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Win A Chance To Be Zombified In Michael Moreci’s ‘The Crazies’ Like ‘Quarantine’



Not sure how to feel about this one. Today i got an e-mail about an upcoming Indy series titled simply as “QUARANTINE” that is set to drop sometime later this year. Not a whole lot is known about the series that revolves around a chemical weapon that is accidentally released into the water supply of a small town causing peculiar and violent behavior in those afflicted except for the fact that it sounds oddly familiar. In any event, writer Michael Moreci announced on his blog that he is giving readers a chance to become immortalized as a zombie for the upcoming series this week. Read on for all the details and the specs.

Here’s what Moreci had says about the contest on his blog…

“Well, I think I’m officially joined the realm of the surreal. After the long–but great–process that has gotten Quarantine to this point, it’s starting to be time to share it with others. A batch of issue one previews are printing and will be in my hands soon. The anticipation, I have to admit, has me a bit on edge, but in a good way (especially after seeing Jen Torche’s design work for the inside and back covers–the back is shown here).

To help kick off this exciting time, I am proud to be part of Imagine Daily’s “I Love Zombies Day.” Anthony Zummo over at ID was gracious enough to allow Quarantine to take part in the undead festivities. To celebrate the day, ID has suggested the following activities:

1.Have a Zombie movie marathon.
2.Start a Zombie Walk in your area.
3.Catch up on some graphic novels like The Walking Dead
4.Play some multiplayer video games like Left 4 Dead with your buddies.
5.Have a dinner party where all the food items resemble victims in a zombie movie.
(brain jello mold? Red Velvet cake shaped like a torso with pink icing?)

And, here’s where Quarantine comes in, the top three winners deemed to have the best I Love Zombies celebration will win t-shirts and…the first issue of Quarantine! Signed by Monty and I!

So take part of the fun, and who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself a winner (I mean, if you spend a day playing Left 4 Dead or watching Romero movies, you really can’t lose).”

As for the details on the series itself it sounds like a lifted synopsis from Overture Films’ George A. Romero zombie remake ‘THE CRAZIES’ that was released this past weekend. Here’s the synopsis, what say you?

“In a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a virus is released into the water supply, transforming people into vicious killers—the “infected.” The military shuts down the borders—no way in, no way out. A group of survivors trapped within the town must survive against the infected, against the odds, and against each other.

This is Quarantine.

Presented as a 146-page original graphic novel, Quarantine aims to carry the torch of the zombie tradition. Through the struggles of the characters and the choices they are forced to make, Quarantine is a microcosm examination of society. It’s about compromising values and morals and the threat of becoming something you are not.

Think 28 Days Later meets LOST.”


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