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This ‘Alien’ Punch Fountain is the Coolest Party Accessory Ever

In space, no one can hear you PARTY.

It must be awesome to have the ability to build cool things, because the sky truly is the limit – I wouldn’t know, as I can barely build a pizza. Many fans over the years have sculpted their own Xenomorph busts and even life-size statues, but I’m pretty sure there’s only one Alien Punch Fountain in existence.

Yes. You read correctly. Alien. Punch. Fountain.

The craftsmen over on YouTube channel NEATOCO just uploaded the video of this particular build, which is out of this world awesome. They hand sculpted a Xenomorph from the waist up and then inserted a tube into it, allowing them to literally use the monster as a dispenser for the beverage of their choosing. They went with green Hawaiian Punch, which is perfect since Xenomorphs, well, they bleed green.

Check out a time-lapse build of the incredible Alien Punch Fountain below!



  • Darkknight2149

    Don’t think that! It’s corrosive!

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    They’re gonna be pissin’ blood.

  • Brando

    Damn it, John, their blood is yellow not green.

    • Homeless Joe

      Yes, their blood is yellow. They bleed yellow acid.

      • Deathbyskullf***

        Look up any “official” information on the characters. Its “officially” yellow-green.

    • Deathbyskullf***

      It certainly appears more yellow than green in the movies but it is officially listed as yellowish-green. At the end of the day its Hawaiian Punch and its a short article. His musings were quick and likely to bridge the link from materials to film… Shame on him for not seguing into the minute details that the Hawiian Punch is tinted slightly more green erring away from screen accuracy. Lest he call down the thunder of anal internet forum dwellers LMAO

  • thetaxmaan

    That soda dispenser looks more realistic then the fatman suit alien from covenant.

    • MarsupialRebellion

      Fatman suit…?

  • Bloodkry

    Take my money!

  • Necro

    Very cool! A for effort for sure!

  • Evan3

    “I can barely build a pizza” Don’t worry, you are not alone

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