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Bruce Campbell Says “Ash vs Evil Dead” and ‘Evil Dead’ Remake Could Still Cross Over

Ash and Mia would make a pretty badass duo, don’t you think?

If you’re a fan of the Evil Dead franchise, you’ve pretty much gotten everything you ever could’ve wanted at this point. Fede Alvarez gave us a badass, extremely gory remake of the original classic back in 2013, and those who were waiting for Evil Dead 4 are getting precisely that courtesy of the Starz sequel series “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” What a wonderful time to be alive, isn’t it?!

Ever since “Ash vs. Evil Dead” premiered last year, fans have been wondering if the series will ever crossover with the 2013 remake, which was actually more of a sequel than anything else. Mia and Ash exist in the same universe, so it stands to reason that they’d someday join forces to kick some Deadite ass together. But will they? Or is that just way too awesome to be true?

Promoting the “Ash vs. Evil Dead” season 2 finale, Bruce Campbell (@GroovyBruce) took part in an ask-me-anything session over on Twitter last night, and when a fan asked him if the remake and TV series will ever come together, Campbell certainly didn’t rule the idea out…


What form would a crossover take, if it were to actually happen? Would Mia appear in “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” would Ash appear in Evil Dead 2, or would the concept be turned into its own film entirely? A question nobody can answer at the moment, but it’s fun to imagine all the different possibilities. All we know is, Ash would probably find a kindred spirit in the one-handed Mia!

For now, let’s just be happy that “Ash vs. Evil Dead” exists.

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