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Sony Bringing Back a Remastered ‘MediEvil’ in 2018!

It’s not Devil May Cry 5, and it certainly wasn’t what we expected. But man, I love it all the same.

At PlayStation Experience, Sony announced that in 2018, they’re bringing back Sir Daniel Fortesque and company in a 4K remaster of their 1998 game, MediEvil! The brief trailer for the game states that more info will be released “soon”, but sadly, we have to wait.

For those in need a of a refresher, the original MediEvil is a hack-and-slash adventure game starring the undead knight Sir Daniel Fortesque in his quest to stop the evil sorcerer Zarok and his undead army from conquering the kingdom of Gallowmere.

The game had a fun blend of horror and comedy, and was fairly well-received upon release. It garnered enough sales to warrant a sequel two years later with MediEvil II. After that, the series lay dormant for five years until a re-imagining of the first game was released on the PSP as MediEvil: Resurrection. I for one can’t wait for this remaster.



  • Blade

    This was literally the only thing they showed good there that night. The show was kind of a disaster lol this made me happy at the end though. A very underappreciated series that was very fun to play back in the day. This will be a launch day purchase for me!

    • Doctor Dementor

      a disaster? maybe for you but we got the return of SOUL CALIBUR!! some news about the new god of war , spiderman,days gone,ghost of tsushima,gameplay trailer for Concrete genie , patapon 2 and locoroco 2 remastered and some pictures and news about Dreams…………it wasn’t the best PSX but it’s not a disaster either….we got soul calibur…SOUL CALIBUR!!!!!!

      • Blade

        Soul Calibur was HYPE!!! But we had just seen it the night before at the game awards, then a bunch of people talking about stuff we have already seen. I guess I found it bad was because there were really no new big reveals like last year.

        It just seemed like a huge step down from previous psx’s imo. Maybe im just salty that we didn’t get to see FromSoftware’s new game lol

        • Doctor Dementor

          the mysterious bloody teaser? it can be a new bloodborne or the reboot of Shadow tower..or………THE RETURN OF TENCHU!!!!!

  • Grimphantom

    This is awesome news. First Crash Bandicoot and now MediEvil! I do hope that with the remastered they try keeping the gothic look both designs and music since Resurrection butchered the dang thing.

    • Doctor Dementor

      so it’s really a remastered version? i thought it will be a full remake like resurrection , but why not…it’s Sir Daniel Fortesque dammit!!!!

      • Grimphantom

        I do believe they will do the same way as Crash Bandicoot, so fingers cross on that.

  • Weresmurf

    This definitely warms my heart! Can’t wait! MediEvil was one of my very first games as an 19 year old when I got my very first PS1 when it was first released. Oh the fun nostalgia trip I’m going to go on with it!

    Now, can someone please get BLOOD OMEN : LEGACY OF KAIN and tidy up the 2d sprites and rerelease it…

    • Grimphantom

      Nice choice there! It’s been awhile since i played the first Legacy of Kain games and that would be cool to see remastered along with Spyro.

  • Alanmac

    Holy cow I forgot all about this game. That was the first Christmas with my wife, (girlfriend at that time), and I got her a PS with this game. I remember playing it in her dorm room at ECU for hours. Lots of fun!

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