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I Never Knew ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Had a Blooper Reel

Tobe Hooper’s 1974 horror masterpiece The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of the genre’s most iconic titles. It created a franchise that is still going to this day (we’re waiting for more news, Leatherface), one that has generated over $230 million in global box office over the years. It’s a film that terrifies and haunts audiences to this day, thanks to the dirty and grimy feeling of desperation and lost hope that permeate nearly every scene.

Many people see the film not only as a fantastic display of horror but also as a sneaky yet brilliant form of black comedy, a theory I personally ascribe to. There are definite comparisons to Looney Tunes and Hooper himself compared him to the cartoon duck Baby Huey. While the film doesn’t offer too much in the way of laughs, even with its comedic elements, it’s nice to know that there exists a blooper reel that shows the cast and crew having a grand old time making the film, even in some of the most gruesome of scenes.

Below you can see the video, which compiles several instances where the cast can’t contain their laughter at misquoted lines or at tipping over whilst tied up to a chair. It’s rather charming to see such flubs in a film that gives so many people nightmares.



  • Holy god that quality is awful. Couldn’t make it past the first minute.

  • Keith & the Movies

    That’s hysterical. Wonderful find.

  • Frank Lloyd Jr

    I believe this video is on the Pioneer and Dark Sky DVDs of TCM.

  • lupe

    I always thought Jerry got away after Leatherface hit him. And that’s why Leatherface was looking around and looking out the window. It caused me to think why Leatherface got more aggressive towards Sally and Franklin – to ensure they didn’t get away either. But I know now that he was looking out the window because he thought more people were coming causing him to be on high alert when Sally and Franklin are walking towards the house.

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