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Lin Shaye Reveals First ‘Insidious: Chapter 4’ Plot Details

Insidious Chapter 3: Focus Features

More Lin Shaye on the big screen is always a good thing.

Easily the coolest thing about the Insidious franchise is that it’s led by Lin freakin’ Shaye, which makes us all kinds of happy. The Leigh Whannell-directed third installment showed us the origin story of how Elise joined forces with the bumbling Specs (Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson), and it looks like next year’s Chapter 4 will again be a prequel to the first two films.

Speaking with Daily Dead, Shaye spilled the beans:

[The film] goes back to Elise’s beginnings. And you also meet Elise at a very different point in her life. It takes place right after the end of Chapter 3, when she walks off with Specs and Tucker and they’re starting their company, Spectral Sightings, and they are now living at her home. They’re like her two sons, her two bad sons.

So it starts out in a very jovial, happy place and then goes downhill from there. And downhill meaning uphill, though. It’s a fantastic story and it took me back into what made Elise who she is. You meet my family, my mother, my father—we go back to my hometown, which is in New Mexico. And so that’s where this takes place and her quest to find the bad guy that’s been haunting her. It’s a really wonderful story. I think the fans will really, really enjoy it. And it’s scary on levels they’re not going to expect.

Just how scary will Chapter 4 be? Well, it was directed by The Taking of Deborah Logan‘s Adam Robitel, and that film is truly terrifying. So get ready for some nightmare fuel, friends!

In addition to a returning Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson, the cast also includes Josh Stewart, Kirk Acevedo, Bruce Davison, Spencer Locke, and Caitlin Gerard.

Insidious: Chapter 4 will be released on October 20th, 2017.

Insidious Chapter 3 (image source: Focus Features)



  • Saturn

    If they keep on makin’ ’em, I’ll keep on watchin’ ’em.

    I’ve enjoyed the franchise so far (although the 2nd was defo the weakest) and look forward to the next – hell, I wonder how long before we get either a tv show spin off or a cross-over with the Conjuring franchise. Obvioulsy there is the “Patrick Wilson” thing to cover, but a simple Eloise meeting Ed Warren and commenting “I’ve been having visions of someone who looks just like you……” should cover that base. And we horror fans are known to just role out eyes and let it go……

    • Khy

      Haha, Insidious/Conjuring crossover would be fun. Elise and Lorraine could somehow run into one another in the “Further” which transcends time(or some bullshit like that) so that can take care of the whole timeline issue as well lol.

  • Khy

    Insidious has been a great franchise so far. I think actually going into Elise’s past and learning more about her and her family is REALLY interesting. Though I’m more excited about the guy who’s directing- hopefully it’s even a tenth as scary as Debra Logan was.
    I think they should do another film after this and then maybe for the 6th film close it out with returning to the end of the second film and the return of the red faced demon.

    • THGrimm

      I’m awaiting his imminent return. By the way Chapter 2 ended, I thought he would be back in Chapter 3, but then he appeared in the very end of 3 unexpectedly. So, I’m thinking he’s going to be “the bad guy that haunts her.” in this installment. If he isn’t, I agree with you they’ll reprise him eventually. I was so mad he wasn’t in Chapter 3, though, because I had it all worked out in my head for a good way for him to come back and then nothing.

  • Graham

    Sounds promising. I’m glad Lin Shaye will get front and centre this time (by the sounds of it). She’s been the best part of the past 2 films.

  • Otterlee

    I can’t wait! I want to be Lin when(if) I grow up!

  • Elizabeth

    The Taking of Deborah Logan took several years off my life, so I’m pretty excited about this.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    ‘Guess I’m gonna need a… hall pass.

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