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Image’s Upcoming ‘TURF’ Breaks Pre-Sale Records In The UK!

When it was announced that popular UK broadcaster Jonathon Ross would be breaking into comics with the highly anticipated vampire/alien/sci/horror hybrid “TURF” from Image Comics everyone predicted big numbers. After all if even a fraction of Ross’ fans were to pick up the first issue of the title it would make for one of the biggest opening day numbers of the year. But according to the guys over at Bleeding Cool News a lot more than just a fraction of his fans are out supporting the title. Read on for the skinny plus the 4 page preview of the title before it drops next month. “Written by UK broadcaster Jonathan Ross and drawn by Tommy Lee Edwards (“DAREDEVIL”, “X-MEN”) comes a four- issue hard boiled noir crime thriller with girls, guns, fangs and aliens. New York, 1929. The height of prohibition. The cops turn a blind eye while the mobs run the city, dealing in guns, girls and illegal liquor. But the arrival of the mysterious Dragonmir Family from Eastern Europe with more of a taste for blood then booze co-incides with a series of brutal attacks on the gangsters themselves. As the gangs fall before the fangs, only handful of mobsters survive.”

Here Is An Excerpt From The News Over At Bleeding Cool…

“Forbidden Planet, one of two UK chains with the same name, anbd with stores across the UK including London, have received more preorders from customers for Turf #1, than of any other comic to date . This includes during the nineties, when hot comics regularly sold ten times the amount they could be expected to sell today. That includes beating preorders for X-Men #1, the US sales of which topped seven million. It’s likely, on that basis, to presume that UK sales for the book will tower over US sales, where Jonathan Ross is a relatively unknown commodity, for the preserve of recent BBC America viewers, people who work in media and those who have discovered his work through the likes of his documentary In Search Of Steve Ditko.”

You Can Read The Full Report Over At Bleeding Cool News

I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to this one. Ross is a huge comic book fan, and early reviews are calling this one of the best new stories this year. All I can say is we will all find out what all the fuss is about come April 7th. Below you can read the first 4 pages of the first issue, and then be sure to leave us your thoughts on the title.

“An unlikely alliance formed between tough guy Eddie Falco and a character from a LONG way from New York City – a long way from Earth in fact – offers the humans a glimmer of hope. As the strong willed young reporter Susie Dale from the Gotham Herald tries to survive in the middle of the maelstrom, and an ancient prophecy unfolds, no one can guess who’s going to win the battle for this particular slice of Turf.”

“TURF” Issue #1 Hits News Stands From Image Comics April 7th! (MSRP-$2.99)



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