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BD Pick Of The Week: ‘Forgetless’ Issue #3 +5 Page Preview



This weeks’ pick of the week wasn’t easy seeing as there are so many promising issues for some of your favorite titles coming out tomorrow (‘HAUNT’, ‘DEAD AHEAD’, ‘CHEW’, ‘DINGO’) but when it came down to it a title such as ‘FORGETLESS’ needs to be talked about. Read on for the 5 page preview and, of course, why you should care. “The Forgetless nightclub is the biggest party in New York, and now it’s ending. But Sonia and Sara, struggling models turned professional killers, want to make sure it goes out with a bang. Derrick, a failed artist and hypnotist’s assistant happens to be the unlucky guy caught in their crosshairs!”

WRITTEN BY: Nick Spencer
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: W. Scott Forbes, Marley Zarcone

So, how exactly does a struggling model become a professional killer? And what happens when said model-turned-killer ends up getting trashed and shooting the wrong guy – the really wrong guy? The party’s just getting started at FORGETLESS club night, but for our girl Sara, it might already be over.


Why You Should Care

For those who haven’t gotten themselves acquainted with Nick Spencer’s (‘EXISTENCE 2.0’) MTV Generation fueled work in the darker veins of comedy and sci-fi then you are horribly missing out. ‘FORGETLESS’ offers readers equal amounts comedy, action, violence, and sex appeal in a neat little package that should appeal to even the most timid of readers. In fact this is one of the few titles that i would venture to say you could show your girlfriend and she would actually show interest. (Disclaimer: I offer no guarantees) The story of Sonia and Sara is not only a journey that has thus far been highly entertaining, but also one that is very unique and often times downright unforgettable. (I couldn’t help it, give me a break)

If you are looking to get into the series this month’s issue would be a good time to start. The third installment of the series promises to give readers new insight into the pasts of the female leads who are responsible for the bloodshed in club ‘Forgetless’, and to explain some key plot-points.

So for those who are looking for something new and something very unique that will offer not only some thrills but laughs as well then Nick Spencer’s “FORGETLESS” is a title that is more than worth your $3.50.


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