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Infographic Breaks Down Xenobiology from ‘Prometheus’ Through ‘Aliens’


With Alien: Covenant coming next week, this is incredibly helpful.

The evolution of the Xenomorph, as laid out in Alien and Aliens, is fairly straightforward. First, the Queen lays an egg. Out of that egg comes the Face Hugger, which latches itself onto a host. Out of that human host comes the Chest Burster, which then bursts out of that host and eventually becomes the Xenomorph. But Prometheus added many new wrinkles to the whole life-cycle.

In Prometheus, a prequel to the original Alien, we met the Engineers along with creatures such as the Hammerpede, the Trilobite and the Deacon. We were also introduced to a strange black goo that seemed to have very different effects depending on how one came into contact with it: Fifield mutated into a zombie-like monster, while Shaw’s exposure made her pregnant with a Trilobite.

It can be a little confusing, but fan Bill McConkey just made the whole thing incredibly easy to follow thanks to a fun infographic. Check it out below and click to make the image larger!




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