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Infographic Breaks Down Xenobiology from ‘Prometheus’ Through ‘Aliens’


With Alien: Covenant coming next week, this is incredibly helpful.

The evolution of the Xenomorph, as laid out in Alien and Aliens, is fairly straightforward. First, the Queen lays an egg. Out of that egg comes the Face Hugger, which latches itself onto a host. Out of that human host comes the Chest Burster, which then bursts out of that host and eventually becomes the Xenomorph. But Prometheus added many new wrinkles to the whole life-cycle.

In Prometheus, a prequel to the original Alien, we met the Engineers along with creatures such as the Hammerpede, the Trilobite and the Deacon. We were also introduced to a strange black goo that seemed to have very different effects depending on how one came into contact with it: Fifield mutated into a zombie-like monster, while Shaw’s exposure made her pregnant with a Trilobite.

It can be a little confusing, but fan Bill McConkey just made the whole thing incredibly easy to follow thanks to a fun infographic. Check it out below and click to make the image larger!



  • venerablemonster

    That reminds me that Shaw’s surgery scene in Prometheus is my favourite variant/take on the classic chest burster scene.

    But yea, this shit’s gotten out of control convoluted. Rewatched Alien yesterday. It works so well when disregarding all the baggage that has gotten tacked on since then.

    • llcc1103

      exactly. Why? Because a mysterious alien planet with terrifying aliens is enough.

    • Poopsmith McUnty

      I agree. Alien was GREAT at establishing this strange but frighting life form. Aliens then took it further and built on it.

  • Alien franchise was more interesting until the day when Prometheus came out.

    • Poopsmith McUnty

      yeah. even fan lore was more believable than what we got.

  • llcc1103

    So basically way too much information and the destruction of captivating mystery.

  • Poopsmith McUnty

    Idk, everything with the Decon alien backwards is pretty dumb and contrived. Almost as if written and ret-coned by a crappy Lindelof-y type person.

  • Mehliens

    Nope, the Queen was deleted from the Alienverse for good

  • Imbrie

    Where is it demonstrated onscreen, or otherwise, that the deacon becomes a queen? And I’m not talking Freddie Mercury.

    • Tiger Quinn

      That “queen” is more revered and loved than you’ll ever be on your best day. What an a-hole “joke.”

  • J Jett

    why are the humans in this chart naked while the Engineer is wearing Fruit Of The Loom tighty whities? LOL.

  • Dr. Carrion Crow

    Where does the freaky space zombie fit on this chart?
    This infographic is shit.

  • Halloween_Vic

    So the deacon turns into the queen Alien?

  • Corey Carroz

    The Cobra looking alien grows from the worms contact with the acceleroant not from humans….

  • Mehliens

    Well I’m glad since I absolutely disliked the Aliens = Space Bugs idea by Cameron

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