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Writer Describes ‘Mortal Kombat’ Reboot as Ultra Violent Version of ‘The Avengers’

Can this please become a reality? Like now?

The badass two-season web series “Mortal Kombat: Legacy,” developed by Kevin Tancharoen, originated as a short film titled “Mortal Kombat: Rebirth.” That short, which hit the net back in 2010, was penned by Tancharoen and Oren Uziel; and in a new interview that just hit Collider, Uziel has revealed that the project led to him being approached by New Line about rebooting the franchise with a brand new feature film.

Last we heard, James Wan would be producing with Simon McQuoid attached to direct, though we have no idea what’s going on with that whole thing at the moment. But it was Uziel who was first hired to pen an early iteration of that Mortal Kombat reboot, and in the aforementioned interview he spilled the beans about his approach to the material.

I don’t know what remains of this, but I know that it was going to be—it’s almost like if you took The Avengers, or if you took a storyline like that and set it in a sort of hard-R, over-the-top violence and hard-edged world of Mortal Kombat,” Uziel explained. “It was a little bit like that, it was a little bit like a Wanted-type story that brought together a bunch of these characters and just pulled zero punches, and had a tone that was still fun but very dark.

I know James Wan came on to produce, so that to me was a good sign that maybe things were heating up again, but beyond that I really don’t know the specifics,” he added.

As Uziel explains, even he doesn’t know if New Line is going forward with his vision, or for that matter, any vision at all. We hope to hear more soon.



  • Yeah! Bring the violence and the fatalities to the big screen.

  • I didn’t care for MK: Legacy at all. Kept and keep hearing how great it is, but it focused too much on making a new spin out of MK.

    The movies were fun. Cheesy, but fun. Could have and should have been more dark and bloody.

    Just keep the new movie true to the MK roots while making it more dark and bloody. People don’t care about a “new spin”, they want to see it on the big picture with all the reasons they fell in love with the game in the first place.

    • Darkknight2149

      In addition to what you said, I hope they treat this as an actual movie and not as a ‘video game movie’. I really don’t want them to try to do – “Well, it’s not legitimately good but it’s still entertaining!”

      There’s so much lore and story material surrounding the series that Hollywood should be able to make a genuinely good R-rated MK movie.

  • TigerClaw305

    I hope the reboot will be as fun as the original, but more violent like the current games.

    • Darkknight2149

      I also want the new film to be good and not just “Well, it was entertaining.” Given all of the mythology surrounding the series, I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request. Of course, it’s a movie based on a game, so Hollywood probably has it marked for death.

  • guest

    can’t wait to see the Stan Lee cameo!

  • Grimphantom
    Do they really need to compare themselves with The Avengers? It’s Suicide Squad trying to be Deadpool all over again. Instead of comparing try making the movie that’s BASED on the games…..

    • zombie84_41

      i agree on this part. IDK why movies need to describe themselves esp mortal and avengers are way way different. I just been wanting a R insane mortal kombat film for forever. But the 90’s version will forever be a part of my cult classic movies.

    • Darkknight2149

      Yeah, I don’t see the connection between MK and The Avengers. If anything, they should be comparing it to classic martial arts films.

  • zombie84_41

    this needs to happen. Like now.

  • Marcin Robakowski

    every time i hear reboot, reimagining, open universe, “like avengers” i puke blood…

  • Vesuvian Villain

    The only real way to give a new MK impact is to actually kill classic characters gruesomely and leave them dead, including women. They don’t get a pass in the game, they shouldn’t get a pass in a movie. Example, maybe let Reptile actually dissolve Sonja Blade’s face with acid, let her scream her screams, and be done with it. Let her fans be pissed off but subconsciously respect it, because MK is about brutality, and it says “We’re not pulling punches, we fucking mean it.” No bullshit regeneration, no comic book death. Death. Finality. Work your way down the line. There’s tons of characters. People will bitch if you kill Scorpion. Oh well. Rip the mother fucker in half. There’s at least impact if he’s actually dead.

    I think that’s the kind of attitude you need to take as the writer/director otherwise it’s the same old shit, and what’s the point?

    • Shawn Michael

      Sonya doesn’t die in the games.. They should make it game accurate.. They could take the Mortal Kombat 9 reboot story and use that 😛

      • Vesuvian Villain

        If they just make it game plot accurate, anybody who would pay to see it would already know what was going to happen. Gotta mix it up.

        Sonya and Johnny Cage are definitely dead if the movie has any hope of being good. And their corpses are then dry humped by Christopher Lambert. No, not Raiden. Christopher Lambert as himself. And while he’s about to blow his load, the guy that played Lightning in Big Trouble in Little China floats down, yells “lightning bolt” about 5 times and shoots Lambert in the face. With a gun.

        Now look, I realize it’s not Christopher Lambert’s fault that Mortal Kombat ripped off the character, but he’s not a very good actor anyway, and we have to start somewhere.

  • Christian

    I want that awesome ”Choose Your Fighter” music from the SNES in there.

  • RKSDooM

    Love THE AVENGERS and love the MARVEL movies, but not everything needs to be this massive universe building… thing.

    The thing with MARVEL movies is that they are, with maybe one or two exceptions, COMPLETE MOVIES.

    When you are doing the universe building thing right, that’s how it works: you make complete films that introduce endearing characters that connect with the audience and offer satisfying experiences. Do this repeatedly and the idea of seeing those characters than combined into one film or story will be it’s own self generating hype machine.

    What doesn’t work is clumsily shoehorning in multiple characters or hooks or “questions to be answered” or leaving central mysteries unanswered all at the expense of the story and characterization of the current film in order to set up a theoretical sequel or sequels.

    MORTAL KOMBAT could very easily lend itself to a “shared universe” series of films, and I can even understand the comparison with THE AVENGERS in that there are a bunch of superpowered people being gathered to face a cosmic threat… but let’s just make one awesome, fun, bloody MORTAL KOMBAT movie before we start worrying about how things are going to tie into the MILEENA spinoff film.

    • AdamX

      A Mileena film?

      Dare I dream? Though they tried this with Mythologies years ago but a Scorpion/Sub Zero movie detailing their back story together would be awesome.

      • RKSDooM

        I would love love freaking LOVE a series of films that delved into the MORTAL KOMBAT mythology and characters. I think it is just exactly on the right side of the silly / awesome line, and with the right creative teams could produce all sorts of fun films…

        But one movie that actually respects the cool aspects of the source material and establishes the MORTAL KOMBAT brand as a fun, gory franchise with likable and menacing characters and awesome, brutal martial arts fights is going to need to happen before I start genuinely imagining the possibilities of a Shokan versus Centaurs movie.

  • Vesuvian Villain

    Tom Cruise: Twat Protagonist

    If only he were forward and honest enough to claim the title himself.

  • Geno1987

    Howabout just a big budget kung fu movie. You know, like what the original movie was.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Thats not good
    Those avengers movies suck

    Well not good for me at least,
    apparently a lot of people like them

  • Alex Harbie

    I am down! Ultra violent, even better. Anything to get the Mortal Kombat Annihilation taste out of my mouth.

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