WonderCon 2010: Image Announces 'Frankie-Stein' For The Fall! - Bloody Disgusting
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WonderCon 2010: Image Announces ‘Frankie-Stein’ For The Fall!



As the 2010 installment of WonderCon continues publisher Image Comics is getting in on the fun announcing plans for several of their Fall titles, one of which being the childrens story titled “FRANKIE-STEIN”. Oddly enough the title reunites the team behind “SOUL-KISS” Steven T. Seagle and Marco Cinello. Inside you can read all the details on the story as well as get a look at some early artwork. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Steven T. Seagle

“The story tells the tale of young Frankie, a young child that lives outside of Transylvania, Pennsylvania and is more or less your typical youth – aside from the bolts, scars and green flesh, that is.”

“FRANKIE-STEIN” Is Slated For An Unspecified Fall Release.

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