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‘Gremlin’ Trailer Introduces a Very Unique Monster Movie Premise

This sure isn’t Gizmo.

We’re always on the hunt for new monster movies to share with you guys, and this upcoming one from Uncork’d Entertainment sure caught our attention. We don’t yet have a release date but Gremlin is headed our way at some point this year, and it centers on a monster that’s housed inside of a mysterious box. Sort of like It Follows, if the monster isn’t passed along to someone before a clock on the box runs out, the monster will be set free and wreak the kind of havoc that only monsters can. It starts out small, but seems to grow bigger and bigger over time.

The full plot is as follows…

A man receives a mysterious box containing a terrible secret, a creature that will kill everyone else in his family unless he passes it on to someone he loves to continue its never-ending circulation. He can’t destroy it. He can’t escape it. He can only give it to someone he loves before it’s too late.

Sounds cool, right? Check out the trailer below!

Ryan Bellgardt (Army of Frankensteins) directed this one.

The creature feature’s cast includes Adam Hampton, Kristy K. Boone, Catcher Stair, Katie Burgess, Mike Waugh, and Caleb Milby.





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