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Large Piece of ‘Evil Dead 2’ Cabin Surfaces On eBay

Bruce Campbell wuz here.

Last year, Evil Dead super-fan Mike Pasquale began restoring both the cabin and workshed from Evil Dead 2, with plans to bring the iconic locales on tour at various horror conventions across the country. To make a long story short, the structures recently collapsed, and the owners allowed Pasquale to haul them off and do with them as he pleased.

As promised, the restored structures did indeed pop up at a few conventions last year, and it looks like Pasquale is now parting with them. Over on eBay, he’s just put up an auction for the left side upper living room wall from the Evil Dead 2 cabin, taken from its original Wadesboro, NC resting place in April 2016.

This is the actual exterior wall from the front upper left side of the original Evil Dead II Cabin,” Pasquale notes in the eBay listing. “In relation to the movie, this piece would have been above the clock and cellar door. The wall is fully intact. It is approximately 16 feet long and pretty heavy. Shipping can be done via U SHIP services at the expense of the buyer or can be picked up by the buyer in Weirton, WV.”

He adds, “I no longer have the room for this piece or a large enough area to use it as a display piece. I do not want to cut it up or dismantle it in any way. It survived the collapse of the Cabin and would hate to cause any damage to it.

With one bid, the auction is currently at $1,499!

For more info about the restoration process, hit up



  • I’m more interested in touring the film location when it’s all said and done.

    • Chris Destro Alexander

      Not much is there any more

  • Necro

    You gotta be a super fan to save that! It’s too bad nothing could have been done to keep it intact (the whole cabin) or rebuild it again. I personally would rather tour the location.

  • Imagine trying to lug that around a convention to get that signed… pheww..

  • Tor from Yucca Flats

    I didn’t know this stuff is valuable? I was at the Sleepaway Camp 2 location in 2006 when all the props from the movie were still there, the signs, the flag pole, brick wall painting with the name of the fictional camp, the life preservers by the pool, the doors to the cabins. All featured in the movie, nobody around for miles, plants grown all out of control over everything, and I could have easily taken them.. If I knew people would want them..

  • Matt Daraio

    This is dumb. Who the hell can store this on display?! Only some really rich horror fan with a lot of land to put it at, I guess. It would be a waste if they just put this in a garage like this guy did. If he was smart, he would cut some of it off and sell the pieces. He’d easily make a LOT LOT LOT LOT more than $1500!!! I’d so buy a piece of it and I’m sure a lot of you guys would do the same thing. God only knows how much the shipping on this will be.

    • piccoloderpderp

      id buy a piece im a huge evil dead fan and its more about the story of how you got it and why you have it that makes it a fun conversation starter…but thisguy has it sitting in his garage…..

  • John Connor

    Its fucking wood that is just like any other wood.

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