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Artist Paints More “Final Girls vs Villains” Art Pieces

Dating back to nearly a year ago, we’ve been talking about artist Matthew Therrien’s “Final Girls & Cinema Survivors” art series, which sees the Canadian artist mash together horror’s most iconic final girls and the villains they were tough enough to survive. Therrien’s beautiful paintings, lush with color, literally put the villains and the final girls side-by-side, which makes for striking art pieces that highlight the beauty, brains and badassery of our favorite horror heroines.

Up to this point, we’ve shown off 9 pieces from the series including tributes to iconic survivors such as Laurie Strode, Nancy Thompson and Ellen Ripley, but we wanted to do an update now that a handful of new pieces have been added to the series. Therrien is now up to piece number 14 in the “Final Girls & Cinema Survivors” series, with the latest additions including Jess Bradford from Black Christmas, Stevie Wayne from The Fog, Lila Crane from Psycho, Trish Jarvis from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and even, though he’s obviously not a female, Mike from Phantasm.

Check out the entire series below and grab prints in Therrien’s shop!



  • Creepshow

    There are some new ones here, but others seem like we’ve seen them over and over. But aside from that, the Black Christmas one is goddamn excellent!

    Oh, and Vera Farmiga in the painting still looks like Mitch from Real Genius.

  • Cody Briscoe

    I did the most genuine gasp when I saw the Mike/Tall Man one, Phantasm is usually left out of stuff like this!

    (No, seriously, just ordered four of these)

  • AdamX

    No Andy/Chucky or Jennifer Aniston/Lubdan?

  • umaneo

    Love the Stevie Wayne one!

  • KevinR1990

    The Stevie Wayne one was my favorite, mainly for the lighthouse. I thought it was a microphone at first, and it honestly still does look like one, which fits perfectly with the character being a DJ.

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