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“The Walking Dead’s” Free Fall Has Finally Ended…

No more tears, Rick…

Breaking news this morning as Sunday’s cable ratings have arrived, showing that “The Walking Dead’s” ratings free fall has finally bottomed out…for now.

After several straight weeks of decline, AMC’s zombie series actually went up in viewership, albeit a small amount, showing that 10.5 million people showed up to watch this past Sunday’s episode.

This has to come as a sigh of relief for AMC as this coming Sunday’s episode is the midseason finale, which would have left the cabler in a panic over the holidays and into the New Year.

It will be interesting to see if this holds through the much-hyped midseason finale, which we’ll most definitely be talking about come next week.

In the meantime, a lot of fans are showing frustration with the show, even our own John Squires shared his thoughts on how it can be fixed going forward. What do you guys think?



  • Matt

    I think the show was doing, is doing, and will continue to do just fine. If you listen to the haters and the fair-weather fans, you’d think that the show was on the brink of cancellation. At it’s lowest point this season, it was still pulling more than 10 million viewers. That is far more than most shows currently airing. (80 to 90% more than the two shows many commenters proclaim are much better – Westworld and Z Nation.)

    • huntermc

      Yeah, it’s all a matter of perspective. HBO is patting itself on the back for its highest ratings ever for the Westworld finale, and that was only 2.2 million viewers. But Walking Dead drops to 10 million, and it’s the end of the world.

      • Dan

        Yeah, it’s a heartbreak, AMC execs can’t buy islands anymore, just plush condos.

      • Thats because the vast majority of people is dumb and will be incapable of understanding such a complex premise as the one in westworld. Not because the walking dead is any good.

    • Red Right Return

      I have watched every single episode as they aired since it first began. I’m not a hater or a fair-weather fan. The show has become formulaic and many people are frustrated due to the character deaths this season and the complete emasculation of Rick and Daryl. I will continue to watch every episode, all the way to the end, but the writers really need to do a better job. For example, the last episode when Carl killed two of Negan’s men and didn’t shoot Negan when he had the chance made no sense. Of course it would have meant Carl’s death, but it is up to the writers to create scenes that make sense. It seems like the characters just make stupid decisions so the writers can put them in place for certain scenes.

      Before you retort with a “GFY” or “watch something else then” just consider I’m a fan too, and I’ve also read all the comics. I know what the show and the comic are about and I have no complaints there.

      • Dan

        Well said RRR.

      • zombie84_41

        Every single ep the characters make stupid decisions.

      • matraph00

        Carl probably stop shooting because he saw that he fucked up and that he had no chances of surviving if he killed Negan. Maybe he thought he could sneak in the sanctuary, kill Negan and go back to Alexandria like a ninja.

      • oh_riginal

        There was an easy fix to that scene too. Daryl was THERE. It would be far more believable if Negan had grabbed Daryl and used him as a shield instead of some random nobody that Carl couldn’t care less about.

    • zombie84_41

      Im a real fan and not really a hater, I’m just expressing that the show has gone to shit. All I want is something exciting and when something exciting happens just stay with it, don’t give us 30mins of some lousy bedroom talk IDC about shit like that. Just make the show interesting instead of a snoozefest, and people saying it went down hill after killing glen and abhram, its been falling apart for along time. They need to kill off these characters people love it makes things interesting.

    • J Jett

      i definitely love Z-NATION (season 3 is meh…) way more than i do/did TWD (season 1 is amazing though) but TWD is most definitely the higher caliber/better made show. i admit that no problem. 🙂

  • Munchie

    Neat, yet another article about ratings. Super.

    • Dan

      C’mon, you know how AMC works, this gives BD a reason to trash the show even further.

  • Michael Gevins

    Watched it on DVR while reading a review of the episode, quickly deleted it after 30m. Still pretty awful this season.

  • Ran Braden

    When people preface their post with an essay about why their a true fan, or they make apoloxcuses for why a show has gone to shit; all I see is a picture in my mind of someone smiling around a big spoonful of shit and cornflakes.

    It’s okay to stop liking something, you can admit that something isn’t as good as it once was. It’s also okay if you like something I don’t dissing people for having different taste is why horror was sub genre for so long.

    • zombie84_41

      but the show is falling apart and I mean this a real true fan, it was really good when Frank was part of it but fell apart after the fired him and half the team of writers. Now we got writers who are still in highschool doing this show. Its stupid how the survivors act and all, I understand they doing it to keep things going but come on, if this was real life negan be dead already they could of shot him through the gate when he was at Alexandria. IDK to be honest the best season was season 5 it was alot of twists alot of good deaths, it was intense, insane.

      • Damien Harkin

        ” if this was real life negan be dead already they could of shot him”
        Hitler, Saddam, Osama and any other infamous leader tells us it’s not so easy to just shoot someone and make everything better

        • zombie84_41

          Yeah but come on you have to at least admit they could of easily taken him out they did have snipers in alexandria and all. granted some would of been killed but it would of been worth it.

        • They had an RPG for christ sake !!!.
          One shoot and Negan is history, all the other idiots would not know what to do, everything will fall apart. But they needed this villain so we get this stupid scene in which WE KNOW they won’t do anything and will tolerate the humilliation just because the writes wants it.. this is manipulative as hell and dumb.

    • Q.


  • Dan

    AMC is still laughing all the way to the bank. TWD ain’t going nowhere. The Negan/Carl episode was pretty nifty.

  • silverfishimperitrix

    I gave up on it this season. It’s just the same plot, recycled endlessly

  • zombie84_41

    This sundays ep was stupid as fuck too, minus the one part with carl being a bad ass for two seconds which was really stupid but hes a kid pumped up on adreliane. And then there was scene with Rick who was using his watch that somehow still works, wouldn’t the battery die. The face melting scene was cool though, but it was still boring I’m sick of these 90 mins ep’s that are useless and boring give us interesting intense stuff. Its the same stupid shit over and over and over. Kill off some people have negan stop being a pussy talking all dangerous and have him do fucking something. I went from fearing Negan to actually wanting to chill and get beers.

  • Travis_Bickle

    I’m still so shocked that people STILL watch Walking Dead. It hasn’t been good since…uhhh…SEASON 1! Everyone is sitting around waiting for it to get awesome again and it’s not going to happen. They will just walk….forever…..

    • Dick Head

      How do you know it hasn’t been good since Season 1? You’ve obviously been watching it too. Way to go.

      • Travis_Bickle

        Yes, I watched the show dipshit…how do you think I know it sucked? I haven’t watched it in several seasons because it stopped being good after season 1….like I said…..

        • Dick Head

          Wow. Name calling. Really? Grow up kid.

          You haven’t watched it in several seasons, but you say it hasn’t been good since Season 1? How would you know? Get a clue.

          • Travis_Bickle

            I’m going to say this really slow so you can finally understand. I….watched….past….season 1….thats…how…I….know…the…show….is….bad. What do you not fucking understand about that? Get over the name calling buttplug, you started the argument, not me.

          • Dick Head

            You didn’t say anything, you typed it. You clearly have some reading comprehension lessons you need to do. Re-read what you’ve said, and act your age internet tough guy.

          • Travis_Bickle

            Your handle is Dick Head, don’t even start with maturity pee wee. You keep trying to argue with me. Go fuck yourself. If you still watch the show you are a fucking moron, because it’s terrible.

          • disqus_uPh3WDxbQy

            This Travis is thick as a brick. Please do continue because It’s hilarious.

          • Travis_Bickle

            This festering genital wart picked an argument with me. I would love the battle of wits but he is clearly unarmed.

          • Dick Head

            Yep, you’ve pretty much showed your age with that comment. I couldn’t care less about your little “internet battle of wits”. Go care about something more important, and get a life in the process.

          • Travis_Bickle

            Thank you for your canned, standard basic bitches response. You’ve just been getting destroyed in this argument bro. Learn when to walk away. I’ll just keep making you look like a dumbfuck.

          • Dick Head

            You mean dumb as a brick? I’d agree with that. Says the shows is terrible but also says she hasn’t watched it in a while. Makes sense right? Plus she calls someone challenging her logic an “argument”. She clearly has some anger management activities to undergo. I feel bad for everyone who encounters her.

          • Travis_Bickle

            Since when is Travis a girls name?? How hard is it for you to understand? The shows viewership is plummeting. It’s over…it’s been over for a long time. You wrote me numbnuts. If you don’t want me to keep making you look stupid you should consider going back to your Apple IOS boards and crying about Mario on the App store.

      • Q.

        It’s still SO good though! I’d say it’s actually literally the best its been. I’m pumped to see how The Kingdom, Alexandria and The Hilltop come together to take down the Saviors!

        • Travis_Bickle

          *face palm*

          • Q.

            But dude! I can’t help it! It’s so good. Dislike it, it’s ok, it’s not your thing. But there is going to be some epic violence coming up and a ‘war’ that’s going to go down, and I for one cannot wait!

          • Travis_Bickle

            I for one…will be watching something else. Having fun on the sinking ship

  • matraph00

    Does everyone just forgot that this is a drama show first. It’s in a zombie universe but the drama will always be first. So if you don’t like the show just get the fuck out of here. And if you want an action without any good character development or drama and only filled with action, watch this:

  • enemy

    I still like the walking dead but for me it’s been a hit and a miss since season 4. But the Talking dead really does my head in.

  • chicago_animal

    This has been the best season in awhile and it’s 100% because of Negan

    • Rumski

      Agreed. I don’t see him as a Governor or just another megalomaniac. Yes, he is a megalomaniac, but his charisma is on a whole ‘nother level. I love his character and I hope he’s around for a while. The first 2 episodes this season, I felt crushed. I hated seeing the “Let’s Shit on Rick Hour”, but it made me start liking Negan, a lot. It’s total Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Simon Allen

    After yet another boring episode :-(.
    I’ve loved this show since it began….i know nothing about the comic books but what i did know was that every single episode i was glued to my seat totally involved and the hour flew by ….until this season .
    The opening episode was great for me but it just went downhill from there and the past two weeks it has just been annoying and instead of enjoying it i now find myself watching and picking it too pieces and disliking it more and more .
    Damn Shame .

  • For me the show’s been hit and miss for a few seasons now, I wonder if the ratings drop will mean another gimmicky cliffhanger scenario.

  • Alanmac

    This last episode almost made up for the this entire season sucking. Negan is a MASTER at psychological warfare! I love watching him on screen. PLEEEEASE kill Carl as soon as Rick gets back to Alexandria!!

  • Otto JJ

    Please, let this crap R.I.P….”Game over man, game over”

  • Werewolf

    Perhaps they’ll finally figure out the magical more Negan LESS bullshit formula now?

  • CelticBull

    Oh… So the ratings are up again, now that the episode followed more interesting characters and people weren’t watching Westworld first? Who could’ve known…


    Negan dialogue is so corny and his acting is so over the top i cant take him serious a leader needs to be charismatic be someone likeable be respected not a dickhead with lame jokes looking like the fonz there is no way he could become leader of such a large group. Carl is another character i will never take seriously as a ‘badass’ that hair smh and he cannot act. The show is a mess negan getting eaten by the lion will be the season ending or sum dumb shit.Carol and Morgan are the only characters that are actually interesting they need to hire new writers or something cause ive been struggling to watch for the last 2 n half seasons and think im about done the fanboys/girls must be blind to not see all these problems like 95% the cast not having a personality….

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