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Seven Hours of Chucky Burning is the Perfect Holiday Horror Yule Log

Chestnuts (and Chucky) roasting on an open fire.

One couldn’t exactly consider Child’s Play a Christmas movie, but with a plot centered on a child getting the toy he wanted most, it at least has some tenuous connection to the holiday… right? Okay so maybe not at all, but there’s no bad time to watch Child’s Play and furthermore, Christmas is the best possible time to watch Chucky burning in a fireplace for seven hours straight.

In the final act of Child’s Play, Andy of course sets Chucky on fire, and one fan just took it upon himself to turn that scene into the holiday horror yule log that you probably didn’t even realize the world needed. YouTube user ShotgunZen looped Chucky burning alive for seven agonizing hours, tuning out the film’s audio and adding a soothing, crackling fireplace sound to the visuals.

From the video’s description:

Horror fans, celebrate the holidays your own unique way with seven hours of the soothing sound of Chucky burning in the fireplace. Put it on while unwrapping gifts! Put it on instead of watching A Christmas Story four more times! Or put it on any time of the year for a peaceful night’s sleep set to the sound of a quietly crackling fire.

Thank you, ShotgunZen. You’re a good guy.



  • EightiesGeek

    I really hope he follows it up with Friday the 13th part 7 scene of Jason on fire!

  • lion7718


  • D. Maki

    ROFL the things people come up with just amaze me.

  • Werewolf

    Chuck nuts roasting on an open fire.

    Damballa nipping at your soul.

  • richp_91

    Amazing! Lol

  • Aberrant Dabbler

    Good stuff.

  • Brodie Mayhem

    Just spent 7 hours watching this. best horror movie yet. puts me in the christmas spirit for sure.

  • Erik The Red

    Too bad I didn’t see this until after Christmas. Next year…

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