Fan Made Trailer Imagines "The Addams Family" as a Netflix Series - Bloody Disgusting
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Fan Made Trailer Imagines “The Addams Family” as a Netflix Series



This is very fake. But we wish it was very real.

After spawning multiple movies and TV series’ both animated and live action, the Charles Addams-created Addams Family franchise has lay dormant for nearly 20 years now. We last got the chance to hang out with Gomez, Morticia and the gang back in 1998 thanks to direct-to-video film Addams Family Reunion, which saw Tim Curry take over the role of Gomez Addams.

In more recent years, a couple of Addams Family projects have come and gone: Tim Burton was at one point attached to potentially direct a stop-motion film, and in 2013 it was announced that an animated feature was in the works. Needless to say, the franchise is primed and ready for some sort of reboot – and it’s pretty clear that fans of the macabre family are hungry for it.

A faux trailer for Netflix’s “The Addams Family” hit the net over the weekend and quickly became a viral hit, already amassing nearly 5-million views in just a few days. The trailer, which we again must remind you is completely 100% fake (Netflix, to our knowledge, has no plans to acquire or do anything with The Addams Family), presents a rebooted series we’d love to watch.

In this must-watch fan pitch, Oscar Isaac and Eva Green star as Gomez and Morticia Addams. Just as inspired, Michael Shannon plays the role of Lurch. Check it out below!