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Capcom Has 10 Million Hopes for ‘Resident Evil VII’ Sales

In spite of Resident Evil VII‘s sales being less than expected, Capcom still has hopes that the game will reach 10 million sales.

In a recent statement during a post-earning Q&A, Capcom states that the life cycles for games is “growing longer”, thanks in part to digital sales. Given the amount of times Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 have been re-released, with each title having “sold more than 7.5 to 10 million units cumulatively”, Capcom is betting that RE7 will reach “10 million cumulative lifetime unit sales”.

Now on one hand, it’s a smart business decision for Capcom to do this now. Obviously, they’ve had great success with re-releasing older Resident Evil series titles on newer generations of consoles, but also having some luck doing the same thing with some of their other franchises, like Street Fighter and Mega Man.

But as always, the question of whether it’ll still work as the years go on isn’t a sure thing. Plus, there are those gamers (myself included) that would love to have a new Devil May Cry or (less likely) Dino Crisis game in lieu of another re-release of a game that they’ve bought before.

But hey, what do I know?



  • aFriendlyAgenda

    I liked the FPS direction of the new RE,
    at least for PC

    I only play FPS on PC with a mouse,
    I dont play 3rd person on PC or FPS on console

    But 3rd person plays better with a controller and I prefer 3rd person on console
    I dont see why they cant just scroll or switch between both like they do with skyrim

    Unfortunately I didn’t care for the acting or story in the footage I watched on youtube It was too blunt and hammy, like a paul ws anderson movie

  • THE God

    This game was garbage.

  • Redsam6

    I hated the whole idea of this game, the first person especially, I honestly thought my Resident Evil had died forever… then I played it. I tell you sitting in a completely dark room, totally smashed playing this game freaked me the fuck out and it was awesome!!

  • horrormaker

    i just got done playing this game. i don’t like first person games, but being a fan, i had to try it. i like the creepy swamp and the family. it’s a short game and plays to much like any other RE game. Puzzles were easy, plus not too much challenge with the monster, which had very few. It did become boring about half way through. I feel it’s not a repeater, not much you can do different, not a big choice of weapons, or trying different approach on things. i don’t feel the game is worth the money. play it off of Gamefly is the best bet, or borrow from someone.

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