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Limited Number of 1st Edition ‘IT’ Books Being Rebound for Incredible Gift Set

The man behind high-end company Dragon Rebound Editions provides a pretty damn unique service to book lovers, particularly fans of Stephen King.

His name is Paul, and his passion is purchasing 1st edition copies of his favorite books. But he’s not simply adding them to his personal library. Once the books are in his possession, Paul then “works with bookbinders to rebind the page blocks in a unique way that ties into the story being told between the pages.”

The books are bound in leather and feature elements such as raised bands, gold tooling, marbled endpapers and custom headbands,” Paul notes on his website. “The books are then housed in either a slipcase or a traycase.”

The rebound books are limited to 26 copies of each title, and once they are sold, no more are made. The latest Dragon Rebound project? Stephen King’s IT!

Just unveiled today, the third custom-bound book in Paul’s series comes in an elegant traycase that’s outfitted with a custom-welded, cast iron sewer grate. In addition to the incredible packaging and book itself, the limited set also includes a giclée print of the first edition cover art, along with a print of the artist’s unused original sketch concept.

The inside covers feature original, hand-painted art, and an origami replica of Georgie’s paper boat will also be included with this mind-blowing release.

These editions are first offered to owners of the previous custom-bound book, who have right of first refusal on new titles. If a previous owner declines to purchase the new book in the series, then Paul contacts people on the wait list in the order in which the list submission was received. You can be added to the wait list here.

The estimated release for this one is May 2018. The cost? A whopping $1,475!!



  • Drago Harley

    Absolutely stunning. The craftsmanship of this is amazing.

    • David Andrew Baros

      If you call GLUE amazing craftsmanship… oh boy…

      • stroppygoblin

        Seriously? at least take the 5 minutes to click the link and read how this book has been put together.

        • Why read when you can bitch? #90%ofpeopleontheinternet

          • Necro


  • PhiSier

    Very nice.

  • Munchie

    So that’s, what, a dollar a page?

    • zombie84_41

      LMFAOOOO this comment wins.

  • Brett Lovejoy

    “I’m interested, I’m interested..okay, yeah, WOW, I’m very interested, this is a…oh, wait, I’m broke as fuck. Carry on, then.”

  • BelmontPublicLibrary

    Nice looking, but if he is indeed buying the mass market editions, then the binding is glued, not sewn. Unless he’s going in and hand sewing the signatures (unlikely, paper for books like this aren’t high quality) this book isn’t worth the price at all.

    • stroppygoblin

      “The custom-bound IT edition is bound as a semi-split board sewn over frayable tapes to prevent sagging of the heavy page block.”

  • David Andrew Baros

    So that’s pretty much a dollar a page! You can keep it. Highway robbery at its best!

  • And their previous work on EYES OF THE DRAGON and FIRESTARTER was stunning !

  • Geno1987

    I don’t think even Stephen King could afford this.

    • zombie84_41


  • Rebecca Dornsife

    Paul’s rebound books are just amazing (and they are actually sewn… no glue). He also has a sister company that sells signed limited edition prints of Stephen King original cover art. There is even a print of the unpublished cover for IT by Bob Giusti. You can find them at

  • James Fox

    Super cool but no way in hell would I pay that much for something like that.

  • You know, all the people complaining about the pricing on this seem to be missing the point. It’s not like this is a book that is only coming out in this edition. If you want to read IT, there have been literally hundreds of editions released, and you can pick up whatever one you want–including, likely, free copies sitting in donation boxes at good will stores or public libraries. Editions like this are created for people who are really, really serious about their book collection, and want something extremely rare and unique. It’s not a book–it’s an art piece. A throwback to the days when book-binding was an artisan-based craft.

    I don’t get too excited about a nice presentation (though this does, indeed, sound like and excellent presentation), but I go all-in on the limited edition reprints done through Cemetery Dance, because they tend to offer previously unreleased material, and in that case I pay over 100 bucks for a book that, yes, I could get at Wal-Mart for five bucks, because in those cases it’s about a very special, collectible edition of a book that means a great deal to me AND also includes material can’t find elsewhere. Plenty of people couldn’t give two shits about that, and that’s fine. I don’t understand people who spend hundreds of dollars on a vase or fifty thousand on a car. We all have our “thing” that connects with us.

    • Necro

      Well said CJ

  • zombie84_41

    LOL can’t afford this.

  • Elmojay

    Oh God, I want this so bad… Gorgeous!!

  • Evan3

    Oh man, I’d love a copy of this and I don’t even care for It. Also love that pic of the book outside of the storm drain….

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