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John Carpenter Has Some Harsh Words for People Misinterpreting ‘They Live’

We all have our own interpretations of the movies we watch. But if you’re planning on adding weird meanings to John Carpenter’s films, you may want to think twice about that.

The late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, star of They Live, once tweeted that the 1988 sci-fi film was a documentary. He was, of course, not being completely serious, but in a way, he meant what he was saying. With the film, John Carpenter brilliantly fired a shot at the media and the way it brainwashes us to buy, consume, and breed, and it’s perhaps more relevant today than ever.

But recently, there have been a handful of vastly different interpretations of They Live here on the internet. Back in 2014, YouTuber/self-proclaimed “info warrior” Libertas Bell posted a video declaring that with They Live, Carpenter was actually firing a shot at Zionists, in an attempt to expose “Jewish Hollywood.” It appears that Carpenter only recently caught wind of the video, because a tweet he posted last night seems to be directed squarely at this interpretation.

Carpenter (@TheHorrorMaster) tweeted:

THEY LIVE is about yuppies and unrestrained capitalism. It has nothing to do with Jewish control of the world, which is slander and a lie.

He subsequently re-tweeted this tweet from @BarryFreedNYC:

Amazing and appalling that this statement has become necessary. We’re all out of bubble gum you fucking Nazis.

You can watch the analysis below, which I believe to be the one Carpenter is referencing.

Stop pissing John Carpenter off, you jerks.



  • thedragon803

    Nazi punks fuck off.

    • Trenton Sterling


      • Heliocrat


      • Saturn

        Anyone want to swap some rotting vegetables I have?

    • diapers

      You might be onto a new thread here. The song figures alot in the film. “Fight each other the police state wins”. “Trash a bank if you got real balls”. Etc…

    • Christopher

      Ten guys jump one, what a man
      You fight each other, the police state wins
      Stab your backs when you trash our halls
      Trash a bank if you’ve got real balls

      You still think swastikas look cool
      The real Nazis run your schools
      They’re coaches, businessmen and cops
      In a real Fourth Reich you’ll be the first to go!!
      -Dead Kennedys

  • Huh. I always thought it was about aliens trying to keep humans complacent. Weird.

    • Charles Cumella

      That is a very straight-foward interpretation. But yes.

    • Nerrad Nialrebmahc

      i allways assumed it was about stoping an alien invasion. Funny that lol

  • Charles Cumella

    That’s a great picture of Donald Trump in the header there! 😀

    • Ted C

      That’s not President Trump

      • Bob Brinkman

        Nope, President-Elect trump. He hasn’t been sworn in yet.

      • John Connor

        Maybe you need glasses.

  • Seahawk

    You tell em’ John!

  • James Winters

    In my all time top 10. Made this music video set in the world of They Live.

  • Ted C

    Unrestrained capitalism is actually a good thing. When it’s allowed to work properly without government intrusion and interference Capitalism works to the benefit of everyone.

    • Bob Brinkman

      No, it doesn’t, nor is it intended to. I must question your understanding of economics and capitalism. Capitalism unrestrained brought us the Great Depression. Capitalism restrained brought us great prosperity.

      It isn’t the fault of capitalism though, it is the fault of people. People are the problem in any system. Unrestrained capitalism is a tool of greed and corruption by those who are greedy and corrupt. It is a beneficial tool to those who are benevolent. We restrain capitalism because the former are capable of horrendous amounts of damage (such as the recent economic collapse that nearly destroyed the global economy).

      So no, unrestrained capitalism is not a “good thing” or a “bad thing” really. It is a “dangerous thing” because….people tend to be greedy, selfish, and filled with self interest when they can rise to a level so as to be dangerous via capitalism.

      • David Carr

        Nope. Capitalism historically brings booms and busts, and is not a stable system. It fails again and again to meet human needs, despite its enormous productive capacities. Commodities go to where _money_ is, not human need. Capitalism is not eternal, it is not outside history, it is not reflective of nature or human nature. To judge capitalism’s failure as just “a few bad apples” misses the very basic point that the most saintly capitalist still has to out compete the competition or her business dies. To do that, labor costs must be kept as low as possible. Capitalism is _inherently_ and firstly a system in which an owning/ruling class extrapolates value from the working class. Profit is realized on the market, but the goods and services originate from labor (and before that nature).

      • Arbeit Macht Frei

        LOL, “Capitalism unrestrained brought us the Great Depression.”

        Incorrect. The Great Depression was caused by a massive expansion of the money supply during the 1920s by the Federal Reserve. The former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke even admitted this. And as you should know, the Federal Reserve is a creation of the federal government, and is one of the most powerful economic regulatory agencies on the planet.

        So “unrestrained capitalism” had absolutely nothing to do with the Great Depression. The entire thing was caused by government regulation – the exact opposite of unrestrained capitalism.

        Just thought I’d help you out a bit.

    • SpaceCrawler

      Oh god, Ted C, what you just said is one of the most idiotic things anyone has ever said in any comments section anywhere on the internet. Seriously, go back to your libertarian right-wing fantasy world where unrestrained capitalism is all unicorns and fairy dust and leave us sane people alone. Unrestrained capitalism is basically what we have- and the result is a planet on the verge of climate disaster, massive greed, an ignorant and apathetic public who is misinformed by corporate media, MASSIVE wealth inequality, massive amounts of poor people exploited by the rich, unions under attack, etc.

      • Arbeit Macht Frei

        LOL, “Unrestrained capitalism is basically what we have…”

        You are clearly confused. Right now, at this very moment, there is more government regulation of the economy, more laws, and more alphabet agencies in place to regulate trade and the economy than at any other point in U.S. history. So how can we have “unrestrained” capitalism when the government is interfering in the economy every step of the way?

        The truth is, what we have right now is tightly restrained capitalism. In fact, it’s not even capitalism anymore, it’s corporatism and fascism. All the things you are complaining about – wealth inequality, exploitation, apathy – are the result of government interference in the economy, not the lack of it.

        You basically have everything backwards.

    • Laurent Cauchon

      Yes, and furthermore, Santa Claus exists, and Elvis is still alive and living on an island with Janis joplin and John Lennon.

    • BigJared

      Capitalism, left to its own devices creates monopolies and concentrates all the wealth with the few…just like we’re seeing now. Capitalism is a tool, not the whole tool box.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      death to capitalism

    • David Carr

      Maybe in your fantasies, but this has never happened. Capitalism originated in England. Proto-capitalists were landed gentry, members of the house of commons. They passed laws that legalized the enclosures, allowing them to utilize their lands for private profits as the peasantry was kicked off the “commons.” Those peasants became the proletariat, the class that owned only their own labor, which they had to sell to capitalists to survive. From the start, capitalism, the state, government worked together. No such thing as “free markets” has ever existed or ever will, for obvious reasons. Read Polanyi to learn about the subject, and read Marx’s _Capital_ to get a basic understanding of how capitalism works.

  • CrackTheSkye1990

    Something tells me that They Live was a scary foreshadowing of today’s world, at least in the US.

    • marklola12 .

      deffo mainly the US lol

    • David Carr

      And it was the Reagan era spot on. Deindustrialization, unemployment, and Reagan and Thatcher ushering in “neoliberalism” in which workers’ gains of the previous 50 years were rolled back. The world created by that time, and the “New Democrats” who “triangulated” to place themselves between left and right to try to get all the votes (thereby moving the party to the right) is the world we live in today. Instead of a capitalist party with left and right wings, we live under two right wings, one extreme, one merely Reaganite in policy (democrats). They Live offers up a very hopeful message: when you engage in solidarity, you CAN WIN.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      the film talks about real stuff that has always been happening, the nwo

    • Erik The Red

      It is now.

  • Brian Skitch
    • Brian Skitch

      Funnel it all up into one place, your belly!

      • Nerrad Nialrebmahc

        thats a poor example of the context. thats food companies with brands you could do the exact same diagram for fish keeping products theres a difference between a company with brands and a holding company with multiple ips and corps

        • Brian Skitch

          How does one NWO, real aliens or fake ones, take control of the population at large? They control the media, they control your senses, and you still gotta eat so why not fool you to think almost all of that is food. Food you can trust because we all know capitalism means quality!

  • faramarz k

    How stupid is this guy? the guy who made the documentary above. at one point when the main character goes to the bank and kills some aliens, he emphasizes that this is a very motivational scene and says “too bad there’s a ban on guns in America to prevent scenes like this from happening”. does he really think Carpenter wants us to grab a gun and go kill jewish bankers.

    • Kevin Murphy

      Yup. They’re Nazis. It’s what they do.

  • marklola12 .

    I can not stand people like the guy who made the above video, there are thousands of them on the internet making up their own stories orTRUTHS about movies lo its total crap a movie is a movie and what you see is what you get but idiots with no lives like to make their own crap up which if I was a director id tell them to get fucked

    • I’ve learned to detect conspiracy/fan theory bullshit from a mile off and stop reading a few words in. There’s so much of it on the Internet since so many people read a website and feel educated and that they need to educate everyone else.

      Newsflash, your sources are bullshit, your facts and theories are bullshit, you sound like an idiot, be quiet.

      (That wasn’t aimed at you, I was just ranting haha)

      • Arbeit Macht Frei

        If you think the above video is bullshit, go ahead and try to logically refute it. Simply saying it’s wrong doesn’t make it so.

        • Kevin Murphy

          No. We don’t have to refute anything. It’s shit. If you believe it, you’re shit too. That simple.

          • Arbeit Macht Frei

            That is why people like you are such a perfect example of what the video is talking about. You have been so successfully brainwashed by the controlled media, so robbed of your ability to think critically by the controlled education system, that you are able to disagree with a video without even knowing or being able to explain why. For you, it’s just wrong because of reasons.

            So thanks for volunteering yourself as a prime example of a sheeple for all to see and laugh at, LOL.

          • Wow, it’s almost like you read my comment and decided I needed someone to reinforce my point, thanks! Somebody with your username using the words “brainwashed”, “controlled” and “sheeple” to belittle other people on the Internet. Your logic of “you can’t prove it’s bullshit so therefore you’re wrong” doesn’t make sense at all. Do us all a solid and prove that it’s fact, educate our simple conformist brains, please!

            This is a prime example of why people like me don’t pay any attention to these videos, because so many people that watch them think their intelligence is vastly superior to everyone around them because they believe something that other people don’t. The last line of your comment says it all really. “Everyone bully the simple ignorant cretins that don’t believe everything in life is a lie”. Take your tin foil hat and fuck off.

          • Arbeit Macht Frei

            Actually it makes perfect sense. If you believe the video is wrong or bullshit, the burden falls on you to explain why. That’s how logical argumentation works. The guy who made the video took the time to explain his thought process and analyzed each scene in great detail. Can you do the same and counter any of it? Didn’t think so.

            That’s the difference between people like me and people like you. I have critical thinking skills that allow me to explain why something is bullshit, while you only have a few whines and moans you’ve perfected over the years. “But, but, but tin foil!”

            Not very impressive.

          • When the video is a controversial theory then by your logic the video should have some form of proof to give me reason to believe it. There’s nothing wrong with questioning things but when you feel that questioning everything entitles you to treat everybody else like an idiot, that’s when I have a problem. I respect that the person that made the video has their own theory, but I don’t think the same. I’d like to think that the person that made the film would have the authority to say what he wrote it about. Because I believe what he says doesn’t make me stupid, but it does make you cynical. Again, nothing wrong with that, but there’s no need to be such a self important, condescending arsehole about it.

            Judging by your many comments here you are someone who loves to get a rise from people so I won’t waste my time taking the bait and rising to you any more, but you can hardly blame me for using an obvious cliché to criticise you when your comment used the biggest conspiracy gimp cliché in the book – “sheeple”, followed by “LOL”.

  • David Carr

    Fuck yeah John Carpenter! They Live is the working class defeating the ruling class. The film promotes cross-ethnic solidarity along class lines, which is a must.

    • Calum Sanderson

      I mis-read your comment saying “Fuck you, John Carpenter” then I re-read your comment and actually agreed with everything you said.

      I need to get an eye check.

  • disqus_uPh3WDxbQy

    That picture of Trump is the best I’ve seen look is quite some time.

  • zombie84_41

    john carpenter is the man get your ass back to making awesome horror bro.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    it is about both things, and the new world order is not a “lie”

  • Comfortably Numb

    He made They Live about yuppies yet whether John Carpenter likes or not the idea of people being controlled and manipulated by elite groups applies to anyone who has power and influence over the masses and that includes zionists.

    • Arbeit Macht Frei

      You mean, he *said* he made the movie about yuppies, but that doesn’t mean he was being honest.

      • Comfortably Numb

        Very true. I thought I read somewhere that They Live was based on a novel. If true, it would be not be Carpenters call of who the Aliens who had a strong influence on economics, media, and politics were based upon.

    • fede01_8

      That’s an antisemitic myth.

      • Kevin Murphy

        F’ing Nazis… Coming out like emboldened cockroaches.

        • Erik The Red

          Trump’s White Nationalist America feels emboldened. Why the fuck they are on this site is beyond me.

      • Arbeit Macht Frei

        How is it a myth?

        • fede01_8

          Jews don’t control everything.
          BTW, I’m not even one. I’m agnostic.

          • Arbeit Macht Frei

            Jews control the media and financial system, which means they also control the government. And since they control the government, they also control the education system, legal system, foreign as well as domestic policy, along with the military and national-security state.

            So while Jews might not control what color shirt you will choose to put on tomorrow, or how many times you will visit the restroom, everything else of societal importance is indeed controlled by Jews. You can bury your head in the sand and pretend that’s not true, but just as sure as the sun will rise in the morning, it will remain true.

          • fede01_8

            IT’S A CONSPIRACY.jpg

          • Arbeit Macht Frei

            I’m glad you agree.

      • Comfortably Numb

        If you were to say black people have a strong presence in the NBA or NFL it’s accepted as fact. If you were to say Catholics have a strong presence in a given profession, it’s okay. Say that jewish people are a very powerful presence in the media, politics, or banking and it’s anti semitic, pro Nazi ramblings. Who’s living in a fantasy world now?

      • Comfortably Numb

        Find yourself losing an argument or see someone making a simple observation of reality that makes you uncomfortable? Simply call the other person a racist, anti semetic, homophobe, ect. to shut the thought or idea down. That is the chosen weapon of cowards.

        • fede01_8

          Because blaming everything on ze jews is sooo original… alt-right boy.

          • Comfortably Numb

            No, I’d say people are casting an eye towards a media that for the first time in history tried to rig an election. They are looking at a banking and Wall Street industry that almost brought the entire country to financial ruin then got billions in bailouts all without a single prosecution. People are looking at politicians who are doing everything in their power to destroy the very people they are elected to represent in favor of the lobbyists who buy their services. I’d say people are looking at who has the power to make this destructive mindset a reality and whomever seems to be benefiting the most from it. And I am neither conservative nor liberal, neither dem nor rep, I simply live in reality.

          • Comfortably Numb

            More like I and many others don’t believe any group should be immune from blame based on their race or religion.

  • Pirate Irish Eddie

    There’s a lot of interpretations of capitalism and a lot of folks here are perpetuating the misinterpretations. Capitalism is the natural law of supply and demand, nothing more and nothing less. If you want it, you buy it, if you don’t want it, you don’t buy it. Anything else is not capitalism. America is NOT a capitalist society. America has a form of what some refer to as crony capitalism, where the government subsidizes and basically picks favorites- ie- General Motors received a more than generous bailout from the Obama administration. If we had lived in a real capitalistic society, General Motors would of gone out of business and numerous start ups, headed by enterprising people would of purchased the assets of the former General Motors and we would see a number of innovative car companies competing to put out the best product.
    Alot of those that don’t like capitalism simply don’t like to see winners and people succeed. People like to get on their moralistic high horse and claim it’s evil, yet they don’t know what it is as they go out and participate in materialism.

  • Jesus is indeed Lucifer the Morning Star, which is why Isaiah 14:12 lists Lucifer as the Morning Star and then Jesus calls himself the Morning Star in Rev 22:16. The reason Christards fail to see the obvious is because they are brainwashed by their churches into reading the Bible BACKWARDS and reading the New Testament BEFORE the Old Testament. We read books from FRONT TO BACK for a reason, and that is because you can’t possibly understand the end of a book that you don’t understand the beginning of. And it is not even possible to fully understand a book from reading the LAST QUARTER of it. With that being said…—->

    Adam and Eve were NOT first, and the 2 stories of Creation in Genesis are NOT about the same Creation as the Christian church teaches. GOD makes people on the 6th day of Creation in Genesis 1:26. Then in Genesis chapter 2 God rests, God sanctifies the 7th day, and then the LORD God of Israel creates Adam and Eve on the 7th day of Creation. To work on the 7th day that God has blessed and sanctified is BLASPHEMY, which is what makes the LORD God SATAN the LORD of this world. That also makes clear that Adam and Eve were NOT FIRST, they were made second. Doesn’t the 6th day of Creation come BEFORE the 7th day of Creation?—->

    The family lineage that begins with Adam and ends with Jesus is the family lineage made by SATAN the LORD God, not God. That’s why Isaiah 14:12 lists Lucifer as the Morning Star, and then Jesus calls himself the Morning Star in Rev 22:16. Jesus was Lucifer in the flesh, not God in the flesh. Jesus is Lucifer the Morning Star! Go to my channel for more details…

    That NEW WORLD Order that Alex Jones and other GOP Christards pretend to fight is really the goal of Christianity otherwise known as the NEW EARTH (Isaiah 65:17, Isaiah 66:22, 2 Peter 3:13, Rev 21:1) to be ruled by the New Jerusalem. The New Earth is where the nations are destroyed and massed together for a world government that will be on the shoulders of Jesus. Well, isn’t the New World Order a world government as well? And gee, New Earth even sounds exactly like New World, doesn’t it? That is not a coincidence, the New Earth is indeed the New World Order. It’s all right there in your NEW WORLD Translation Bible if you actually bothered to read it… <-)

  • If you were wondering why I put these paragraphs about the Bible above, it is because I wanted to make clear that many of Carpenter’s works are metaphors for the Bible. Whether he would admit it or not I don’t care, but many of his works are Bible based. Think about ‘Prince of Darkness’ and the scene when the Devil is coming and the computer spits out the phrase “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you testimony for the churches.” That is Rev 22:16, and if they continued with the rest of that quote, it says “I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright and MORNING STAR.” Now, does it make more sense as to why I typed out the paragraphs above?

    Aliens? Well, open your Bible to Ezekial chapters 1 and 2. Voila! If you actually read this entire PAGE of the Bible, it makes clear that Jews are aliens. NOW think about ‘The Thing’ and ‘They Live’ and think about the Bible applications. Now think about ‘They Live’ and the fact that it is an obvious metaphor for Christianity and the New World Order. Christians are FOR the alien Jews and the NWO, and us Pagan Gentiles are not. That’s why the alien people were all connected and talking to one another on their watches. ‘The Thing’ is the same thing, an obvious metaphor for the Bible. 🙂

    • Nerrad Nialrebmahc

      you are obviously straight up nuts and perceive things exactly how you have been brainwashed to perceive them. Very ironic in this context lol

      • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

        regardless of what the guy is saying…. calling somebody crazy because you dont like what they have to say, thats intellectually lazy.

        • Intellectually lazy is what all Christian Republicans are, so don’t expect any smart and your expectations shall be met. All GOP Christards fall on the dull side of Occam’s razor. Make a ridiculous claim and provide zero evidence, and they believe it without question. Make an obvious claim and provide a MOUNTAIN of evidence, and they refuse to believe it without fail…

          • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

            wiping large swathes of a group with your individual experiences is also intellectually lazy.
            individuals are individuals, and you havent shown me any sort of authority that qualifies you (in my eyes) to judge people without having met them.

          • Nerrad Nialrebmahc

            You are just a barrel of laughs…… Satire must not be for you then. LOL

          • I have all the Biblical authority I will ever need to judge ALL Christians without meeting them, make no mistake about it. I can COUNT TO SEVEN when it matters, which makes me the one and only sole Biblical authority in this World unfortunately. Adam and Eve were first? This is a LIE that takes reading one page of the Bible to debunk.

            Can you COUNT TO SEVEN? If so, you can tell a lie from the truth. If not, you’re in no intellectual position to judge ANYONE. And I will be God, judge, jury, executioner, and everything else you or anyone else wants to call me out on when it comes to that claim Jack. The have the same self appointed Godly authority that Christian Republicans claim as they re-write the Constitution. Christian Republicans THINK THEY ARE GODS.

            Well, you know what, not only does God speak to me, I AM GOD. God, I mean I, told me so. Whatever nonsensical Biblical authority Christians get from skipping the Bible, I get my authority from actually reading it! Whatever self appointed authority gives Christians the ability to spiritually judge other people, is the REAL authority I claim as I judge them.

            Individual experience means nothing. 1,2,3,4,5,6…7. Does the 7 day week change based off of individual experience? FUCK NO. There are 7 days in a week, it is an inescapable reality that can’t be denied, no matter what ‘individual’ is experiencing it. If you are not experiencing a 7 day week, then you are obviously not living in the real world.

            Let me make something clear; I AM BETTER THAN YOU IN EVERY WAY. I don’t have to believe it because I KNOW IT. I have given myself all the authority I will ever need to judge you or anyone else in this world. I stand for God, America, the US Constitution, the human race,and unrelenting truth. I know who I am and what I stand for!

            You stand for nothing. You are a Biblical illiterate who probably doesn’t even believe in God. You don’t stand for America, because if you did you could see that people like me are defending America from domestic Constitutional threats. You don’t stand for the Constitution, because if you did you wouldn’t attack people like me trying to defend the Constitution. You don’t believe in truth, because if you did you could open the Bible and count to seven without prejudice.

            I have made clear who I am and what I stand for. Now I have a question for you; WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU STAND FOR? I’m all ears…

          • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

            i see you.
            let’s find out what i can do with that IP address.

            you made the wrong type of statement, mister clownshoes.

          • OH NO!!! LMAO!! Dude, who do you think you’re joking? GET REAL!! I noticed that you made this post 5 days ago, yet nothing has happened to me in 5 days. It seems to me that if you had any hacking skills whatsoever you would have already SHUT ME DOWN BY NOW.

            BUT being that you haven’t done JACKSHIT it tells me everything I need to know about the fact that your JUST A HACK, not a hacker. I go onto Anonymous’ channel on You Tube and call them out for being FRAUDS, and they just ERASE MY POSTS. OOOOOOOOH WHAT POWER THEY HAVE!!! X-D

          • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

            what does “hacking” have to do with anything?
            you use terms you dont even know the meaning of.

          • Let me repeat myself; I AM GOD.



        • Nerrad Nialrebmahc

          It was satire….. LOL

          • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

            riiiiiiiiiight. “satire”.

      • In the land of illiterate retards, the man who can actually read IS crazy indeed. Were Adam and Eve REALLY first Einstein?? That is a claim that take ONE PAGE of reading to debunk…. <-D

      • One question; do you still believe in Santa Claus, too? Inquiring minds want to know… X-D

        • Nerrad Nialrebmahc

          LOL , Damn right I do Chuck!

    • Erik The Red

      Fuck off

      • Nope, instead I’ll just go fuck your mother. After all, she LOVES the cock, and she really seems to have a craving for hot baby batter that can’t be quenched. Well, it just so happens that I have a steady supply exiting my testosterone tap, so it works out great. Now get back to writing another Constitutional Amendment and planning your next Planned Parenthood bombing Homo Not Erectus… X-D…

  • Jesus is indeed Lucifer the Morning Star, which is why Isaiah 14:12 lists Lucifer as the Morning Star and then Jesus calls himself the Morning Star in Rev 22:16. The reason Christards fail to see the obvious is because they are brainwashed by their churches into reading the Bible BACKWARDS and reading the New Testament BEFORE the Old Testament. We read books from FRONT TO BACK for a reason, and that is because you can’t possibly understand the end of a book that you don’t understand the beginning of. And it is not even possible to fully understand a book from reading the LAST QUARTER of it. With that being said…—->

    Adam and Eve were NOT first, and the 2 stories of Creation in Genesis are NOT about the same Creation as the Christian church teaches. GOD makes people on the 6th day of Creation in Genesis 1:26. Then in Genesis chapter 2 God rests, God sanctifies the 7th day, and then the LORD God of Israel creates Adam and Eve on the 7th day of Creation. To work on the 7th day that God has blessed and sanctified is BLASPHEMY, which is what makes the LORD God SATAN the LORD of this world. That also makes clear that Adam and Eve were NOT FIRST, they were made second. Doesn’t the 6th day of Creation come BEFORE the 7th day of Creation?—->

    The family lineage that begins with Adam and ends with Jesus is the family lineage made by SATAN the LORD God, not God. That’s why Isaiah 14:12 lists Lucifer as the Morning Star, and then Jesus calls himself the Morning Star in Rev 22:16. Jesus was Lucifer in the flesh, not God in the flesh. Jesus is Lucifer the Morning Star! Go to my channel for more details…

    That NEW WORLD Order that Alex Jones and other GOP Christards pretend to fight is really the goal of Christianity otherwise known as the NEW EARTH (Isaiah 65:17, Isaiah 66:22, 2 Peter 3:13, Rev 21:1) to be ruled by the New Jerusalem. The New Earth is where the nations are destroyed and massed together for a world government that will be on the shoulders of Jesus. Well, isn’t the New World Order a world government as well? And gee, New Earth even sounds exactly like New World, doesn’t it? That is not a coincidence, the New Earth is indeed the New World Order. It’s all right there in your NEW WORLD Translation Bible if you actually bothered to read it… <-)

    • Erik The Red

      They Live is more real than the book of fairy tales.

      • At least I ACTUALLY READ that book of ‘fairy tales’, which is more than I can say for Christians. Tell me Erik the Red Snapper (as in PUSSY, not the fish), does this war on Christmas have you outraged?? 😀

  • Arbeit Macht Frei

    LOL, John Carpenter is clearly lying his ass off when he says They Live is about yuppies and unrestrained capitalism. Think about it. What do yuppies even have to do with story in They Live? Nothing. And it can’t be about unrestrained capitalism, since America hasn’t been remotely capitalist since before John Carpenter was even born. The U.S. practices corporatism and has a command economy with government interference at every level – the exact opposite of capialism.

    So now that we know John Carpenter is lying, we must ask ourselves what They Live was truly about. What was being communicated? Who did the aliens really represent? Which group of people has disproportionate control over the media? Which group of people has disproportionate control over the financial system? Which group of people hides amongst us and tries to disguise themselves by frequently changing their names and getting nose operations?

    There’s only one group of people that fits this description, and if you know who I am referring to, you will understand why John Carpenter was reluctant to name them directly. Just ask other powerful Hollywood figures like Mel Gibson, Marlon Brando, and Gary Oldman what happens when you publicly identify these people.

    • Nerrad Nialrebmahc

      i almost took this seirous till i read it all lol classic. when you said mel gibson it finally tippled lol

      • Arbeit Macht Frei

        Yep, so serious you couldn’t refute a single word of it, LOL!

        • Nerrad Nialrebmahc

          Eh… What? Now I’m just confused. Are you implying that your statement was 100% seiroussooness or are you just trying to fick with me.

      • Gee Darren Chamberlain, you really need to take some grammar lessons because you don’t spell very well. Speaking of not spelling well, there is a thing on almost all computers called SPELL CHECK that highlights words that have been misspelled. Do you have it? Because it could prevent you from looking like the FUCKING MONGOLOID that you are… X-D

        • Nerrad Nialrebmahc

          LOL, IE Edge on xbox has no such contraption unfortunately. Xbox doesn’t care about mongoloid prevention 🙁

  • Tim Nuttall

    They have come out the woodwork for this one haven’t they?

    On the subject though, I’m sick of the authoritarian right posing under the banner of freedom and co-opting radical left wing narratives to further their hate.

    • cameroncollierscott

      “The Authoritarian right” doesn’t exist. The Left has been in charge for the last 8 to 10 years in the federal government and at least three times that in pop culture and the media. With that level of power comes a level of authoritarianism.

      • Arbeit Macht Frei


        The collectivist Left has been in charge for well over a hundred years. There have been no true right-wing presidents since before Woodrow Wilson took office. It’s been one globalist/international banking puppet president after another. Sure, many of them claim to be “conservative Republicans”, but once in office they do nothing but grow the size of government and create more tyranny, just as the Progressives do. If you think I am wrong, simply name one president who made an honest attempt to shrink the size and power of the Washington Leviathan.

        The truth of the matter is, we are living under a single-party dictatorship that merely pretends to be a two-party constitutional republic.

  • Colin Christian

    Lol!! John Carpenter is an American treasure,a brilliant artist and all around good guy,his unapologetic rhetoric is always welcome,shit I’m gonna buy the Bluray today,just because!

  • Nerrad Nialrebmahc

    lol people just dont get satire like they used to.

    • Arbeit Macht Frei

      Nor do they know how to identify it, LOL.

      • Nerrad Nialrebmahc

        LOL classic.

    • Dude, who do you think you’re kidding? People who CAN’T READ aren’t smart enough to understand satire, so come clean Sally. If you weren’t so busy reading books like the Bible BACKWARDS you may actually get literate some century. Dare to dream Sally, that’s what life is all about… 😀

      • Nerrad Nialrebmahc

        WTF, LOL

  • Erik The Red

    I love how fucking dumb people are to think they know more about They Live than John Carpenter.

    • Arbeit Macht Frei

      Almost as dumb as the people who treat every word he says like the gospel.

      LOL, “But, but, but no one in Hollywood would ever lie to us! Movie people are the most honest people in the world!”


      • Erik The Red

        I guess he doesn’t know shit about his own fucking movie. Good luck with your liberal Hollywood hate thing. It suits you well.

        • Arbeit Macht Frei

          Tell me, how do you know Carpenter is telling you the truth?

          Actions speak louder than words, and John Carpenter’s actions in making the move They Live tell me that he was creating a metaphor for how the world presently works, and since Jews control that world at present, it means that only they can represent the aliens in the movie. They are the only possible group that fits the way he depicted the aliens in his movie (hidden, disguised, control over the media, an alien race that subverts other races, etc…).

          Check and mate, pal.

          • Erik The Red

            This isn’t even about the movie anymore. Fuck your white nationalist bullshit. I’m blocking your racist ass.

          • Arbeit Macht Frei

            How come you can’t refute anything I’ve said if it’s such bullshit?

            Nevertheless, I accept your quick, effeminate surrender. You guys give up quickly here!

          • LOL at “effeminate surrender”!! That is spot on Dude, can I have your permission to use this phrase in the future?? Christians are the same way, you open that Bible and they run away from PAGE ONE… <-D

          • I am a bleeding heart Liberal leftist Dude, as I thought my posts made clear. I am anti-Christian, which is why I am against the GOP Christian Reich. I am anti-NWO anti-Mason pro America pro Constitution pro Bible and pro truth, as scary as it may be. I am not saying we should KILL ALL THE JEWS, after all some Jewish people are my idols (Geddy Lee from Rush, J.J. Abrams, Jon Stewart).

            I’m saying the New Earth to be ruled by the New JERUSALEM is indeed fucking Jewish, that’s what I am saying. I’m saying that any American who cares about Israel should move to Israel and care about Israel from Israel. That isn’t anti-Semitism, that’s called being anti-TREASON and pro American Dude. I am not a Fascist white supremacist/nationalist or whatever else you can think of.

            My only hatred and prejudices in this world are Bible based, hence why I am against Christians, the Fascist GOP, and the New World Order. And my political prejudices are based off the fact that the GOP can’t stop fucking attacking the Constitution, plain and simple. That’s why I have always and will always FIGHT THE RIGHT… >-)

        • LOL you are a fucking MONGOLOID and your opinion on everything is IRRELEVANT Homo Not Erectus… X-D

          • Erik The Red

            That’s why you responded. Tell your mom to go fuck herself. Blocked.

          • WAHHH BOOO FUCKING HOOOOO WAHHH!! Just go ahead and block the ENTIRE WORLD out you reality proof mongo. You came to my post and said “FUCK OFF.”. You didn’t give any evidence to prove me wrong, you didn’t refute my evidence, you started off with FUCK OFF. What kind of bullshit is that?

    • Hey Homo Not Erectus, no one who reads the Bible BACKWARDS is in any position to judge anyone else on intelligence, so get real. Maybe if you learn to read books from FRONT TO BACK you might get literate some eon, then you can judge people as I do… X-D

      • Erik The Red

        Sure buddy, go talk with your imaginary friend in the sky.

        • If you believe that the Bible is a ‘fairy tale’, why would you vote for the GOP Christian Reich then?? Do you like fairy tale based religions controlling our political decisions? After all, they get their God from the reading the entire LAST QUARTER of the Bible. I don’t get my spiritual beliefs from the Bible, I get KNOWLEDGE from the Bible the way you get knowledge from all books (not that you would know). If you have a problem with people having imaginary friends that come from fairy tale books, then you SHOULD have a problem with GOP Jeebus based politics. BUT, I’ll bet you vote GOP!!

          The reality is that you are a pathetic worthless fucking jackal quim just looking to piss people off. You don’t stand for ANYTHING you illiterate indigent monkey twat. You don’t stand for the BIBLE nor stand against it. You don’t stand for America. You don’t stand for the Constitution. You don’t stand for any truth. You don’t stand for any God. YOU STAND FOR NOTHING.

          BUT, you know how to stand against people who DO STAND FOR SOMETHING though, don’t ya?? You know how to antagonize though, don’t you? I say white, so you have to say black. I say up, so you have to say down. HAHAHAHA! Gee isn’t your existence awesome?!?!

          NO, actually your pathetic existence is completely undeserved and unnecessary and you are like an UNhuman, the exact opposite of human. Every person like yourself is literal walking justification for murder, seriously. Your life has no reason, use, justification, nor excuse. You are dead weight on this country and everyone in it, a member of the Cult of NUH-UH. Dude, seriously, I am not kidding when I say PLEASE KILL YOURSELF. This world doesn’t need anymore reality proof trolls like you Homo Not Erectus… >-)

      • SidVicious2

        I hear if you read the Bible backwards then Martin Luther talks to you in your mind.

        • I read the Bible from FRONT TO BACK like we read all books, so I wouldn’t know if Martin Luther speaks to you or not. I can say that Martin Luther doesn’t speak to you when you read it from front to back though… <-D

          • SidVicious2

            You a fan of the band Chicago?

          • LOL, strange question! Ummm they’re OK I guess. 🙂

          • Red Right Return

            I like fiction too. Although in the case of the bible, I found it rather windy and boring. I prefer more modern fiction.

          • The Bible is much actually more exciting when you actually UNDERSTAND IT, I assure you. God is God, the LORD God is Satan, and the LORD is an alien, GO. That makes a recipe for excitement in my opinion, but maybe that’s just me… <-D

  • Neon Maniac

    Usually I get pretty pissy on these boards but in this case I take my hat off to the commentors on BD. Glad to see you guys rally against the actual fucking nazis that were linked here from Stormfront, Breitbart or Pathetic Basement Hitlers Quarterly.

    • Arbeit Macht Frei

      Hardly what I would call a “rally”.

      The cuckolds of Bloody Disgusting lost the discussion at every turn.

      • Neon Maniac

        The moment someone online uses the word “cuck” I just know they’ve got a hard drive full of hentai and a cushy basement apartment at their mom’s house.

        • Arbeit Macht Frei

          Nah, we’re too busy at your mom’s house for that, cuckleberry.


    • Erik The Red

      They haven’t saw shit yet. They feel emboldened because the Orange Orangutan got elected. I’m not rolling over for those fuckers, like many others.

      I come to this site to have a good time not to read some political white nationalist bullshit trying to ruin my favorite movies.

      • FadedLineVigil

        You’re not ‘rolling over’? So what exactly will you be doing in protest besides posting fake toughness on horror movie website comment sections? And regardless of what you ‘do’, it won’t change anything. Slacktivism at its finest!

        • Erik The Red

          Not taking shit from white nationalists for one.

          • FadedLineVigil

            1. I think posting a response to every message on here would be considered ‘taking shit’. 2. It’s pretty ignorant to classify all Trump supporters/Republicans as ‘white nationalists’. 3. Aren’t the Left/Democrats supposed to the ones who are accepting and tolerant of all diversity? Yet you’re hating and stereotyping a huge segment of us. Did you learn nothing from Hillary’s failed campaign? Sad.

      • Neon Maniac

        Amen brother! One Cheetoh Hitler and suddenly these special nazi snowflakes think it’s okay to piss all over our favorite films.

        I wonder if their mom’s know what they’re up to online?

        • Arbeit Macht Frei

          Right, there’s a giant online Nazi conspiracy out to get you and the other cuckolds. That makes perfect sense, LOL!

  • Arbeit Macht Frei

    So far the video has been up for four days here, and not a single person has been able to logically refute a word of it. Lots of hand-wringing and SJW teeth-gnashing, but nothing resembling a lucid counterargument.

    Kind of what I was expecting.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Isn’t John Carpenter married to a Jewish woman?
    He better act outraged unless he plans of sleeping on the couch for the rest of his life

    As far as Jews controlling the world, they do control new york
    And its arguable that new york controls America
    Whether America controls the world I dont know

    • The vast majority of Republicans in the Senate and Congress hold dual citizenship to Israel, so I think it’s safe to say that Jews have a considerable amount of influence on our politicians and political decisions. On a similar note, the definition of ‘TREASON’ is defined as ‘the crime of betraying one’s country’…

      • aFriendlyAgenda

        “Influence” might be a better word then “control”

        • Arbeit Macht Frei

          No, the correct word is control. After all, he who has the gold makes the rules. This means that the Jews, with their stranglehold over the media and financial system, dictate the outcomes of virtually all major elections, and many minor ones too. This means they are the masters, while the politicians they put in office are the servants.

          A master doesn’t just “influence” his servants, he controls them absolutely.

      • Christopher

        Oh, wow. Where did you get your information about “the vast majority of Republicans in the Senate and Congress hold dual citizenship to Israel”? You might want to go correct your source on that because it’s not even remotely close to accurate.

        Scroll down a little bit to see Past & Present Congressmen who hold USA/Israeli dual citizenship. Keep in mind, this list contains quite a few Democrats as well. As you will see, it is a far cry for the nonsense you wrote:

        Knowledge is power.

        • I never said that there are no Democrats that also have dual citizenship to Israel. With that being said, Christian politicians are always the ones pledging allegiance to Israel whether Democrat or GOP, and I believe I have pointed out exactly why that is.

          With THAT being said, who’s political party sucks Israel’s dick? THE GOP YOU DISINGENUOUS FRAUD, that’s who. George W. Bush allowed a fake terrorist attack to be carried out on 9/11 so we could send the American military to Israel to fight their terror war for them. Barack Obama just BITCH SLAPPED ISRAEL ACROSS THE FACE in his final days in office. NOW, tell me, what political party favors Israel more??

          Don’t even bother answering because you and I already know the answer you fucking fraudulent monkey. Your attempt to smear shit on the left only shows your ignorance and simple inability to acknowledge reality. And that reality is that the GOP Christian right is the Israel first New Earth NWO party, always has been and always will be. All this while Christian Democrats like Hillary Clinton only provide FAKE opposition to the right, when in reality Hillary voted with George Bush almost 90% of the time when he was President.

          This country has a real right, and a fake left who pander to the middle, all made up of PURE FAKER CHRISTIANS. Reality is that the Military Industrial complex run media channels provide one sided pro Israel pro Christian propaganda. They have never and will never allow a Bible based anti-Christian opinion to be aired PERIOD.

          You don’t care about knowledge you PHONY. If you did, you could open the Bible to page one, acknowledge the 7 day week without prejudice, and admit that Adam and Eve were not first. But, you could give a shit about knowledge. You don’t care about Israel’s negative impact on this country’s politics, you just want to smear shit from the right to the left.

          Your response to my claim that the GOP are TRAITORS was “Democrats are Traitors TOO!! Democrats are Traitors IN ADDITION TO THE ISRAEL FIRST PARTY!” LMMFAO!! Your fucking TREASON literally shines through in your words Jew boy. Your defense of TREASON is “Democrats are Traitors TOO.” That is literally an acknowledgment of your own TREASON you fucking imbecile! HAHAHAHAHA!! X-D

          While we are talking about TREASON, how many Constitutional Amendments have the GOP introduced for 2017? FIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS ready for 2017, not counting the two times they already re-wrote the Constitution (2nd Amendment in 2008, Citizens United ruling). That makes SEVEN CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS for the GOP in 9 years!

          What’s wrong Mr. Knowledge is Power, did the ‘librul media’ not tell you about all those Constitutional Amendments?? By the way Mr. Knowledge is Power, did Adam and Eve who were made on the 7th day come BEFORE the people made on the 6th day?? LOL!! Who do you think you’re kidding you ILLITERATE BIBLE PROOF CONSTITUTION PROOF RETARD?? X-D

          • Christopher

            Wow. You really need to be medicated. Please tell me that you don’t have any children. Please!!!

            I didn’t try to push anything off onto the Democrats. You made a statement that “the vast majority of Republicans in the Senate and Congress hold dual citizenship to Israel…” — I proved that your statement is incorrect. The only reason I mentioned the word “Democrats” is so mentally ill people, like yourself, wouldn’t look at that list and believe it is a list of ONLY Republicans.

            You can write all of the spastic nonsense you wish. You stated something as if it were a fact and I disproved your supposed fact. And intelligent person would enjoy being corrected so they don’t make the same mistake again in the future.

            You appear to ascribe to the notion “if I write long, insane rants using a lot of capital letters I will show everybody how superior I am!” The fact of the matter is, you actually draw more attention to your ignorance.

            You have no idea what my political beliefs are yet you ramble on as if you know me. There is only one thing that you do know about me; I will take the time to correct false claims of fact written by inbred rednecks such as yourself. I look forward to your next rambling, incoherent posting.

          • Red Right Return

            There is no God and Adam and Eve are just a story. Move along now, these aren’t the droids you are looking for.

          • Your silly Jedi mind tricks will not work on my advanced cerebral cortex. Try again… 😉

        • In other words, I’ll ‘correct’ my source when you LEARN TO COUNT TO SEVEN. Deal?? 😀

      • Neon Maniac

        Clearly if you’re part of the so-called “master race” we have nothing to worry about.
        I shudder to think what your phrenologist pals would think about your head fat to goatee ratio.

  • gabriel

    Roddy Piper would be disappointed at this.

  • They Live in John Carpenter’s Own Words:

  • Henry Lions

    above video blocked in the UK

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