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[E3 2017] Crytek Reveals Gameplay of ‘Hunt: Showdown’

It was mentioned last month that Crytek had reworked Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age in Hunt: Showdown. Well, Crytek gave us a reveal of the revamped game at this year’s E3 in the form of a Twitch livestream, along with a revamped website. There’s no word on when we’ll exactly see the release date, although Crytek has stated that public testing is “coming soon” (whenever that is).

The Twitch stream showed (and told) a lot of stuff, even if it was pre-alpha. The environments look gorgeous, and the potential mayhem between teams of players sounds like it’ll be a blast. Here’s hoping that the game doesn’t take another three years to be released.



  • Christopher Nickerson

    Crytek games are impossible to get excited for anymore. They show good trailers but when the games release they are all eye candy with crap gameplay

    • I’d have to agree, although I still have hopes that this game will have more substance to it than style.

      • Christopher Nickerson

        Problem is Crytek is too busy making games that show off their engine so the can license it out than they are making games to be played

  • Boxcar Racer

    Did they mention what systems they are launching on?

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