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‘Jurassic World 2’ Described as a “Spanish Horror-Thriller”

One of the first things we ever heard about next year’s Jurassic World 2, being directed by Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage), is that it aims to be the franchise’s scariest installment to date. Bayona, who sure knows a thing or two about horror, is bringing his own sensibilities to the table, which should bode well for us horror fans.

Speaking with Josh Horowitz’s HappySadConfused podcast, writer/producer/Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow just further teased the horror that awaits.

It is thus far my favorite creative collaboration that I’ve ever been involved in,” he said. “J.A. Bayona is a completely different kind of filmmaker and thinker than I am, yet we do have a lot of things in common so I was able to craft something specifically for another filmmaker that I admire. I built a Spanish horror thriller with dinosaurs in it that I probably wouldn’t have built for myself.

Trevorrow continued, “I gotta tell you man, I think that’s gonna be a better movie. I just do. It’s just deeper, it’s more character-based, it definitely leans into suspense especially in the second half. It does have the big action in the middle and there’s a sequence in the middle that I’ve been watching…I’ve started to see stuff come together and it’s just insane.”

He also told the podcast that the sequel will be packed with “new themes that have never been examined in a Jurassic movie before.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard return for the sequel, which also stars Jeff Goldblum, Justice Smith, BD Wong, James Cromwell and Toby Jones.

Derek Connolly wrote the script with Trevorrow.

We’ll return to the park on June 22, 2018.



  • Josh Evans

    Loved the Orphanage, you have my attention.

  • REC03

    Just re-watched The Orphanage and im not even kidding when i say any shot in that film has more artistry then any frame of JW.

  • David

    Spanish? Why does it have to be “Spanish”? I hope it doesn’t involve illegal dinosaurs going through customs & such. I’m not paying for THAT. I just hope that this sequel is like his other amazing films.

    • zombie84_41

      yeah trump might stop them with a wall.

      • David

        That’s FUCKING funny!!! LOL

        • zombie84_41

          A round of applause for me. 🙂 lol.

    • Vader the White

      I don’t think it’s literally Spanish.

      • David

        I just want J.A. Bayona to knock it out of the park with his 4th feature film. This “spanish” thing is just throwing me off, that’s all

  • zombie84_41

    LOL the way they keep boasting this to be the scariest and intense it better deliver.

  • Creepshow

    Pretty soon the ads in the middle of the comment section will be in Spanish.
    No bueno, pendejos.

    • J Jett

      these fucking ads that now are intrusive in the comments sections fucking piss me off. as if this site wasn’t already clogged with ads.

      • Creepshow

        Muy malo, senior Jett.

  • J Jett

    this sounds awesome! i love Spanish horror/thrillers and am excited for a JP movie that is a bit different in tone than the other films. Bayona’s films are amazing so i’m optimistic this new JP film will be as well.

    • pablitonizer

      Fuck yeah! Bayona’s will make this an excellent film!

    • Evan3

      Spoiler – In this one, we learnd the dinosaurs went extinct after their mothers accidentally locked them in the basements long ago!

      • The Drucifer


  • Corey

    I liked Jurassic World but it just doesn’t have the rewatchability that JP had.
    It does allow me to pretend that JP2 and 3 don’t exist though.

    • Evan3

      But how will you forget that Jurassic World exists?!

  • Adam Paquette

    Bring it on. I love anything related to Jurassic Park. I’ve read the novel twice, and i read the first half of The Lost World. (Never got around to finishing it) I don’t get why people hate The Lost World movie though, I thought it was fun. It was much better than JP3. Nothing will ever top the original JP, but I think JW did a good job of restarting interest in the franchise. I saw it 3 times in theaters (once in IMAX) and I can’t wait for the next adventure!

  • Evan3

    I don’t care what it is as long as it isn’t a garbage heap like Jurassic World. Plllllleease give us some characters to care about.

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    I really enjoyed Jurassic World. It felt like a true sequel to the original. I like JP2 but JP3 was dire. Jurassic Park remains one of my favourite films from childhood.
    I like the idea that this is potentially going to be the scariest instalment. I’ve always wanted a darker Jurassic movie. JP was quite dark in places, even for a PG. I hope there are some real tense moments and it’s about time they had the Dilophosaur back, so I’m glad it will be in JW2

  • Jeff

    “J.A. Bayona is a completely different kind of filmmaker and thinker than I am” In that he is one? Jurassic World might as well have been directed by Brett Ratner. Basic boring middleground film-making that couldn’t disguise bad plot decisions and nonsensical characterizations. At least with Bayona we have a chance to get something that looks unique and different. Even if the screenplay sucks, we’ll be having so much fun being entertained and/or scared we won’t notice.

    • Evan3

      FINALLY! I felt like I was Mugatu and taking crazy pills. Edwards is an aggressively bad director who has yet to make a film over mediocre (Safety, Rogue One), when they aren’t awful (Jurassic World, Godzilla). I agree that at least Bayona might bring a little visual flair, which is more than i can sayf or the 1st one.

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