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The Hidden ‘Blair Witch’ Easter Egg Has Been Found; We’ve Got a Screengrab

The missing map is no longer missing.

As you may remember in The Blair Witch Project, Heather and friends have an ongoing argument about their map of the woods that mysteriously goes missing. They never end up finding the map… but all these years later, one eagle-eyed fan just did. As Fandango reported last September, Blair Witch filmmaking duo Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett cleverly hid the missing map in their sequel, sending fans on a little hunt of their own. Furthermore, they offered a $400 cash prize to anyone who could find it. But when the film played in theaters, nobody found it.

Said Wingard:

If any of the viewers out there can spot the map from the first movie in our movie, I’ll give you $200. But you have to point it out. It’s in there. Nobody has ever pointed it out. Even our executives haven’t found it.

Barrett subsequently doubled the pot to $400.

Now that Blair Witch is on home video, the map has been located.


Twitter user C.H. Newell (@fathergore) was pretty sure he had spotted the map at the 108:44 mark, and when he tweeted writer Simon Barrett with the find on Tuesday night, Barrett confirmed that he was correct. Lying on the floor at that exact time is the missing map from The Blair Witch Project, and we were able to screen-grab the shot for you. It’s no wonder nobody spotted the Easter egg in theaters, as it’s very hard to make out and doesn’t appear on screen for very long.

Good work, Mr. Newell. Buy yourself something nice!




  • Damn. I assumed it would be on the shore of the stream when they crossed. Wrong.

  • Adam Matthews

    i have looked so hard at that pic for ages and still can’t find the map….

  • Creepshow

    Wow, that looks exactly like a map…

    Oops nope! Just a piece of fucking trash, in a knocked out cabin.

  • Frank Lloyd Jr

    They released a sequel to The Blair Witch Project in 2016? Why didn’t BD cover it?

    • Saturn

      You win the internet.

  • Braker


  • Meh

  • WOLF

    lol seriously. Pretty much sums up the experience of watching the movie. Nothing to see here.

  • Andrew Lyall

    If they’d put as much effort into a compelling film and interesting characters… But thank fuck we finally know what happened to the map!!!

    • Saturn

      I want to know the map’s story, what happened to it in between movies – what kind of terror it had to endure in those woods…..

      • Creepshow

        A camper wiped his ass with it after he “parted the ole mud-flaps”. Then it got lit on fire, and got stuck in a goddamn time loop. But conspiracy theorists say the map is on the floor of a cabin in the middle of the woods, when in reality it is just a piece of peeled wallpaper.

        It is said, that there is a video tape somewhere with footage of the events leading up to its demise. And after you watch it, your phone will ring and you will die in a week….oh wait I’m drunk again. *hic*

    • J Jett

      Andrew, LOL! 🙂

  • pablitonizer

    Oh God…still promoting this shitty movie in 2017! BD please: Let it go….let it go…

  • Shay Lauderdale

    Me & my partner when to see Blair Witch a week after it premiered in the theatres. It is a good thing we did go when we did. I really enjoyed it, but was a huge flop & left the theatre pretty quick………….. I really liked it & thought it was a great follow up to the original. It took one of the best horror stories & gave it a 2016 update.
    I love me some witches though. This was no where near as great as the other witch movie last year….. Witch. Now that was a masterpiece.

  • J Jett

    why didn’t they at least make the map more visible? i admit i have not watched BLAIR WITCH (i just jumped to the end to see what the witch looked like) but wouldn’t having the map actually be able to be seen by people further connect the original film and it’s characters? it almost seems like that really is not a map but just some random piece of trash on the floor and the filmmakers (after the fact) are trying to drum up any buzz for the film by saying there’s an Easter egg map thing in there.

    • Creepshow

      You spoiler loving poser! : O

  • llcc1103

    lol so lame its ridiculous. Bring me back to the 70s and 80s please..

    • Glenn Wills

      The 80’s? OK I get the whole “nostalgia goggles” thing helps cloud things over time but how was it any less derivative than what we get now? Sure the sub-genres were different but it was still rather rinse repeat. Hell Friday the 13th 1-8 are pretty much the same film each time and I like those movies. We did get quality at times and some true classics but the sames true now.

      • llcc1103

        There is a huge difference. Things were still being molded out and innovated. Modern Slashers were introduced. Things were hardly obviously repetitive outside of franchises. Now all we pretty much get is a grasp for the past with hopes of being fresh. Films then also had substance and were enjoyable even if they were bad. Bad horror films now are unwatchable and are student film quality. The aesthetic of film is also a huge bonus for films back then. I can watch all of the Friday the 13ths from that era. I cant watch all the saws or paranormal activities.

        • Glenn Wills

          Hardly repetitive? I swear half of all 80’s movies were slasher flicks. Which is fine if that’s your thing, but that’s hardly innovative. If that’s what you grew up and you love it great, that’s the era I grew up with too. But just as many new ideas and great films are being made now as then. I didn’t like the paranormal activities either, but look at what they did. Saw was an amazing series (with like zero rewatchability due to the twist endings) but they were fun. I can hardly sit through Friday part 5, 8, let alone the new line ones (which weren’t in the 80’s I know I know). God we must be the most fickle fanbase on the planet. We cry for innovation and if we get it it sucks cause it’s not like the old movies and if it’s like the old movies we cry about them being repetitive. The worst era was the 90’s. That whole PG-13 quasi-horror thing, ugh that was terrible. But even the 90’s turned out some amazing films like New Nightmare. How often is the 7th film in a franchise a masterpiece?

          • llcc1103

            good points all around. I guess what I’m saying is now a days things seem more hollow. There are rarely any classics compared to then. Name one horror movie in the last 5 years thats iconic and is a cultural phenomenon?

          • Glenn Wills

            5 years? Crap I’m terrible with dates. Also “cultural phenomenon” is a bit a stretch in the horror genre in general. We might love these things but very VERY rarely do these films receive that level of attention or praise. But let’s see, well you already mentioned Saw and Paranormal Activity. We also had VHS, Devil’s Rejects, Walking Dead, hell there have been a LOT of great horror tv series lately. Just depends on what you like and your point of view. If you’re asking me do we have the big characters like Leatherface, Freddy, Jason, Pinhead, no not really. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t had a ton of quality original horror material handed to us. But as for seeing an era that produces characters you’ll be seeing action figures of 30 years after the movie came out, yeah this isn’t it. But it doesn’t mean the media isn’t as good.

  • Necro

    Thank You Shay! I realize everyone is entitled to their opinion but you have to be the only person besides me who liked ‘The Witch’. Personally I don’t know any Horror fan that even tried to give it a chance. ‘Blair Witch’ (2016) kicked ass to!

  • EndZero13

    Though the movie is nothing more than a remake disguised as a sequel and deserves its criticism, I enjoyed it enough as a fan of the Blair Witch series. Was excited for the blu ray hoping for extra content and digging into clues expanding the mythology and future but unfortunately it ends here. Even the commentary is bitter because it was done right after the movie’s release.

    • Aaron Johnson

      The making of part was great, but that was the most pretentious, butt-hurt commentary I have ever heard. It soured me on the whole thing. Get over it, dude. Shhh happens.

  • cduns

    So they noticed an old piece of paper in their set design and decided to try to make their mediocre movie better by saying it’s the map from the first one. Got it.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Kinda brings question to the deleted tent scene from the original film where Heather, Mike, and Josh are discussing the map and Mike says “You crinkled it up and threw it on the ground, and I kicked it in the creek. That’s what happened.” Though it was a deleted scene, fans always took it as canon. Is this easter egg suggesting the witch fished it out the stream or it just magically (or witchly) found it’s way to the house from the creek, or is it suggesting the witch took it at night and it was never kicked in the stream to begin with? From the screen grab, doesn’t look like it’s ever been wadded up. But honestly, who gives a shit right?

    Side note; I didn’t know that was supposed to be Heather that was seen just before the map scene in the 2016 sequel. Guess I was falling asleep around that time. I’ll have to torrent a better version of the movie than the shitty theater recording I grabbed before the home release came out.

  • zombie84_41

    Clever. wish more directors do this kind of giveaway its fun.

  • Horrormikfl

    I respect the filmmakers, but this movie sequel(we’re just fooling you, its a remake/reboot, we have no real new ideas but please come anyway,) was such a wasted opportunity. The fact that a minor group of respectable horror fans(minor group in reference to the awful reviews and over all shoulda been straight-to-video box office,)are still trying to convince the rest of us that its actually a great horror movie, undoubtedly highlights that the original idea/franchise is still viable if done right. I love all forms of horror and celebrate fellow fans for each one’s unique opinion. We are all right, we are all wrong at same time. There were some scraps of good ideas in there, but they got snuffed out by bad acting, highly staged “real footage,” and an overall lazy feel to something that once announced should have been so exciting. They talked for years about doing a prequel which could have been masterful and downright scary in the right hands. Perhaps it would have attained THE WITCH accolades if it had been done earlier. Alas we get another flaccid, uninspired yawn fest. I would still like to see a true, creative BLAIR WITCH chapter. After this turd, I’m guessing no time soon.

    • Maxime C

      ” that the original idea/franchise is still viable if done right.”
      —> the only way to do it right for me is to let actors IMPROV like for the first one. We need to see random people legitimely scared. Not aspiring Oscar winners giving their all in the 9th take.

      • Horrormikfl

        Yep. That always kills it.

    • Flu-Like Symptoms

      I’d say no time ever. It’s pretty clear the Blair Witch came and went with the dawn of the new millennium. I think Book of Shadows and the long delay after pretty well killed the franchise. I’m a big fan of the original, and I still feel the new one bombing serves them right for waiting so long. It was a very forgettable entry. And I was so hoping for a Heather Donahue cameo at the end. That could’ve at least been the film’s one saving grace. Nope.

      • Horrormikfl


  • Glenn Wills

    I hate directors commentaries in general (there have been a few I have enjoyed but overall just no). For those who’ve listened to it, do they EXPLAIN why they said the witch was never in this film?

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      Backlash over the design/reveal. Their own mythology basically confirms it’s the witch at the end with the long limbs.

      • Hash-Slinging Slasher

        You can also see her on the cover of Grave Encounters 2 – The earlier found footage movie she was in.

        • Jeff Eastwood

          LOL I knew I had seen that image somewhere before.

      • D. Maki

        Interesting, I heard that the thing at the end was not the Witch. It was a person that she had twisted into that thing. Meaning this “person” was with the Witch for SO long they became that. It was implied that it actually was Heather. But I never watched the commentary.

        • Dylan Gutierrez

          That’s them backtracking, don’t buy into it. Their whole commentary is them placing the blame on people for it’s low box office and blaming fans if there aren’t sequels in the future, they should have paid for it.

          It is the witch. It wasn’t until fans complained about the design they were saying it isn’t her and a victim. It’s pretty obvious with the newly introduced mythos about her stretched limbs and it’s pretty much confirmed the minute she is seen.

  • KSE1977

    I feel like this movie was a tiny bit better than the hate it has generated. Perhaps, like Jennifer’s Body or Sorority Row, this one will fare better with time.

    • Jeff Eastwood

      I love Sorority Row, if only for Carrie Fisher’s too-brief scenes.

    • John Karamazov

      No it was terrible.

  • Timothy KingCraze Richardson J

    Map?? Where?? That just looks like part of floor… I don’t see nothing there… WTF??

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