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There Will Not Be a Giant Spider or Turtle in ‘IT’



Ever since it was announced that Andy Muschietti was bringing Stephen King’s IT to the big screen, fans of the novel have been wondering how faithful the new film will be to the source material. What will we be seeing from the novel that didn’t make the cut in the 1990 mini-series? And what did we see in 1990 that we won’t see in 2017?

Yesterday, Kalyn Corrigan posted her in-depth report from the set of IT, and we wanted to pluck out two choice paragraphs today for those who haven’t yet gotten around to reading. During his chat with the press on set, Muschietti revealed two things we *won’t* be seeing this coming September.

For starters, don’t expect to see the titular creature take the form of a giant spider, as he (infamously) did in Tommy Lee Wallace’s made-for-TV adaptation.

Muschietti’s version will show more of Pennywise adapting into various forms that are based on the children’s individual fears. However, it will not show Pennywise as a giant spider like it did in the 1990 miniseries adaptation,” Kalyn learned on set. “Instead, much like the original novel, it will feature Pennywise in other various forms according to what each child in The Losers Club specifically fears, including a Leper, which will be played by renowned heavy makeup character actor Javier Botet.”

We also won’t be seeing Maturin, a massive turtle that appeared in King’s book.

There will be a blood oath at the end of the film, but no rite of passage sex scene. There won’t be any Turtle character, but an easter egg will allude to its presence,” Kalyn wrote. “Look for the egg when the kids are playing in the quarry and think they see something hiding in the water.”

Keep your eyes peeled for that Easter egg on September 8!