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There Are Shocking Similarities Between ‘Silent Hill’ and ‘Kindergarten Cop’

The strangest shared universe of all time.

It’s possible you’ve already seen people talking about this over the years, but if you haven’t, prepare to have your mind blown. Reddit user Pixelmasterz just uploaded a series of side-by-side screen grabs from the 1990 comedy Kindergarten Cop and the 1999 game Silent Hill, and believe it or not, the two share way more in common than you could ever possibly imagine.

As it turns out, the school from Silent Hill is almost exactly the same as the school from Kindergarten Cop, right down to tiny details and little bits of set decoration. It seems clear to me that the game’s developers based the fictional American school in Silent Hill on the school seen in Kindergarten Cop, and it’s actually kind of hilarious how spot-on they were in recreating it.

In doing a little research about this, we stumbled upon a video that highlights all the similarities, which you can find underneath the aforementioned Reddit image below. The video digs even deeper into the connection between the two, showing that the game lifted more than just the school design. The outfit Harry wears throughout Silent Hill is the same as the one Arnold Schwarzenegger wears in Kindergarten Cop, for example, and the plots are even incredibly similar.

Pretty wild. And kind of… creepy.





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