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This Gingerbread Bates Motel is Insanely Detailed

The holidays make us all go a little Psycho.

Every year, at least one fan out there uses gingerbread to recreate an iconic locale from the horror genre. In recent years, we’ve seen the Overlook Hotel and the Evil Dead cabin turned into gingerbread houses so cool we’re not sure we could bring ourselves to actually eat them, but this latest holiday creation, well, it’s the most detailed and impressive one we have ever seen.

Brothers Aaron and Austin Keeling, the duo behind this year’s The House on Pine Street, celebrated the 2016 holiday season by faithfully recreating Psycho‘s Bates Motel and Bates house in gingerbread, and they just uploaded a series of photos to Imgur that show every nuance of the incredible creation. Using ingredients like marshmallows, candy straws, and marzipan, the brothers not only recreated the exteriors but also the interiors, depicting several key scenes inside the house such as the murders of Marion Crane and Arbogast, as well as the sinking of Marion’s car.

Said the Keeling bros:

This year my family decided to tackle the iconic motel and house from Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ – everything except for the base and lights is edible!

Yes, both the house and motel light up. Because when you go big, you go BIG.

Check out some images below and see many more over on Imgur.










  • Richter Belmont

    This is the best one yet!

    I’d love to see Dracula’s castle one day but that would be challenging!

  • Matt

    That is truly amazing! Aaron and Austin Keeling are culinary artists of the first order. Art takes many forms, and that sure qualifies! No way you could eat that.

  • James Allard

    Two things: this is bat shit insane and this is the most awesome use of gingerbread I have seen, ever in my 57 years.

  • The Horror Hunter

    .THIS.IS.ART. (Also Delicious!)

  • jacobia

    Inedible? No!…Incredible? Yes!

  • Ima Badlady
  • Travis_Bickle

    Ginger Deadman lives here. Amazing work.

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