklahoma town…but something is following her. Now, she must confront this evil or lose her child.

The main character’s name is RUTH. This is important because…

Doing some research, it appears that Runaway is a direct sequel to Donald P. Borchers’ 2009 Children of the Corn remake/TV movie. In it, Alexa Nikolas starred as Ruth, the pregnant girlfriend to Isaac!

Is your head exploding yet?

Keep your eyes here as we try to uncover more…

Gatlin Returns, Inc. is producing the movie with Mike Leahy, Joel Soisson, and Sean Patrick Eaton.



  • Mucho interesting. Maybe they’re aiming to air this as a direct sequel on Syfy? Or…I don’t know. I’m sure it’s another “hold onto the rights” issue, but the Weinsteins sure make some odd choices.

  • Jacob

    So how does it follow Genesis if it’s following the remake?

  • wehoaks

    Bahahahahahaha K!

    • Khy

      Soo pumped! Can’t wait to preorder my copy! I’m almost out of toilet paper!

      • wehoaks

        Cheaper than Charmin!

  • Halloween_Vic

    Lol dammm amytiville got delayed again??? Fuck the movie must be really bad or this is part of Dimension being bankrupt. Dimensions is a hott mess!

  • Halloween_Vic

    Oh and I mean does anybody give a shit about a new children of the corn?

    • Khy

      The way Dimension sees it- They gotta keep those rights retained so in 20 years they can pump out a Children Of The Corn theatrical remake that will make MILLIONS and put Dimension back on top of the Hollywood studio food chain.

      Who needs amateurs like The Shape or Ghostface when you have creepy kids in cornfields?

      • Halloween_Vic

        Lol I love your sarcasm!!

      • At this rate I’d be surprised to see Dimension still standing 5 years from now, let alone 20. Weinsteins can dream I suppose.

    • Give a shit? Not really, but if it happened to be decent I would be all for it. Gulager is a fun choice, and there’s such promise in the original story. Unfortunately I don’t think a single filmed version has lived up to that potential.

      • Halloween_Vic

        Yea I mean if it’s decent I’ll definitely give it it’s props, but I just can’t see this remake being anything new or good. I like the original a lot, but I just can’t see that concept working now but then again I hope they can prove me wrong and deliver a really good film.

  • Khy

    Sequel to the SyFy TV remake or not- I’m still calling it Children Of The Corn 10…because logic has never been apart of this series so why start now?

  • Dominique Sings

    Funny, just saw the original again yesterday. Hell, it doesn’t hold up well.

  • Wes Draven

    I can only vaguely remember the first Children of the Corn and I also saw the 6th film for some reason. Were any of them ever good? Serious question. Someone give me their “Thumbs Up” – “Thumbs Down” perspectives on the films.

  • KittyKat

    I loved me some Malechi that dude was freaky. In the remake he was really hot!

  • Evan3

    Dimension is the worst – and it’s actually getting to the point of challenging Platinum Dunes for most disreputable horror studio. The film this is a sequel is beyond awful and this sounds like another half-baked rush job. Booooo.

  • Frederico_GaGa

    Very exciting news! Ruth was not Isaac’s girlfriend. She was pregnant with Malachai’s child. @bradmiska

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