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‘IT’ Shatters Massive ‘Deadpool’ Record at Thursday Box Office

It simply cannot be overstated how much an R rated horror movie doing *this* well is going to change horror, going forward. This is HUGE for us all, friends.

We’ve been predicting for several months now that Andy Muschietti’s IT was going to shatter all kinds of box office records for both horror and rated R cinema at large, and we’re incredibly happy to see that we weren’t off base in making those bold predictions.

The film just opened last night, and it has already broken a huge record.

Last night, IT scared up $13.5 million in Thursday night previews, beating the R-rated Thursday night record previously held by Deadpool ($12.7 million). That Thursday number is also the biggest in cinema history for a September release, as well as for a horror movie!

At this time, IT is projected to make $65 million-$70 million over the course of the entire weekend, which guarantees it the biggest opening weekend for a September release and for a horror movie. Honestly, we’re thinking even those insane estimates are on the low side.

In its domestic opening weekend, Deadpool scored over $100 million at the box office, which leads me to believe that IT very likely could be approaching that number. With incredibly positive word of mouth and many who have already seen the film hungry to go back and see it again, this one is going to be a box office MONSTER.

We’ll be tracking IT throughout the weekend…



  • Francesco Falciani

    after this movie and the conjuring universe movies any horror movie that will perform over 30M will be called flop. these numbers are Huge.

  • Wes Draven

    IT is actually projected by most Box Office report websites to make somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-85 million.

  • Jay Bennett

    This is gonna annihilate competition this weekend.

  • Necro

    Sky is the limit! I love it (pardon the pun)! What this will hopefully do for any studio skeptical of releasing rated R Horror films in the future is great! I can’t wait to see this, there’s so many scenes leaked online it’s hard for me to not sneak a peek. I’m anxious to see what the actual results are come Monday.

  • BreeBennett

    Wow, this is impressive!

  • Phantom Lord

    Not to be Mr. Buzzkill but it doesn’t hurt that the movie theaters are dead right now so anything even remotely new and interesting gets jumped on. They could release a movie about my life and I still wont set foot into a theater anymore due to cost and how people behave in theaters these days.

    • Garbageface

      Because you don’t go into theaters anymore, movie theaters are dead right now? What are you talking about?

      • Phantom Lord

        Translation for the hopelessly stoned – I don’t go to the movies anymore because I prefer to watch films in the comfort of my home without a million cell phones lighting up during the movie, crying babies, and teens talking at the top of their lungs. And the theaters are dead at the moment because there is not much to see. All of the news pages have said this is the worst summer for movies in a decade and theaters are currently hurting.

        • Garbageface

          Oh, all of the news pages! I totally believe everything you say now.

          • Phantom Lord

            That moment when someone’s replies start to annoy you, then you look at their comment history and realize you’re debating with the internet version of Dobie Gillis.

          • Garbageface

            The moment when someone claims their own personal preference as a national trend and smugly calls someone a stoner for no apparent reason

    • The Fucked Up

      Booooooo!!! *throws popcorn, burps in your general direction and makes a not very subtle pass at your female companion*

      • Phantom Lord

        *Goes to to see movie with Bruce Jenner, then laughs as The Fucked Up requires months of therapy to get over not so very subtle pass at female sitting next to me.*

  • dduuurrrr dddduuuurrrr

    I really think proclaiming “this is the best thing for horror!” before really assessing what it means is the right call.

    Yes it’s R rated, that’s good. It’s also a remake, and not an original property, with a very established fan base. While we might expect to see more horror because of it, indie horror may be harder hit as they may be seen as a poor investment over remakes and established properties. Something similar could be said of Annabelle, which is a spin off of something successful and was generally pretty critically panned, and had a very shady high tomatoes score before it’s release. Repeatedly investors are seeing that quality is not a factor necessarily in return on investment. I hope IT is good, but the quality of the movie is not a factor in it’s huge opening day showing.

    Transformers did not usher in great action movies.

    • psychonutter

      It isn’t a remake bud as the 1st with Time Curry was done as a TV series, they have just added the bits together to create a film that most see it as now. This 2017 release is the only film made to be a film which to me I would say it’s a recreation instead of a remake

      • Ornn

        dont bother him… people dont have the capacity to think nowdays

      • Edgar Pinecone

        Sweet semantics bro.

    • Papa_spoosh

      I think it’s a good thing because they took risks and making this movie pg13 would’ve been the obvious choice from a business standpoint and they’re being rewarded for being risky. This may bring in a wave of shitty R rated movies now but either way the horror genre is getting paid right now and THAT is good for us. If the studios are actually paying attention to why this movie works, we may never see another l Bye Bye Man.

  • While I agree this isn’t “the best thing for horror”, I do think it’s definitely a good boost after an already stellar start to the year with Get Out and Annabelle: Creation.

  • Kyle Cole

    I went to see this last night and it was fucking epic!!!

    • Necro

      Good to know Kyle!

  • boxcar182

    Seeing it this Saturday with 5 other people. I can’t wait! Everyone says it’s a good movie.

  • Horrormikfl

    IT was amazing and so entertaining. My only concern, and I live in FL, is that these hurricane storms may effect ITs numbers some. I wanna see this open and be a blockbuster. Great time for all of us horror fans!!! See it 3 times! The World is OURS

    • AlsDisciple

      You and me both. I’m spending today removing all the potential projectiles from my yard on the hopes I can sneak out and catch an early show tomorrow before the storm ramps up.

      EDIT: PS: Good luck and stay safe!

      • Aaron Eiermann

        Holy shit. No fucks given. Hurricane ain’t slowing these guys down! m/

      • J Jett

        AlsDisciple, good luck weathering the storm. stay safe! 🙂

    • Bla Blah

      I live in Miami and I saw it yesterday. Theater was still pretty packed.

      • J Jett

        Blah Blah, stay safe!

    • J Jett

      Horrormikfl, i have friends & family in Florida and i’m a bit freaked/scared for them. i hope you (and your family and/or friends) stay safe.

      • Horrormikfl

        That’s very sweet thank you. I’m right in central FL so nowhere near coast. But we will still get bad winds. Just hunkering down. Hope your friends are ok too. Still sending blessings to those already hit in Houston and surrounding areas.

        • AlsDisciple

          Actually, I’m Central Florida, as well. Locked everything down just to be safe, but I don’t see us getting hit like Charley back in ’04. Having said that, the folks down south (and out on the islands) are in for a world of hurt.

  • Eastman420

    Good to see, we don’t want your pussy ass pg-13 crap!!!

    • Bla Blah

      I mean sure but people keep acting like this movie is overtly bloody and gory.
      It isn’t.
      Outside of a LOT of swearing from the kids there isn’t much in this movie that would have made me say it was Rated R if no one had told me prior. It’s a good movie still. But I’m all honesty it really could have been Pg13 with very little effort

      • Eastman420

        Haven’t seen yet, trying for this weekend.

    • Necro

      I heavily second that! No Puke-13 shit!

  • Simon Allen

    So cue every major studio putting a decent budget horror movie (probably based on a book) into production .
    The question is how many of them will actually be any good ? I guess that is going to depend on the actual talent involved .
    Anyhow it’s gonna be fun for us all to see the result.

  • I’m seeing it this weekend. All of the news and reviews are only getting me more excited.

  • Fede

    Sadly, these numbers are only for domestic.

    • Saturn

      Well I just got back from a 3pm showing and although the cinema was nowhere near full (they never are here) there were plenty of people there who seemed to love it.
      I’m one of them.

      • Necro

        Good to know!

  • Grimphantom

    The movie i’ts not perfect but it’s fun to watch and shows the director that he put a lot of effort into this movie along with the actors.

    Just hope they give Hollywood the idea that’s what Horror fans want to see, no bullshit PG-13 that no one gives a crap about and that studios stop thinking that adding action and teen drama more than horror is good…..which is not and we seen that with The Mummy and Death Note.

  • Jeff Rouble

    Can’t wait to see IT! Got my ticket and only a few more hours to go! Man, I hate work! Always getting in the way of good things!

  • Oooh, it was bound to be a hit. I will be seeing it very soon. The last film I saw was Girls Trip. Which was later followed by a copy-cat title Rough Night which I didn’t bother go watch. Anyway I’ll be seeing the new IT film somewhere between the 11th of September to the 30th.

    • Bradley John Michael MacDonald

      Rough night came out first…. plus who cares go see the movie

  • Glitchiee Glitch

    great time to get that movie pass from
    i mean who wouldnt want to pay 9.99 a month for 1 movie a day all month !

  • Chris Thompson

    its about time us grown ups got some decent films that are an actual worthwhile visit to the cinema and not just a kids/teens game. who in there 30-40’s want some annoying git on there phone throughout the film.

  • AriesSiren

    I am so happy. I am so fucking tired of this PG-13 tween horror bullshit. Horror films have tanked in recent years. The horror community needed this film. Thank god for new line cinema.

  • Jesse Rothbeind

    Saw IT last night, very cool!! They stayed really close to the original source material, GREAT casting and Pennywise was seriously effing creepy!!!

  • The Schwab

    Deadpool’s opening weekend was a smidgen over 135 million (and on a 58 million budget to It’s 35 million.) I am willing to to bet this film may outpace it. It’s reviews are also better than Deadpool by a slight margin on Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, and Metacritic. Of course, it does have less reviews, but that will change with time.

  • Polsdofer

    I would have contributed to that Thursday total but nobody could go with me, so I’m just gonna go on Tuesday when the tickets are only $6.50.

  • Mike Lawrence

    Glad it’s doing well!

  • Fracassi

    Favorite scene – Ben Hanscomb paging through books in the library.

    • Trav

      Oh, I take it the movie disappointed you, then?

      • Fracassi

        No, not at all. The Easter Egg hunt was one of my favorite parts of the book and the movie made one scene from the ironworks explosion so real. The scene were he is paging through books (if you’ve seen the movie – you know what I mean) is my favorite.

  • Chris Sergi

    Definitely not a “scary movie” in my opinion, but some great scenes and cast. Definitely an incredibly FUN movie.. Loved it and will support it at least once more at the box office! My biggest complaint if I had one would be the run time. This movie could have easily been three hours and no-one would have been bored. If fell way short, run time wise… anyone else feel that way?

  • llcc1103

    I dont know. I thought this movie was terrible… Nothing was that
    scary. It relied HEAVILY on CGI, corny background horror music and loud
    noises. I’m not sure what the hype is all about. There was ZERO
    subtlety and tone. The blue filter was distracting. When Pennywise
    bit georgies arm I almost laughed out loud. The CGI was video game level
    and they used it throughout. Too me it was just a cookie cutter
    commercial horror film that had zero substance. I think Muschetti is a
    studio hack!

    • The Schwab

      Agreed. Unfortunately.

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      Agreed and they removed a lot of the Losers’ key moments such as the slingshot scene and Eddie standing up to the Clown and I was pretty much disappointed with the whole movie. This slating of Curry and the mini-series is really getting out of hand.

      • Saturn

        TBH I don’t think anyone is really slating Curry or the mini-series, just pointing out that it hasn’t aged well.
        I still personally love the 1990’s interpretation, but preferred this new take.
        They can co-exist.

      • SutterKane

        Nobody that I’m aware of has slated Tim Curry, I think most people acknowledge that he gave an amazing performance, although it happened to be given in a pretty bad, early 90’s Television mini series.

        I haven’t seen this new version yet, I live in Tampa and have been spending my weekend preparing for Hurricane Irma, so I can’t comment on it.

  • Big Jim

    Really enjoyable film! And now, this…

    The idea that movies are supposed to be “scary” is bullshit. And scares are a cheap thrill, anyway. This was a story about young people going up against something evil and coming out victorious, and on that level, it was no different from a knight going into a dragon’s cave…

    The thing some don’t realize about King is that his stories aren’t really about the monsters so much as the ACTUAL PEOPLE going up against them. There’s a strain of humanity in King’s work, and the film adaptations didn’t start working until the directors figured that out!

  • American Atheist

    Hollywood will still resort to cgi filled PG-13 horror movies. They are lazy and want the quickest way to make money. I’m glad IT is doing well. I just don’t see Hollywood pumping out rated R horror movies like the good old days. I wish I were wrong.

    • aldenscott

      I didn’t even realize ‘It” was R-rated until reading this article. I didn’t think about the rating, just went and saw it. If you’d asked me, I would have guessed PG-13. Even if they do start producing more R-rated horror movies, apparently they’re going to be soft Rs.

      • Colonel Ives

        after all the kids dialog you didn’t think the movie was rated R?

        • Saturn

          It’s a 15 over here in Blighty.

        • aldenscott

          Nope. Guess I’m not enough of a puritan to think a few naughty words merit it.

    • kreddyfrueger

      IT may have been rated R, but it was still “cgi filled”

      • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

        Should’ve been pg13 too…

        Only reason it got an R is because that’s what’s trending these days. Just forced in enough bad language to hit that R quota I guess (didnt seem bad enough for an R to me, but what else was there?)

        But no no, R=”creative freedom” and stuff, right?

    • Darkhearst

      Horror is already one of the only genres of movies that make money right now.

  • anthonyd1

    Just got back from a Dolby Cinema Screening. I loved IT. The best way I could describe it is an R Rated Monster Squad and I loved every minute of it. I do not think I stopped smirking for the entire run time. People complaining that it is not a non stop horror show are missing the point of the movie. It is all about the coming of age of our Losers Club and they killed it. Cannot wait for more Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise in Part 2. This is a great crowd pleasing horror film for the ENTIRE family and that is why it will succeed so well at the box office. Just do not go in expecting a hardcore horror movie. IT is a fun carnival haunted ride and I cannot wait to see it again. (Did not realize how relevant the word it is haha)

    • Saturn

      I’ll hold my hands up and admit that when it was Skarsgård who got the role, instead of Will Poulter, I was against it.
      Thought to myself the blokes too good looking for the role, he’s a pretty boy and won’t be able to even lace up Tim Curry’s clownshoes.
      Boy, was I wrong. The guy is AWESOME as Pennywise and I can’t wait until the next movie.
      I saw it yesterday in a reasonably packed cinema (was a 3PM showing) and it seemed that everyone there had a blast with the movie. There weren’t too many younger faces there – seems that a lot of the people there were of a certain age that remembers the tv adaptation with fondness and were happy with the movie.
      I’m going to try and get out to see it again, but next week it’s Mother, so….
      I’ve had a pretty good time at the cinema this week, yesterday IT and a few days earlier THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM.

      • anthonyd1

        Skarsgård was great and I know he is going to be even more vicious in the sequel against the adults. Definitely going to check it out again this week. Mother! looks awesome. So pumped for that one next weekend.

      • J Jett

        i’m hoping to watch LIMEHOUSE GOLEM tonight! it looks great!

  • This pleases me.

  • Ocelot006 .

    Huge for all of us? I don’t see any of this money going into my bank.

    • REC03

      check it again.

    • Daniel Zamudio

      LOL, but is a good news tho. Hollywood only cares for money, so this will reflect on more R rated movies with good production

      • Ocelot006 .

        The Conjuring happened four years ago and we are still flooded with horror movies being edited down to PG-13 and then bombing.

        In a world of R-rated action making blockbuster bucks with Logan and Deadpool, Sony still edits The Dark Tower to a 90 min, PG-13 bland package.

  • Ress EZ

    I’m here to applaud on the possibility IT is making waves at the box office. Still haven’t watched it and couldn’t say if it’s good or not. But I don’t think it’s a question of that. To me it’s news when horror movies getting good results (same goes to tentpoles flop on opening week). So I’m gonna be happy for the movie and cherish this rare moment. Lastly (though it’s still early to wish it), just wanna say congrats to the team behind IT. Now get into work on the second one…..

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Shit yeah!

  • David

    I’d kinda like them to turn this into a trilogy. Usually splitting the second half into two parts is a money grubbing decision but in this case it could work really well. They could bring back all the kid actors and really show them transitioning into adults. This might avoid one of the biggest problems with the 1990 mini-series in that we sympathize with the children but that doesn’t carry over to the adult actors. 2012’s Looper actually did a pretty good job showing Joseph Gordon Levitt aging into Bruce Willis and having a chapter 2 and chapter 3 would allow the filmmakers to do the same thing with the Losers club.

  • SutterKane

    They are now projecting this to do upwards of $100 Million over the weekend. Gotta give it up to the people at New Line, the went a long way from being “The House that Freddy Built” through the 90’s and 00’s, but with the success of This, the Conjuring Universe and Lights Out, they seem to have rediscovered their roots in a big way.

    • kreddyfrueger

      Am I the only person who feels that “The Conjuring Universe” needs to be sucked into a giant Black Hole?…Lights Out too..the feature, not the short film.

      • SutterKane

        Can’t please everybody. My only point was that it’s cool to see them kind of return to their roots in the horror genre. As for the movies themselves, some I like, some I don’t.

      • lala2

        Agree about “Lights Out” but not “The Conjuring.” I loved both Conjuring movies.

      • Tiger Quinn

        I get your point, but it’s not bad – they’re actually well plotted, decently acted movies, far better than you’d suspect from their “The Hauntingly-ing 6” titles.

  • Cory D

    Awesome movie I was kinda of mad it used Georgie like a little puppet and slammed him in the water like that lol but I really enjoyed it I’m a have to see it again

  • ScrewBot

    Thumbs Up if you thought it was disappointing…

  • Mark

    its still behind Deadpool though

  • Tiger Quinn

    I’ve seen it four times now. It’s soooooooo good.

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