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New ‘Code Vein’ Screenshots Show Off Heroes, Villains

Other than its appearance at E3, we haven’t heard much from Bandai Namco and upcoming action-RPG, Code Vein, which is scheduled for release next year. Well, that was until Bandai Namco released a set of screenshots for the game, which show off a couple of the game’s bosses, as well as the game’s protagonists, Mia Karnstein and Yakumo Shinonome.

Mia is described as a wandering female Revenant (a vampire with supernatural abilities), who travels with her only remaining family member, her younger brother, and serves as his protector. Mia uses a bayonet-like weapon to attack her foes from a distance. Yakumo Shinonome, on the other hand, is a Revenant and former mercenary. He’s described as being loyal, and caring for others.

Code Vein is set for release sometime next year.

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