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“Inside” a Big Winner at the 2017 BAFTA Games Awards

One of the best games I played last year was Playdead “Inside”, a stark, bleak and yet harrowing tale of a boy on the run from sort of government facility. While more akin to something like Akira, the game touches on all sorts of classics from Flights of the Navigator to E.T. and even the more recent “Stranger Things”. While it’s something to behold visually, the gameplay and puzzles are what make this a big winner, which it was at the 2017 BAFTA Games Awards.

Playdead’s quiet, thought-provoking Inside was easily the most successful, picking up the awards for artistic achievement, game design, narrative and original property, reports Engaget.

For those who have yet to play, it’s available on PS4, Xbox and Steam, as well as Playdead’s other must-play title, the 2010 “Limbo”.



  • Fr0gg0

    It’s a shame though that it was so short. Could have been a bit longer. Especially for that price.

  • Colonel Ives

    limbo was incredible and inside floored me. can’t wait to get my hands on whatever playdead releases next. even if i have to wait another 6-7 years 🙂

  • MaryMaria

    Ah, I bought this on a sale recently but haven’t played it yet. Super looking forward to it, looks gorgeous and disturbing!

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