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Holy. Shit. Never-Seen ‘Ghostbusters’ Deleted Scenes Have Been Unearthed!

Has the holy grail of Ghostbusters deleted scenes finally been found?

The official Facebook page for Ghost Corps, the division of Columbia headed by Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd, just celebrated Throwback Thursday by making the bombshell announcement that reels containing previously unreleased scenes from the original Ghostbusters were just discovered in a box in Ivan’s personal storage. One of the tapes is labeled “Fort Detmerring,” and if you’re a hardcore fan of Ghostbusters, then I’m thinking you understand why fans are currently losing their shit on the Ghost Corps page.

The “Fort Detmerring Ghost” scene is without question the most sought-after relic in the world of Ghostbusters; the deleted scene, never made available to the public, sees Ray Stantz having a sexual encounter with a ghost while dressed in period attire. A small snippet of the scene made its way into a montage sequence, but the full scene has never before been seen.

Here’s a description of the rare scene, from Wikipedia:

Ray Stantz is in the Fort Detmerring Single Officers’ Quarters, a painstakingly restored period room with a four poster bed, writing table and wardrobe hung with uniforms. Ray tries on an officer’s uniform and models in front of a full-length mirror, striking a few heroic poses. He then tests out the bed and quickly falls asleep from exhaustion. A uniform sleeve moves slightly. A sabre in its sheath begins to tap lightly against the open doorsash. A phosphorescent light streaked out in between gaps in the clothing, casting patterns over the room. Ray’s P.K.E. Meter goes off. Stantz rolled over. From inside the attire, a pink mist rose up and took on a human form. It hovered above Ray and seems to look over Ray. Ray, still asleep, rolled onto his back. The mist slithered through the curtains of the bed post and slowly descended. The ghost appears to be a beautiful young woman. She is face to face with Ray then moves down past his waist. Ray wakes up and props himself up. The ghost vanished. Ray’s belt is undone and his zipper slowly opened. Ray’s confusion turns to pleasure. Meanwhile, Winston Zeddemore is walking in the corridor outside smoking a cigarette. He heard voices and went up to the door. Winston asked Ray if everything was okay. Ray quickly yells, “Later, Man!!” Winston shrugged and slunk away.

Other reels are labeled “Honeymooners” and “Bill Murray,” with the former likely containing a deleted scene that we’ve already seen. It’s impossible to know what’s on the other one.

If this is what we think it is, well, this is a HUGE find. Let’s see it, fellas!



  • Matt

    Extended Version, anyone? Count me in. Can’t wait to hear more on this!

  • B.

    Ray’s little wet dream never did make much sense in the final cut.

    • John Connor

      I thought it did.

      They were so busy in their waking lives busting ghosts that Ray’s wet dreams combined with ghosts.

  • Jawsphobia

    Where’s the link to the “new” stuff? Why bother just talking about it? Click bait.

    • Tiger Quinn

      Is this like “fake news,” something you’re all going to be cawing from now on?

  • oh_riginal

    Gives the line “bustin’ makes me feel goooood!” a whole new meaning.

  • Wilson Bro

    OK, I’m cynical, but they just happened to come to light after yet another big re-issue of the movie? I’ve known about this scene since the movie came out, and always wondered why it wasn’t available when all of the others were – including the “Nobel prize” bit only found on the Criterion LaserDisc.

    It’ll go nicely with the inevitable reissue of Ghostbusters 2 containing the possessed Aykroyd driving Ecto-1, Eugene Levy’s appearance (who springs the GB’s from the nut house), the rest of Moranis’ training and all the other bits.

  • fR@πk LL0yD jR.

    Aw, shucks! I thought they found some deleted scenes from the remake…

    • Vohtrake


  • Jason Scarpelli

    Better if we could somehow see them

  • Sam Longoria

    @sam_longoria Feb 19
    What do they mean “Never-Before-Seen?” I saw this scene, as we filmed it. I fed the “Playmate of the Month” peanuts, as she hung on wires.

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