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‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake Will Stay True to the Original

Last year, Capcom finally let us in on their plans to remake one of the greatest survival horror games of all time, Resident Evil 2, proving miracles can happen once enough people come together to complain about it for about two decades. And unlike the various remasters the franchise has seen over the years, the scope of this remake will be comparable to the beloved 2002 remake of the original Resident Evil.

There’s an immense amount of pressure for the remake to stay true to the original, and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, who’s worked on both versions of the Resident Evil remake, knows this. In an interview with VideoGamer, Hirabayashi offered an update on the game’s progress, saying the team is “working hard on the game at the moment and there are some reasons why I think we can recapture the spirit of the first game.”

Capcom is also using the feedback Resident Evil 6 received, and continues to receive since it released on PS4 and Xbox One last month.

“I saw a lot of the feedback on Resident Evil 6 and have taken on board everything I’ve heard from the fans about the game and I want to show you what it taught me with through the next experience I’ll be bringing to you,” added Hirabayashi.

We still don’t know if Resident Evil 2 will keep its more anachronistic features, such as the controls and static camera angles, or if the remake will adopt a variation of what was introduced in Resident Evil 4. There’s no release date for it yet, but it is expected sometime next year.




  • Grimphantom

    I do wish that in the new remake they can enter in buildings or other areas aside of the police station. And if it has intro like to see people running and getting devour by zombies.

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    good. Really hope they don’t turn it into that over the shoulder crap.

    • open minded

      Why is it the guys who created the over shoulder view are the only ones who aren’t allowed to use it. Every zombie movie I’ve ever seen says shoot em in the head, wouldn’t it make sense to use a view where you can actually aim for the head. The view point isn’t the issue. Its the pacing. Puzzles, item management, freely exploring the policestation. Thats what matters.

      • Yakushiji Tenzen

        No it matters a great deal. It turned from a genuinely creepy series to an action horror shooter. All those amazing camera angles from 1-3 that built up so much suspense, you did’t know what was waiting behind that corner. It constantly made you feel like you were being watched. It was scary, that TO ME matters in horror games. I couldn’t give AF about item management.

        • Resident Evil 4 is one of the best in the series and it had an over-the-shoulder perspective. The game was still creepy and suspenseful as hell.

          I really don’t think fixed camera angles are key in making these games scary. Sure, it added to the suspense in the original 3, but there’s no reason RE2 can’t be remade w/ a 3rd person perspective and still be scary. The main problems with 6 (and to a lesser extent 5), were far greater than the use of an over-the-shoulder camera.

          • Yakushiji Tenzen

            Ok well that’s your opinion. I wholeheartedly disagree. I do agree that in 5 and 6 over the shoulder was the least of their problems , but it did start w/ Resident Evil 4 when the series started to die for me. Did you even play 1-3?

          • Yeah, I’ve played through 1-3 multiple times and 4 still ranks highly for me. It’s actually the best reviewed title in the series so I’m sure I’m not the only one with that opinion.

            My ranking of the mainline series from best to worst; 2 > 4 > 1 > 3 > C:V > 0 > 5 > 6.

          • Yakushiji Tenzen

            well if you have I don’t know how the hell 4 ranks highly for you. And fuck reviews, if you go by that then END OF DEBATE. Out. Done. Kapish. Never gonna get through to you.

          • I don’t “go by reviews” and there’s absolutely no need to get through to me; I’m simply pointing out that despite what you may personally think, it was very well-received by fans. I rank it highly because it took the franchise in a new direction and actually delivered with an interesting story and fantastic gameplay.

            You seem to think 4 is some giant shit stain on the RE legacy with it’s changes, yet it’s outright one of the most beloved entries by core fans of the series. Fair enough if you don’t agree (to each their own), but you’re the one in the minority here – so don’t be so taken back by my rating of it. 🙂

          • Yakushiji Tenzen

            no, not by core fans. By casuals.

          • Stephan Watkins

            Well sure re4 took the series to the new direction, but it’s still has some elements from re 1-3.( like exploration, some puzzles, some creepy sounds and monster and it did stay true in some roots( at least)) but the problem was is that it has no zombies and some of people are using guns like the big person with hat. That’s why it took the series to new direction I played re2 and re3. I love those game and I also love re6, and yes it was a bit disappointed because of too much action but it has a clever and great storyline to me. As for me, I wouldn’t mind Re7 have a little re4-6 actions, but they should still need to let re7 stay true to its roots some. Make it like Re Remaster.

          • KILL ME

            RE 4 fucking ruined the franchise and I wish they had never made it. Over the shoulder camera angle is not for Resident Evil.

        • open minded

          Yes but thats what I meant by pacing, when approaching corners you still have blind angles, the atmosphere can still be creepy, the view point isn’t important. Just look at the first two dead space games. Both used over the shoulder viewpoints, and they were creepy. All I’m suggesting is that you should keep an open mind.

          • Yakushiji Tenzen

            Ok fine, my mind is open. Dead Space 1 and 2 were exceptional games.

          • open minded

            No worries my friend, lets just be cautiously optimistic

  • Not sure what to think about all the remakes of videogames lately. They should either continue the series in a good way – because resident evil 6 and racoon city were just abysmal. Still I would have loved to replay with state of the art graphics crash bandicoot. We need more games like that!

  • shawn lawson

    Old school all the way. Beautiful, 2d enviroments with non clunky 3d characters. Same ol 2 with couple new scares and enviroments. The resident evil gamecube remake was what hills have eyes was to original.

  • silentevil77

    just do it the same way they did the remake of the first one and it will be awesome

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Nice. RE2 was the only one in the series that actually drew me in and kept me until the game was finished. I’ll be on the look out for this as long as they don’t make too many unnecessary changes.

  • As much as I’d love a direct translation of the original game with prettier visuals, I’m hoping for a bit more with this.

  • HiHoeMan

    I think they should just leave the game as is and revitalize the

    I don’t know about most people but I would be pissed if the
    replaced the fixed camera angles. If they want to change it, that’s
    fine, as long as they have an option to switch between the two. Like
    what they did with the tank controls (which should also stay)!

    • Mrox2

      that cannot be done simply as said, it has to be remade.

    • bob king

      i agree with that… now id like it to be just about the same, same cam angles ect, but i want a few things different. mabe they could make the game just about the same until the (end) but then continue it after clair leon and sherry walk out of that tunnel

  • oh_riginal

    What I used to always want was when you played both characters’ stories back-to-back, that we’d get to play the 2nd playthrough from the other side of the truck, rather than repeat the exact same game, even though we already saw it from the first point of view. Of course this would only apply if you immediately played through again after completing one character and saving that game.

    • Chad Warren

      like resident evil 2 senario a and b

      • oh_riginal

        With a whole new map taking a different route to the same end location.

  • Adam Paquette

    I would love it if it was a complete remake of the original game from start to finish but with updated graphics and the over the shoulder cam from parts 4, 5 and 6.

    • John Franco

      Would be wonderful if they provided both fixed and over the the shoulder perspectives.

      • Lightpost

        If they do consider it, I doubt it would be something we could switch to anytime we want – there’d be the need to tweak enemy locations and AI changed too. As well as scaling all the enemies’ damage and life – I think that’s too for the game to process making view switching on the fly nearly impossible.
        I’m thinking about getting the option to choose whenever we start a new game would be much more feasible.

    • KILL ME

      PLEASE no over the shoulder cam. I’ll be so pissed if they do that. Static camera angles are what made the game unique.

      • Daniel Smith IV

        ….Bruh…it’s 2016 now.

        I’ve played, enjoyed, and beat, Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3, Resident Evil 1 Remake, Resident Evil Code Veronica X, Resident Evil Dead Aim (Yes, I actually play that one–and somehow liked it), Resident Evil OutBreak File 1, Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6…

        …and I can absolutely tell you, that the static camera-bird’s eye view is forever ancient like King Nebuchanzzer’s tomb.

        It’s done.

        Any replication of that old–roach infested-worm covered gameplay would be a blunder to Capcom’s business and their development staff’s intellect.

        Let it go.

        • HelloInternet

          *** This is a long comment, no tl;dr. Read or don’t, the choice is yours. ***

          Oh no, its [Current Year] now? You don’t say.

          If you really have played and beaten all those games, it is mind boggling how you could arrived at such an ignorant opinion. Having a similar Resident Evil portfolio, I can absolutely, irrefutably, tell you the static camera-bird’s eye view was, is, and forever will be the pinnacle of the genre, if not downright perfection. If you can’t see that, then you simply don’t know what ‘good’ is. Check out virtually any Resident Evil fan community and you’ll find your opinion to be not only in the minority, but often laughed out of the room… and rightly so.

          Below is what you would have written if being correct was your goal:

          “Any replication of that old–roach infested-worm covered gameplay (over-the-shoulder view and dynamic camera) from Resident Evils 5-6 would be a blunder to Capcom’s business and their development staff’s intellect.”

          Instead, you wrote the absurd inverse. Which is not only wrong, but completely out of touch with reality. The global sales data is the highest among the classic games, not the modern ones. REmake was the highest grossing Steam game from Capcom, ever. It is almost ubiquitously considered to be the greatest entry in the entire franchise, sometimes swapping places with RE2 as its only serious competitor for that honor. REmake and RE2, both hugely successful, and the 2 entries most highly regarded and praised by fans. The success of REmake Remaster being the primary cause of RE2 Remake, and why we even have this article we are commenting on. Both games have static cameras and tank controls… none of this is coincidence.

          If RE5-6 massive marketing budgets had been reduced to that of the earlier titles, their failures as Resident Evil games (or simply, ‘games’) would have been even more apparent. Resident Evil 4 often gets a partial pass for not entirely sucking, and was well received at the time because fans were willing to try something new after several entries of the classic formula. It was a decent action shooter game with zombies, but had no business whatsoever being a mainline Resident Evil title. If Resident Evil 4 had been a total mess like 5 or 6 (alongside some of the spin-offs), the series would never had taken the downward spiral it did as a result of those experiments. It gets blamed as the progenitor for why the series has sucked so badly for so long, and rightly so.

          The only modern Resident Evil that ranks in a top 5 spot in global sales is Resident Evil 5. It is no secret that this game sold well due to being developed and marketed for mass appeal. It also got a legendary marketing blitz due to accusations of racism by SJW busy bodies at the time. As previously mentioned, it was also riding the coattails of Resident Evil 4. Fans overwhelmingly consider it (RE5) to be an unworthy (if not insulting) entry in the franchise. If you believe otherwise, you can go punch a boulder.

          This is the part where I would shread Resident Evil 6 to pieces. But, do I even need to? Does anyone, anywhere, actually defend that piece of hot garbage? I seriously doubt it (and this comment is long enough already), so on that entry the prosecution simply rests.

          The classic games had smaller budgets, a smaller fan base (they were the games that created the fan base in the first place, afterall), a smaller gaming industry to sell to and turn into fans, and fewer platforms to release their titles on. What they had was a great idea with great direction and execution, translating into selling a fantastic product to an audience who wanted more. The times in the franchise things got better was when they refined and polished what they started with (better graphics, better sound, 180-degree spin, better story telling, more end game content, etc.) Nearly every time they abandoned the foundation they started with, things fell apart (Resident Evils 5 & 6, Operation: Raccoon City, Mercenaries, Survivor, etc.)

          Capcom foolishly tried your ideas in Resident Evils 4-6 and some spin offs, and the series suffered big time for it. It is the same mentality that brought us those terrible movies that don’t deserve to even exist, let alone carry the Resident Evil name. They are finally flushing that turd of a mindset down the toilet where it had always belonged, and the series is now getting on track to be much better as a direct result.

          In short, when the developers of Resident Evil give stock to your opinion on camera and controls and it doesn’t completely fail, it is the rare exception (Resident Evil 4). When the developers wisely give stock to nearly everyone elses’ advice on camera & controls, its the rare exception that it does fail (Resident Evil 0). The track record of your idea of what the Resident Evil franchise needs going forward, versus what it actually needs is quite clear, and I suggest you be humbled by it.

          Follow your own advice… Let it go.

          • Daniel Smith IV

            Whoa, the moment you mentioned that Resident Evil 4 had no business being a mainline Resident Evil title was the moment I learned something about you: you’re a Resident Evil fanboy whose stuck in the olden days. Guess what!? Resident Evil 7 is first person. And I can assure you that Re2 remake will be over-the-shoulder no less.

            The bird’s eye camera is done. Its time for you to exit your twisted holy temple of all things old Resident Evil, light a torch, and burn the edifice of which housed your old ideologies for Resident Evil straight to the ground.

            The past is past. Embrace the future… ^^

          • GutsLCF .

            RE4 has no place in the mainline series. Even after 5 and 6 it ties to nothing even remotely significant in the story. RE5 at least closes some things from the earlier story. What the hell did RE4 have to do with RE at all besides having Leon in the game?

  • TheBeauJOB

    They should add in story details that hints of RE3 is happening. Have zombie Brad not be some hidden thing but be an actual story thing that you need to kill him to progress the game. Better yet show hints of the nemesis is roaming about. He did break into the police station after all. Would be fun extra stuff.

  • Lightpost

    It would be nice if we get to choose what view whenever we start a new game.

    If they do consider it, I doubt it would be something we could switch to anytime we want – there’d be the need to tweak enemy locations and AI changed too. As well as scaling all the enemies’ damage and life – I think that’s too for the game to process making view switching on the fly nearly impossible.

  • skybob1984

    They should remake it in the same style as the HD remaster, no discussion really. If this is to ‘capture the sprit of the original’ then thats the only way it should be done. If you like over the shoulder cam, anything new and what capcom thinks is ‘hip’ in todays market play Resident Evil 5, 6 or any of the spinoffs, hey even Resident Evil 7 go for it but please o please do not butcher a remake of Resident Evil 2, people who buy this game are very likely big fans of the original and original at heart is how it should stay.

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