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Writers Finally Reveal Title to ‘Friday the 13th’ Remake’s Unmade Sequel

When it came time to reboot the Friday the 13th franchise, Platinum Dunes made the wise choice of bringing aboard two mega fans of the series to write the script: Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, who had years prior penned Freddy vs. Jason.

Released in 2009 and directed by Marcus Nispel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), the Friday the 13th remake divided fans (as all remakes do), but many agreed that it did justice to the franchise and, for better or worse, *felt* like a Friday the 13th movie. It also did pretty well at the box office, suggesting that a sequel wasn’t far behind.

Unfortunately, we’ve *still* never gotten a sequel to the Friday the 13th remake, and at this point it seems fairly certain that any subsequent installments in the franchise will not be picking up where the 2009 remake left off. After all, it’s now been nearly ten years since Nispel’s film hit theaters, so another reboot is far more likely.

But once upon a time, Shannon and Swift actually did write a sequel to their remake. And this week, they’ve taken to Twitter to finally reveal the title of that film…

Friday the 13th: Camp Blood – The Death of Jason Voorhees

In subsequent tweets, Shannon and Swift revealed that the film was set to be a direct sequel to the remake, but centered on new characters rather than continuing Whitney and Clay’s story. As they had previously noted, the 2009 remake’s sequel was also going to be set in the Winter, which would’ve been a first for the franchise.

As for the specifics of the sequel’s story, Shannon and Swift are still keeping their lips sealed. They still hope to someday get the film made, and don’t want to spoil it.

But it seems they had planned on killing Jason Voorhees once and for all…



  • Neto Ribeiro

    The second subtitle feels unnecessary, Camp Blood looks better on its own

  • The chicken man

    It seems pointless to make a “once and for all” death of Jason movie. Haven’t they watched the series?

    • Baron von Marshmallow

      I get what you’re saying, but the “death” could mean something different than just killing off Jason. Probably a clickbait for the fans 🙂

    • GinAndMiskatonic

      If I remember correctly, Jason in the remake was still a living human. The sequel might have been his “death” like in part IV so they could introduce the undead version of Jason.

      • The chicken man

        Ah, interesting theory! 🙂

  • Rofair

    I like “Camp Blood” as a subtitle but the second one seems forced and unnecessary. I also really like that it was going to revolve around a new cast as well, similar to the original films. Bummed that we haven’t gotten that F13 winter setting but I’m looking forward to “Slasher: Guilty Party” next week that seems to be doing that winter woods slasher concept.

    • J Jett

      Rofair, THANK YOU! i completely forgot about the 2nd season of SLASHER! very excited for it! 🙂

  • Stogie Jones

    We may get a new in 2019. The rights go to Warner Bros next year. Hopefully this lawsuit ends and we get a movie.

  • MadCows

    Camp Blood is a great subtitle. I really hope Shannon and Swift return when NL gets the rights back.

  • Jay Bennett

    ‘The Death of Jason Voorhees’

    *movie turns a huge profit*

    ‘Friday the 13th: Jason Lives….again’

  • Brey Compton Arriaga

    Jason will never die, they’ll always find a way to bring him back… But I always give a chance to everything they got, so this woul’ve been interested to watch… Althought the subtitle “Camp Blood” sounds kinda awful, sorry xD

  • Necro

    I like the ‘Camp Blood’ title, I like most really want a new film as well. Why do they have to make things so damn difficult?!

  • It reminds me of those tacky straight to DVD American Pie sequels.

    Also would’ve been willing to bet that Jason is still alive at the end

    • Lard

      Yeah pretty dumb title if you ask me.

    • jj.

      Friday the 13th: Band Camp

      • Friday the 13th: The Naked Jason

      • J Jett

        LOL! 🙂

      • Mark B

        HELL YES!!!! Can you imagine all those flutes???

        • jj.

          We know how much teenage sex pisses off Jason, now imagine his fury towards teenage SAX!

  • Blood Boil

    For better or worse many managed to agree? Speak for yourself. This was probably the worst remake yet. I don’t know a single person who liked this movie.

    • MrX13

      I actually liked this movie. In fact, I loved it so much, I have on both DVD, BluRay, and Digital Copy on Vudu.

    • Trav

      It’s been awhile, but I remember actually really enjoying the 2009 remake.

    • Kristoffer Groves

      I liked it

    • turk

      You do now. Hardly a classic, but I’d certainly put it above some of the later sequels in the series. I enjoyed it.

    • J Jett

      i loved the 2009 film. it’s the best entry since part 4. all zombie Jason films are god awful.

    • Halloween_Vic

      I liked it and was far better then a lot of the sequels. It’s technically the best since part 4 with the exception of part 6.

    • John Connor

      I love this film.
      Would rank at top with 2-6.

  • MrX13

    I prefer the ‘Camp Blood’ for the title but not with “The Death of Jason Voorhees”. This basically gives away the entire movie.

    Since Jason was a human in the remake, they could “kill” him at the end and then have an after-credits scene where he comes back from the dead, either walking out of the lake or rising from his grave.

  • Grimphantom

    “But it seems they had planned on killing Jason Voorhees once and for all…”
    pffttt yeah right XD

  • ShadowInc

    I liked the TCM remake, but particularly like the F13TH remake. Somehow, it didn’t quite feel right.

  • DaddyKo

    You rebooted the franchise to officially kill the character in part 2? No but the winter setting sounds cool.

  • Trav

    Take the whole “Death of Jason Voorhees” out of the title, and it’s good. I actually would have liked to see that, as I personally enjoyed the 2009 remake. But guys…just release the script to the public, as I highly doubt this movie will ever get made. The remake came out nearly a decade ago. If New Line wanted to do a sequel, they would have by now.

  • zomnombie

    Since when has a Jason film listened to its taglines. Final Chapter? There were 8 more films after that!

  • Mister B

    I would prefer Camp Blood as the main title, maybe with Friday the 13th as a subtitle.

  • Khy

    Unless they have some strong connections with WB or wherever the franchise ends up in 2018- I really think they should just realize that this is not going to happen. I find it funny how the last two scripts by the more recent writers have found their way online yet this one that’s been teased for the past 8 years now is still mysteriously kept under wraps.

    I guess since it centered around a new batch of characters and had a different angle(winter) then they can easily omit any reboot references and just make it its own thing if they are ever given the opportunity…but I just don’t see that happening. I’m sure the studio will want to go with fresh blood. This will never be made and I would prefer if they just stop teasing it.

  • Cool title (besides the “Death” part), but the 2009 reboot wasn’t good, so I’m glad they didn’t continue it. It looks like the sequel would have continued to boringly retread old material by giving the ‘final’ death of Jason Voorhees for the third time. And really, even if you liked the reboot, they backed themselves into a corner in regards to making a sequel. They tried (and failed) so hard to make Jason realistic that there is no convincing way to bring him back to life after getting stabbed in the heart. The sequel would have needed a drastically different tone to the 2009 film, which wouldn’t work considering it was going to come out the very next year. Now that we know that this is another retread from filmmakers that don’t quite get what makes Friday the 13th great, it’s good this didn’t happen.

    • It should also be noted that the film wasn’t going to be set in winter. That was only going to be a small portion of the film (and this idea is nothing new, as even Jason X writer Todd Farmer wanted to do a F13 film in the winter).

    • J Jett

      while i agree w/ you that Shannon & Swift aren’t good writers, i definitely disagree regarding 2009’s Jason. imo he’s the best Jason since part 4’s Ted White incarnation of the role (part 3’s was pretty good too).

      • All the same, it’s still probably best they didn’t make this particular sequel. The only way to really bring him back after getting stabbed in the heart and dumped in the lake is to go the undead route. Given that this film would have taken place some time after the 2009 film (despite the planned release of 2010), the subtitle of “The Death of Jason Voorhees”, and the fact that the first reboot film already went through the first four films in a quick fashion, that’s probably the direction they were going.

        • J Jett

          it’s weird for me to actually love the remake/reboot film yet i think so much of the writing (thanks to lousy writers Shannon/Swift) is just horrible. lol.

  • J Jett

    imo Shannon & Swift are horrible writers. i loved the reboot film IN SPITE OF the terrible writing (with regards to characters/how characters actually would talk to each other/etc.). remember that cringe-inducing…”SAY HI TO MOMMY…IN HELL!”…line Whitney says to Jason at the end? yup.
    the 2009 film did have the best Jason incarnation since part 4’s Ted White though.

    • theundead

      Then make your own movie

    • John Connor

      Why wouldn’t she say that?

      • MeeGhoulz

        Well, she did. It was kinda your typical Hollywood impactful cliche line.

      • Horrible Day

        it would have been much more effective if she’d just said “Say hi to mommy” and drop the whole “in hell” part

        • J Jett

          Horrible Day, i agree! 🙂

      • J Jett

        John, LOL. come on man, that line is almost as unbareable as “DO YOU THING, CUZ” line from TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D! lol.

        • John Connor

          She was held captive by him for a long time.
          She wants him to die and suffer.
          It even works as a little nod to Jason Goes To Hell.

          I don’t recall this scene, I’m taking your word for it.
          It sounds like something a desperate captive girl who just escaped with her life would say to the one that tormented and traumatized her for life when finally getting the upper hand in the heat of the moment.

          Oh right, I suppose you would have taken a moment to choose your words carefully, maybe even pull out a dictionary so no one would make fun of your verbal usage in case someone’s recording to embarrass you later on in a message board.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Good thing this didn’t get made. “The Death of Jason Voorhees” is an oxymoron in itself. His death is implied in every movie with a subtle well, not really hint. Part 9 marketed itself as the last one, so no one is gonna buy that title, much less believe any on-screen death is permanent. We go into every movie expecting him to die by the end. No need to try to sell that element beforehand.

    • MeeGhoulz

      Unless they are referring to his death when he was a child. Sort of a remake of the original pre Jason movie with crazy mommy. Love that one.

      • Flu-Like Symptoms

        True. Good point.

  • disqus_uqr3Boh0Wp

    “many agreed that it did justice to the franchise and, for better or worse, *felt* like a Friday the 13th movie.”

    that’s shit, that film is an abomination.

    • J Jett

      nah, it was pretty good.

    • SPN-86

      The 2009 film is the best one in the series by a country mile, dumbass.

      The original first 4 are the EXACT SAME MOVIE ridiculously made 4 times and they’re also boring as shit.

  • James B.

    The fact that they posted this tweet nakes me think they’ve been reapproached regarding a sequel! One thing missing from the original remake, as much as I adore it, is that it has absolutely no camp counselors. They should keep the serious tone in the next movie, but add counselors. They should keep Shannon and Swift.

  • Halloween_Vic

    I honestly loved the remake and was really hoping that a sequel to the remake was gonna get made. Maybe just reboot it and call it Friday the 13th: Camp Blood!! That sounds nice.

  • BreeBennett

    I wanted this sequel so badly.

  • Pikachu

    At this point just make a movie any movie. Make a christmas movie for all i care.

  • John Connor

    The only bad thing about the film was that it was a sequel to Transformers followed by a bunch of awful sequels.

  • Maelwolf

    I like the remake, but rather than a sequel, it would be a lot more interesting for future F13 films to be standalone Jason stories with different directors. Could have some unique interpretations.

  • Demented Daniel

    I thought the Friday The 13th remake was ki-ki-ki-killer, ma-ma-ma-man.

  • Adam Clifton

    Well I’m glad it didn’t happen. What’s the deal with trying to legitimately kill off Jason and Michael in their movies now? Why can’t they just continue them like the 80s

    • Mac Spoon

      Not to come off as attacking you, but John Carpenter meant for Michael and Dr. Loomis to have died in part 2 in the hospital explosion. That is why he had nothing to do with the franchise after that. And that is why the new on coming out next year is either a direct sequel to part 2 or the original.

  • Trelo Leipsano

    I am A very mega huge fan of mu sweet muscle slasher boy Jason Voorhees but please stop praising the remake!!! The remake was god awful after the first team of kids were killed abd after The bew kids have arrived in the camp!!! That new Jason wash’t very Jasonish like the ones from the older movies(especially from friday movies part 3, 6 and 7) and in the end of the remake what happened after jason caught Whitney and Clay was watching??? It didh’t have any middle credits scene to discover about Whitney’s or Clay’s fate!!! The remake should have been darker than tbe original but have the style and the atmosphere a little bitt more than the originals and just like the originals!!! This remake was like a fucking supernatural with dean and sam series episode and I fucking hate a lot of times very much most of the episodes and seasons of supernatural show painfully as fuck, Jason X was like a star trek which I am not a fan very much at all and I do not like them both very much, Jason goes to hell was another shitty Supernatural Show and evil dead awful rip off which I hate it just like the remake of friday, and Freddy vs Jason was sooo mediocre and boring in most parts and many of the good characters I have loved they have fucking died in most of the movie and many other horrible errors ad very painful shitty writing and characters!!! I hope, truly hope for the best to see another new friday the 13th remake series in modern era in 2017 with more interesting cast, characters, story, Jason actir, places, director, atmosphere, style, more kills and frights!!!! Love ya ALL my fellow friends!!!!!!

    • J Jett

      nope. the remake was great. the best Jason since part 4’s Ted White. was it flawless/perfect? no but it was the best F13 since part 4. and have you ever watched an F13 movie? Jason in parts 6-Jaxon X is zombie Jason (zombie Jason is just god awful). Jason from the reboot was 99% Jason from parts 2-4 (his roasting the woman over the fire was dumb and very non-Jason-ish).

      • Trelo Leipsano

        I certainly have watched all the 12 movies but the movie that I have been watching and I am still watching all the time are the original first movie with pamela until the 8th movie jason takes manhattan!!! Do not call and attack me that I haven’t watched Jason voorhees movies not even sigle once in my life or I do not know who, crystal lake or his mother are!!! I am a true mega fan even though I do not have other accesories or souvenirs of friday the 13th such as comics or action figures, I am still a veey big mega fan boy of Jason and his franchise!!! And Zombie Jason is way better than the other veraions and my favourite movies of his are part 3, 6, 7 and the original with pamela and I also like very very much the part 2, part 4 and part 8 and 5 but I do hate jason goes to hell, freddy vs jason and I do not like very much Jason X but I do not hate just like jason goes to hell and freddy vs jason!!!! Your argument is invalid point do not misunderstand me at all but please go and check some doctor to see if you are alright that you are insulting people or try to proove yourself better!!! Also by the way do not think that I am salty or because you have insulted and offended me I am gonna cry little pal which I won’t cry at all but I will tell you to kiss my ass!!! Do not get offended by that!!!! Goodbye and have a nice day mister trollman!!! Whenever you want to solve a problem I am here to have a conversation with you just do not get so Trollish to your attitude and behaviour mister!!! Bye, Bye, for now!!!!

    • Mac Spoon

      Well part 6 and onward he was a zombie. So there’s that. Derek Mears was quite similar to the Jasons of parts 2-4. Jason ran in parts 2 and 3. Derek Mears ran faster. The end was an homage to the original movie where a young Jason popped up out of the water and took the girl down, but we know that didn’t happen. So the remake sort of did the same thing. It just didn’t show that after he came back up whether it was real or if he was still in the barn. We won’t get a new Jason for a while until that legal battle between Sean S. Cunningham and the writer of the original work out their differences.

  • Trelo Leipsano

    For the remake have as teenager cast I would like to see RJ Cyler(Black 1) Sky Jackson(Black 2), Bella Thorn, Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor Joy, Jane Levy, Zack Efron, Dove Cameron as the final girl survivor, Emilia Clarke, Logan Lerman, Katherine McNamara and Robert Sheehan as the final boy survivor. As for mommy voorhees I would love Jessica Lange, As for Jason I would like to see John Cenna, The Rock, or David Harbour and as a director Rob Zombie, Gore Verbinski, David Ayer or Fede Alvarez!!!!

    • Mac Spoon

      It’ll be a while before we get another film due to the legal battle between Sean S. Cunningham and the writer of the first movie.

  • Simon Allen

    Shannon and Swift are terrible writers and I’m so glad this sequel didn’t get made ….their dialogue is crude and sounds like it was written be teenage fanboys ……I will never forgive then for completely wasting the iconic moment when Jason finds the mask in the remake and just making it a big old nothing .
    Also their attitude to sex in the movie is just plain ugly and embarrassing .

    • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

      you mean like how when he found the mask in part 3, and it was no big deal?

      grow up.

      • Simon Allen

        Back then they couldn’t possibly have known how iconic it was going to become so why would they make a big deal ?

        • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

          should he dance and whoop?
          im not getting what you wanted done.

      • J Jett

        um, no Brandon. Simon Allen is 100% spot on correct.

        • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

          um, no.
          i’ll repeat: you want jason to dance around?
          you understand he isnt much for display, right?

    • Mac Spoon

      It wasn’t their fault. There’s a deleted scene that showed how Jason got the mask, but they were forced to change it to him just finding it in that pile of stuff.

      • Simon Allen

        I’ve seen the deleted scene … involves a redneck masturbating thus proving my point about this duo .

        • Mac Spoon

          Still Jason killed that redneck a lot worse than he did in the Theatrical Cut and got the mask in a more violent way. In part 3, we saw that he got Shelly’s hockey mask with an off-screen kill.

  • Trelo Leipsano

    For writers of the remake I would like true fans of friday, horror, slasher films!!! The Jason actor especially John Cena needs to be more muscled in body and in the arms, to be more silent, more creepy, more dangerous, more physical stronger, more fatal and skillful use of weapons and fight and of the machete and the ax, very fast when he wants to run and slow whenever he moves as a psycho killer or a zombie jason. More clever as a killer and a hunter but in many various moments to be naive and miscalculated, to have creepy, sinister, peculiar, threatning and deadly behaviour towards his preys but very friendly and ackward childish, innocent personality to children he meets, trauma and tragicness from his tortured past and life, feelings and emotios and show them through his moves and behaviour. About John Cena as Jason if you do not like him or the other why not for a bidybuilder or a heavy lifter like vytautas lalas, Bartolomiej Grubba or Hafthor Julius Bjornsonn the mountain from the mediocre and most boring fantasy show the game of thrones??? He is so tall and muscled that he would be with the righteous make up effects and directing guidance, maneurisms, expressions, acting, the most beloved, traumatized, dramatic, deadly, menacing, badass and coolest Jason Voorhees!!!! I would love it even more if one of these strong men would be the new and the bestiest Jason Voorhees alongside with Jessica Lange as Pamela Voorhees for the new remake Friday the 13th franchise series!!! The new remake movie and sequels atmosphere, style, places and plot to be dark, gritty, dramatic, mysterious, peculiar, sinister, suspenceful, but also little bitt supernatural vibes and horror but with colourful and family comedic, friendly vibes for example when a victim goes for swimming to do something funny and bonkers or when a couple in the night to sing an old romantic song or playing a board game like uno or cluedo and having great time while taking about friendly and emotional stuff or for a movie they like or do not like, or someone of them has fallen by an accident in the forrest while hiking and he gets helps, compassion and support, or one of them has a problem and he seeks help or it has a troubled past and wants to overcome it or hide it and it seeks guidance or solution from somebody, or somebody is a racist, mean, bully and it becomes a good and kind, openminded, chill out person and helps people who are gay to accept themselves and find their own inner soul mate or be free to express, or they have issues like family problems, bullying, drugs or phobias and to overcome them or just accept who they are and stop hurting themeselves or others !!! Just like the classic friday films but little more better!!!! Horror films need to be more relateable and influencial to all of us!!!! In the end of the movie the survivors to have a very good and satisfying happy ending about what they have done in their life together as a couple, friends, partners, or far away apart from one another after they have survived from Jason and Crystal Lake massacres. Jason in the end keeps some young little children to crystal lake and he keeps watching them as a good guardian angel and lurking in the woods for his next preys. The soundtrack to be from Alice Cooper and Johnny Depps Hollywood Vampires, King Diamond, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and to have horror/slasher/haloween vibe. The movie score from harry manfredini. The actors who played in the original movies of Jason to make cameos, references and quotes about other horror movies, nerdy and geeky stuff. The survivors Dove Cameron and Shehann when they are gonna survive to tell to reporters about Jason and many things in Crystal Lake and nobodies believes them so much but they make Jason an urban legend and mascot for the people to pay visit to the camp and for many children to come for champing. The whole story of Jason killing the characters of the cast to take place in a week and the end of the movie to be dawn of sunday 22th of 2017 that the 2 final kids survive and beat Jason but not killing him and his mother.Very and many hack and slash gory scenes, killings and final fight between Jason and the girl with the nerdy boy as her assistant and partner in the fight. The 2 final kids through the entire movie to be like detectives and search and discover about the killings and the history of Jason, his family, his backstory with his drowning, his mother, and what else is going on in crystal like before their arrival and to the champ chancellors and what they can do to survive against Jason and his mother and how to warn and save the other and have them believe in their discovery and Jason’s sinister plans and story. Curtain very good flashbacks about Jason, his life with his mother on crystal lake, his bullying, some of his hobbies and happy cheerful and touching, emotional, sad moments with and without his mother before her death and after her death. Little backstory and motives to the teenagers that have been killed by pamela for jason’s demise in the lake through words or pictures and the same thing about the new kids so we can know a little better, like them and hate them to. Many residents to try to warn the new kids and the kids to not listen, laugh, mock or not believe them. Crazy or a crazy carl, survivor of pamela voorhees attack, or a fortune teller kind of a character about Jason’s presence and upcoming killings played by Whoopie Gouldberg, Ian McKellen or Patrick Stewart in a crazy, funny, disturbing, creepy, emotiinal and dramatic acting performance, ways and exxpresions. 2017 era halloween atmosphere and many pop culture stuff. These are the things I do really want to see in the remake franchise series of friday the 13th.

  • Trelo Leipsano

    And the final fight against Jasin and Pamela to be bloody, gory, badass with the final duo to trick the son and the mother into certain traps or dangerous locations, to give many more fatal and bloody strikes with weapons and traps to Jason and his mother and also get a few scars and injuries but live for the next day to come. The final duo to have some skills, expiriences and talents that these things will help them to fight for their lives in close and far away combat against jason and his mommy even when they are in serious danger to get killed from the voorhees. The little children that Jason and his mommy will keep to take care will not be rescued in the end by the final teenagers and have the final girl and boy wondering if they have saved them or not from the voorhees while leaving Crystal Lake. The little kids while staying with jasin to work for him to bring more preys to his nest to kill and help him and his mommy in the killing by murdering teenagers or other annoying and older tresspassors in crystal lake so they can be sequels. The little children who help the voorhees in their killing spree to keep hiding and start training how they can be deadly, little psycho and dangerous in slashing people and do their sinister stuff especially in ramdon scary and creepy ways but get back to their secret hiding and listen to Jason, care for him and his momma and follow their ways and tradition of slashing and killing annoying and mean teenagers especially girls and hotshot boys. The movie to have a lot of simple entertaining and elegant story, the kills to be simple, creative, entertainig and elegant especially from Jason and his machete, Jason and his mother to use many tricks in many moments of each day and night at certain hours even in the midnight raining to deceive, trick, lure and kill their victims. To have a little romance and crazy bonkers humour. To have certain bad boys who deserve to die, a bully, a dump, a nerd, a geek, a cheerleader, a studying actress, a gym boy, a few bullies, a racist, fat goliath kind brave kid to be injured and go to the hospital so it can come back in the 2nd movie to face jason and live even for the 3rd movie which he will be mentioned that he faced jason in combat, killed the killer and he lived far away alive totally and happy and he will nevee come back again to crystal lake but he will be remebered as a very big hero, an annoying troll and hater, a cop with is partners to watch out for Jason’s killing mission and a lot of cool and very nice kids to be killed until only two of the nicest to be left alive against the duo killer familly. Just the story and characters to be simple, entertaining, very cool(most of them especially the two finalists)very nice looking with tragicness and drama, life and humour, skills and elegant and I will definetely love even more this movie and it’s sequels.

  • SPN-86

    “It did justice to the franchise and, FOR BETER OR WORSE, *felt* like a Friday the 13th movie.”

    Please explain to everyone exactly how the hell a Friday the 13th movie FEELING like a Friday the 13th movie is quote……”for the worse” ???

    *rolls eyes*

    christ, just grow the hell up and admit that it was a GREAT horror movie that was far better than the overrated, borefest originals without having to give some pathetic, moody teenager type answer because you ridiculously refuse to give credit to an excellent movie!

    • Mac Spoon

      Agreed. The remake for me was one of the better entries and one of my favorites along with part 2 and part 4.

    • MadCows

      Derek Mears FTW!

  • nicholasmwalker

    i have to say i’m not in love with the winter setting. part of what i love about the friday the 13th films is the summer camp setting. i think a winter setting would be cool but i wouldnt want it for the whole film, i’d prefer it as book ends. i thought shannon and swift did a good job with 2009, but their dialogue could use some work. but who knows how long it will be before another friday the 13th comes out… in the mean time i’m just looking forward to “never hike alone”

  • Michael M

    One of the worst of these remakes of classic horror movies in the last 15 years. Didn’t feel anything like a Friday the 13th movie.

  • Lord Elric

    I argue that FRIDAY THE 13th was not a remake. Just anther Jason adventure.

  • WindowsIsDead

    Why would you remind me of the existence of that terrible remake? I carefully placed it on my mind’s void bin alongside the painful and utterly unnecessary remake of NoES.
    Now I’ll have to watch from Part I to X to cleanse the bad taste, good thing is almost Ft13th in an October, so its actually due time!

    • George W. Kush

      If you think that anything past VII was better than the remake….

      • WindowsIsDead

        I do, I’m all in for zombie Jason and I think Jason goes to Hell is under appreciated

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