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‘Inside’ and ‘Limbo’ Two-Pack Available Now!

Remember back in June when it was announced that Playdead’s Inside and Limbo would be getting a two-pack physical release for PlayStation 4 and XBox One? Well, that day has arrived.

Currently available in North American, the pack will be available in Oceania, Germany and Austria on Thursday, September 14th, with the rest of Europe getting the games on September 15th. This special edition release includes both of the games, as well as collectors’ items including a limited run poster and art card.

For those who walked in late, Limbo was the game that put Playdead on the map back in 2010. The game garnered praise across the board, and earned numerous awards included several Game of the Year nods. Playdead’s follow-up was last year’s Inside, which again, earned critical acclaim (including earning big at this year’s BAFTA Awards). With the game being available for console and PC, you really owe it to yourself to play ’em.

Do it.

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  • kokok kokok
  • Colonel Ives

    LOVED both of these games. I’ll never forget the very first moments of limbo. the boy just laying there and me like uhhhh and then once I moved the joystick I understood that I had to figure it all out on my own. then the jumping and dragging. such a brilliant way to trust the player have at least played mario or any other platformer. a mature game for the gaming veterans. and then one day last year I was scrolling through the Xbox store for a new game and came across inside and thought hmmm this cover art eerily reminds me of limbo, and the fact the title is one word. I bought it without knowing they were by the same developer and fuck, I can’t wait for their third achievement

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