Bruce Campbell Says "Ash vs Evil Dead" and 'Evil Dead' Remake Could Still Cross Over - Bloody Disgusting!

Bruce Campbell Says “Ash vs Evil Dead” and ‘Evil Dead’ Remake Could Still Cross Over

Ash and Mia would make a pretty badass duo, don’t you think?

If you’re a fan of the Evil Dead franchise, you’ve pretty much gotten everything you ever could’ve wanted at this point. Fede Alvarez gave us a badass, extremely gory remake of the original classic back in 2013, and those who were waiting for Evil Dead 4 are getting precisely that courtesy of the Starz sequel series “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” What a wonderful time to be alive, isn’t it?!

Ever since “Ash vs. Evil Dead” premiered last year, fans have been wondering if the series will ever crossover with the 2013 remake, which was actually more of a sequel than anything else. Mia and Ash exist in the same universe, so it stands to reason that they’d someday join forces to kick some Deadite ass together. But will they? Or is that just way too awesome to be true?

Promoting the “Ash vs. Evil Dead” season 2 finale, Bruce Campbell (@GroovyBruce) took part in an ask-me-anything session over on Twitter last night, and when a fan asked him if the remake and TV series will ever come together, Campbell certainly didn’t rule the idea out…


What form would a crossover take, if it were to actually happen? Would Mia appear in “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” would Ash appear in Evil Dead 2, or would the concept be turned into its own film entirely? A question nobody can answer at the moment, but it’s fun to imagine all the different possibilities. All we know is, Ash would probably find a kindred spirit in the one-handed Mia!

For now, let’s just be happy that “Ash vs. Evil Dead” exists.

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  • Kyle Ord

    I don’t want a cross over.

    I want two separate universes

    I have always loved evil dead

    But the remake, became my most favorite movie ever because of the serious, gritty, hardcore tone. I love it!

    But I also love everything about Ash Vs Evil Dead and would change nothing.

    So I would like them both to go forward, separately.

    Ash vs evil dead on tv, and Mia kicking hardcore deadite ass on the big screen

    • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

      Agreed, though I much preferred Mia as a deadite…

    • Michał Bochenek

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • Neon Maniac

      Agree. I’d be fine with a crossover if (or when) it happens, but as it stands both universes occupy very different tonal spaces. Love the originals, love the remake and love Ash Vs, but it’s okay to leave a few things separate.

    • qwef

      Tho as it stands the possibility of a sequel to the 2013 film is very unlikely. So possibly the only way we see any continuation to Mias character is with a crossover. I would think that knowing Jane Levys commedy background it could work but i agree with you in a way they are two very different tones. I would be lying tho if i said that i wouldnt want to see Mia and Ash kick some deadite ass together

  • Kaijudude

    I don’t mind the idea of a Ash/Mia crossover. They could probably give a whole season to it if they’re creative enough.

  • Mick Thomas

    Major spoiler alert, but I think it is pretty clear that the teaser ending of Ash Vs. Evil Dead season 2 is hinting toward this very scenario. I mean, it even gave itself a clean slate for a future timeline in which the events of Evil Dead (2013) occur in place of everything we’ve seen in Ash Vs. Evil Dead so far.

    • Kaijudude

      I was thinking that , but i guess we’ll have to see.

  • Grimphantom

    Like Mick mentioned it’s possible the whole Multiverse story arc for Season 3, i kinda get that especially at the end where if you think about it(spoilers)

    If you think about it, if they have destroyed the cabin so Ash wouldn’t go thru the events of Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 why does the town still remembers the events that happen? Shouldn’t be back to normal and everyone is still alive? It does raise the question that they are in a different world from theirs. I can see the possibilities on this, doubt it but would be cool if Ash goes to the Marvel universe but obviously when the zombie outbreak starts. Sure this will be impossible unless they come up with a clever idea to add that.

    I do wish however that they explain more about Ash’s purpose, to why him…..of all people why this idiot is the chosen one or cliche terms El Jefe?….. Also what was Ash’s dad going to tell him? If the multiverse plot will be involve i’ll bet we are going to see many returning characters.

  • sweetooth0

    leave that remake shit out of the Ash universe. They don’t work together, too many tonal and visual differences. Mixing them together would be some fan faction style rubbish.

  • Chris Browne

    I thought the remake was crap.

  • Maxime C

    Do we need an article about that every other day?
    THEY DON’T KNOW. That’s it. They will now focus on AshVsEvilDead’s season 3, aaaaand if the timing feels right, they will include Mia at some point.
    Voilà, please stop now.

    • suffering

      Stop reading the articles then…. some people like them its your opinion to think that its useless but dont say to the others to “stop”

      • Maxime C

        No no, you don’t understand. I would love one day to click on this article and actually LEARN something about that crossover. That’s why I click, as simple as that.

        • suffering

          well actually i try to convince myself that’s happening XD so every article about it just help me to maintain the hype :p

          • Maxime C

            It just keeps me on the edge at every instant while the page is loading and then… Nothing. Pure frustration.

  • J Jett

    personally i really don’t want a crossover between the 2 characters. i like/appreciate the Bruce EVIL DEAD universe but it’s 3 STOOGES-ish (by design) whereas the Jane Levy EVIL DEAD universe is dead serious (i prefer this over the Bruce ED). for a crossover to work you’d have to make Bruce’s Ash/universe become way more serious and way less crazy/silly pratfalls etc. or you would have to make Jane’s Mia/universe way more 3 STOOGES-ish/silly (which i hope doesn’t happen).

    • Charles Cumella

      My opinion exactly, they would just have to spend a movie making Mia into a fun character that thinks killing demons is funny. That just sounds waaaaay out of character. And I couldn’t see Ash getting serious, soooo, yeah, just keep ’em apart.

      • suffering

        nope i think it can be nice to see a traumatised serious Mia and a Groovy psycho badass ash fighting the deadite…..the Team will be complete, The psycho,the mexican,the moughty and finally The gloomy!!!!! it will be PERFECT mia staying serious in all this mumbo jimbo

    • Josh

      Well, the first evil dead, wasn’t very comedic or 3 stoogeish, but the movies, and the character, gradually went that way. Ive always chalked it up to the fact that ash went a little crazy, and stopped giving a shit. The things that happened, literally made him into a cynical, one liner dropping badass. I think the same could be applied to Mia.