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Disney’s Hollywood Studios Closing the “Great Movie Ride”

It’s always difficult clinging onto nostalgia even when you know it’s time to let go. I visited Walt Disney World’s MGM Studios the year it opened (1989); there wasn’t much to do at the newly launched theme park, although one way to beat the heat was to jump onto the “Great Movie Ride”. The dark ride pulled from one coast and brought the glamor of Hollywood all the way to Florida. The ride’s entrance is the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, with the attraction being a mix of show and tell. It was designed to take an audience into the famed history of MGM with a tour guide leading the way. They’d interact with the famous movies from Wizard of OZ to Raiders of the Lost Ark, while the entire ride was surrounded by staple Disney animatronics, including Ripley in Alien. It wasn’t all too exciting but it’s special in that it’s the last remaining attraction of MGM Studios which has since been renamed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I hate to see my childhood die but this is one attraction that is never busy and takes up a tremendous amount of space, and what they plan on replacing it with has been a long time coming.

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/Film reports out of D23 that the attraction will be closing on August 13, 2017, to make way for “Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway”, which will take riders into a Mikey Mouse cartoon! With details below, we take a moment to thank the Internet for preserving ride-throughs of the “Great Movie Ride” (in 60FPS!) for future generations.

“Mickey and Minnie are getting a state of the art attraction with a theme song,” Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek said. “We will join Mickey and his friends in their world.”

The Runaway Railway will feature an original story like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, It’s a Small World, and The Haunted Mansion. The ride will take you through the screen into a Mickey Mouse short where “anything can happen.” The animated short film begins with Mickey and Minnie getting ready for a picnic while Goofy tries his hand at being an engineer. Riders then literally step into the movie screen to board Goofy’s train. Mickey and Minnie keep you out of trouble as riders are taken through twists and turns, all set to “dazzling visual effects.” In addition, the ride will be chock full of Hidden Mickey’s that the designers hid in “surprising places.”

Rather than being a 3D ride, Chapek calls it a “2 and a half D” ride.

This is a game changing attraction,” the team promised. “A Mouseterpiece.”



  • Graham

    Bummer. I always loved The Great Movie Ride. But I suppose I’m thankful if it has to be replaced, I’m glad it’s by something that still honours film history in a way by being about Mickey Mouse (as opposed to some flavour of the week superhero).

  • Creepshow

    This is bullshit. It’s called Hollywood Studios for a reason. This ride was a history lesson in cinema. Let Mickey & Minnie go fuck on a train in The Magic Kingdom.

    • llcc1103

      Yea exactly. Disney is turning into Marvel/Star Wars studios. This ride was special to learn about the history of Cinema. Especially when movies were better. Disney has an infinite cash cow! Keep this ride or update it and add more rides

  • Evan3

    I like the personal touch in this article Brad. Perhaps they can ship some of the animatronics to the Haunted Mansion!

  • britain

    Yes, thank you for destroying the quaintness of Disney rides and replacing them with just another technologically driven “thrill” ride that will bore the ever-loving shit out of us.

    • William Curtis

      Amen Brother Amen!

  • William Curtis

    This is BullShit!!!! I Can’t Believe there destroying a historical based ride to make room for Some Bullshit Ride that no one would ever go on!!!!!!!

  • Ethan Rasiel

    Wondering if this is just a reskin of the existing ride (ala Twilight Zone becoming Guardians of the Galaxy) or if they are truly razing it and starting over.

  • GC736

    Unfortunately they ruined it when they brought in Robert Osborne to narrate the ride. After that, my kids started calling it the Meh Movie Ride.

  • JRanman

    My parents just called to see if we wanted to go to Disney with them next summer. I’m talking them into other places. Disney just isn’t the same anymore too hot, too crowded, too expensive, lost a lot of what I liked about it. Reading this just reinforces my decision.

  • Davidson

    The theme park is called Hollywood Studios, and this was the only ride that actually demonstrated an appreciation for Hollywood movies in general. If you want a Minnie Mouse ride, go to Disney World. I went there expecting something more for movie buffs, but instead the park and gift shops are totally dedicated to Star Wars. One of the attractions are a bunch of Star Wars movie clips put together and shown in a theater and they call that an attraction? Universal Studios was much more of a Hollywood Themed Park, but Hollywood Studios should just change their name to Star Wars Theme Park with a Minnie Mouse Ride, because that’s pretty much what it has become.

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