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Novel ‘Alien: Covenant – Origins’ Will Tell Story Between ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Covenant’


So what really happened to Shaw? We’ll soon find out.

Originally announced as a sequel to Alien: Covenant, we’ve now learned that Alan Dean Foster’s upcoming Alien novel is actually a prequel to this year’s film. Now titled Alien: Covenant – Origins, the 304-page paperbook book will tell the full story of what happened between the events of Prometheus and Covenant.

Without spoiling anything for those who haven’t yet seen the film, Scott answered some of the major questions about the 10-year gap between the two movies; but as you might imagine, there’s a whole lot more to be told.

Alan Dean Foster, who has written many of the official Alien franchise novelizations (including the just-released paperback version of Alien: Covenant), had this to say about the original story he came up with for Alien: Covenant – Origins

As for ALIEN:ORIGINS, the original novel that fits chronologically between PROMETHEUS and AC, in it I hope to have been able to have added a tiny bit to the canon. As always, I work as a combination author and fan, and I think (I hope) that comes through in the finished work.

Titan Book is releasing Alien: Covenant – Origins on September 26th.



  • Wil McMullen

    Im definitely going to purchase this. Since we may never get a film version of what actually happens to Shaw.

  • J Jett

    but it’s not canon right? only what is seen in the films or is said in dialogue in the films is canon, right?

    • Alexz

      I don’t think it’s canon unless officially said so by the studio. I think it’s like the Resident Evil movie books. It’s just the author filling in what they think could’ve happened & getting the ok from a suit for it to be published.

      • Brando

        I loved those Resident Evil novels back in the day.

      • Ivan Nero Trevino

        the book is canon.

    • Jack Derwent

      The Out of the Shadows trilogy at least was confirmed as canon by 20th Century Fox so take that as you will.

    • Harley Mitchel Dirk

      Um I would avoid looking at what the studio says or just using all the films as canon because Fox doesn’t give a rat’s ass about canon.

    • Nicolas Caiveau

      It’s always the same. You can consider it canon, until something in the movies contradict it.

  • zomnombie

    A prequel to the Prequel. We have to go deeper. BWAAAAAAAAH

    • Brian McNatt

      No no, it’s the prequel to the sequel to the prequel. BWAAAAAAAAH

  • I really want to know what happened, or at least experience a potential version of the interim period, but how is the writing going to be? I’e gotten to the point where I can’t sit through bad writing anymore. Anyone read any of his previous work that can vouch for how well he does?

    • Brian McNatt

      I’ve read his novelizations of the first two Alien movies, and I pretty thoroughly enjoyed them. Good, concise writing that gives enough detail for you to imagine the rest, and well-paced.

  • Vesuvian Villain

    The fuck is all this? You mean I have to READ??! It better at least be a pop-up book or a choose your own adventure, or I’m out. It’s 2017. I’m gonna at least need a D-list celebrity to read it to me on a CD.

    • mightymo

      That’s an astute thought. I concur one hundred percent.

    • Saturn

      A choose your own adventure book – genius!

      “You are in a darkened corridor, aboard a derelict space ship. In front of you is a strange, alien looking egg”

      To examine the egg go to page 23, to just leave things be and get back on your ship and be down the pub for happy hour go back to page 1.

  • llcc1103

    lolll maybe Ridley Scotts next alien movie will be a prequel sequel, and will explain how the hatches were designed in the original Alien. Because as you know, we need EVERYTHING EXPLAINED

  • WOLF

    The more they explain the worse it gets. Covenant cheapened the Alien.

  • I don’t care to be honest, the prequels of Alien franchise are uninteresting and a completely mess.

    • WOLF

      Yeah I don’t get it. Some fans want everything explained. Then you have a diminished franchise. I won’t be seeing the next Scott directed film. These idiot characters are unbearable.

  • mightymo

    Who really cares about the original “Alien”? Just need to get over the old and get on with the new. After all, sometimes you have to destroy before you can create. Scott is destroying the old to create new.

    • Saturn

      Who really cares about the original Alien?
      Probably the same people who care about the original Jaws….Hey, maybe i f we are lucky we will get a trilogy of prequels to THAT movie too – I’m really interested to see what it was that “triggered” Bruce in the first plaice….

      • mightymo

        Jaws is too fishy.

  • Barry El Beardo

    This would’ve made a more interesting movie than Covenant.
    The first half just Shaw and David until she realises what he’s trying to do. Then they see a ship landing on the planet and there’s a race against time between them. Shaw trying to save the humans aboard and David trying to capture them for infection.

  • Psytrix

    Loved Prometheus and was looking forward to the continuation of Shaw’s story – and what we got was garbage. What the hell was he thinking..?

    • Mike O’Donnell

      I too loved Prometheus. I would’ve liked to have seen a more linear path than reverting back to a more traditional alien movie. Looks like we’re in the minority sadly

      • aFriendlyAgenda

        I hated prometheus, but I agree with you
        I’m a firm believer in seperate but equal

        I wish scott and hollywood would have taken their prometheus agenda and kept it on the prometheus side instead of coming back to the Alien side to keep defiling Alien

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Will it be as useless, make no sense and a story not worth telling as the two turds they’re jamming it in between?

    Thats a rhetorical question, I’ve read the synopsis of a bunch of the aliens-verse novels and comic books before, and they’re all just as trash as these terrible hollywood cash grabs

    Cynical hack job cash grabs aren’t just in the movie medium

  • Simon Allen

    I would have preferred to have seen this as a movie than the pile of crap that was Covenant .

  • Halloween_Vic

    I mean it’s all so confusing and Covenant was literally Prometheus with actual aliens this time who literally had about 5 minutes of screen time. Maybe Ridley should just sign off on releasing novels and not all these long shitty prequels. Ok FOX let’s get Alien 5 on board and do an actual sequel. Thanks

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