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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With ‘Hack/Slash’ Creator Tim Seeley! PLUS Never Before Seen ‘My First Maniac’ And ‘Wild Game’ Artwork!

Never underestimate the power of Twitter. Earlier this week as I was keeping up with my loyal followers I decided to make a request (more like a plea) to “HACKS/SLASH” creator Tim Seeley for an interview here at Graphic Content. Low and behold just an hour later the scribe and I were already talking about his move from DDP to new publisher Image, buying back his brainchild through a personal loan, “MY FIRST MANIAC”, “WILD GAME”, who should play Cassie in the upcoming film, and the chances of a “WALKING DEAD” crossover. So with all that has been said, with all the rumors circulating, and the speculation behind the future of the ubber popular writer/illustrator inside you can get your stories straight as we sit down one-on-one with the man himself. Read on for the skinny PLUS some exclusive never before seen artwork from the upcoming “MY FIRST MANIAC” and Tim’s werewolf project, “WILD GAME”.

THEoDEAD:” First of all thank you very much for taking the time to do this for the readers. It has been a busy past couple of months for you since the announcement of your departure from DDP and the subsequent move to Image. How long was this move in the works?”

TIM SEELEY:”It’d been discussed for several months as soon as it seemed obvious that DDP’s monetary issues were going to make it hard to publish Hack/Slash. But Josh and I always managed to come up with a solution. But eventually, we ran out of solutions, and a move to Image was the ONLY way. I was excited about it, so it was KILLIN’ me to not be able to talk about it.”

THEoDEAD:” There got to be a point in your tenure with Devil s Due the release of HACK/SLASH started to get delayed and moved back for readers. This past week the second issue of the SUPER SIDEKICK SLEEPOVER SLAUGHTER was released after much delay. Do you plan to finish the arc in time for MY FIRST MANIAC in June? ”

TIM SEELEY:”Yeah, that is GOING TO HAPPEN. Everything will work out for readers, because I’m anal and crazy about my continuity and stories and I’ll make sure the transition is totally easy for them. ”

THEoDEAD:” I know it must have been a rough thing to have to do, but you have had a lot of success with Image in the past, and the publisher seems to be a perfect fit being such a haven for creator owned titles. Recently news was spread that you would be paying your collaborators on HACK/SLASH out of a personal loan. Can you speak a little about that? Was this something you felt a personal obligation to resolve for your fellow artists? ”

TIM SEELEY:”Yeah, that was something that very early on, I was really concerned about. In fact, it came my main sticking point with DDP…if the book wasn’t coming out, and money wasn’t coming in, my creators weren’t getting paid. SO, in the end, we decided that by paying off the debt, I’d be essentially buying the publishing rights back from DDP. SO, I’ve spent the last two weeks going to the bank every few days and filling out paperwork…I’m hoping they open my “corporate” line of credit soon. ”

THEoDEAD:” Now that you have made the jump to your new publisher is there any chance of the long rumored HACK/SLASH feature film getting off the ground? Or does the publisher change not really affect the film rights at all? Is the film still being planned at all?”

TIM SEELEY:”Yeah, the film and the comic seem to have very little to do with each other at the point. Rogue/Relativity owns the rights, and they’re making the movie, on their own time. I don;t know if they even care where and when the comic comes out.

But they are still working on it, and they have some kind of plan going as we speak. I know people are excited about the movie stuff, and I WISH I was more able to move it along for you…but it’s really not in my hands. I make comics! ”

THEoDEAD:” Yea, everyone is really excited for that, and hopefully when it gets off the ground we will be talking again. So the first arc of “HACK/SLASH” you have coming courtesy of Image is “MY FIRST MANIAC”, an origin story of sorts for Cassie. What can you tell us about the project? ”

TIM SEELEY:”MY FIRST MANIAC is a story I always wanted to tell, but it never fit in, especially with in the subplot-full ongoing series. But starting at a new publisher after being around for 6 years is a PERFECT time to go back and start with the basics. So this story is my “BATMAN YEAR ONE” for Cassie…we see her figuring herself out, discovering this link between slashers, and screwing stuff up. The downside is that it takes place before she met Vlad, so it’s slightly less humorous without him around. ”

THEoDEAD:” What can readers expect from the title now that it has changed hands? Will this move open up more doors for Cassie to put herself into the universes of even more horror icons than before? ”

TIM SEELEY:”That kind of stuff won’t change much, since I’ve always handled that kind of stuff myself with no impediment from the publisher. I think there’s the temptation to instantly take advantage of being at Image and having a little more access to all these other creators and their creator owned books. But I know i have to use that sort of thing sparingly, because I’ve always only done crossovers when I had a strong story for it. So I have to make sure I keep it that way!”

THEoDEAD:”I for one was very excited to see that the omnibus would be rereleased in order to get new readers caught up with the series. Will all the omnibuses by released this way? ”

TIM SEELEY:”Yep, Omnibus 1 is reprinted for June, Omnibus 2 for July and Omnibus 3 at some point not long after that! ”

THEoDEAD:” Well I think that I can speak for all the readers when I say that none of us would mind seeing a little “HACK/SLASH” and “THE WALKING DEAD” action down the road. Just throwing that one out there. Haha So as far as continuity goes, is the series going to pick back up after the events of “SUPER SIDEKICK SLEEPOVER SLAUGHTER” once “MY FIRST MANIAC” draws to a close? Where is Cassie headed in the here and now?”

TIM SEELEY:”Ha, Robert Kirkman and I have known each other for YEARS. But as much as I love THE WALKING DEAD, I’m pretty sure a HACK/SLASH x-over would be like mixing ham and ice cream.

As for the new IMAGE series, I’m going to set Cassie on a very distinct and defined path….you’ll see once we get “Murder Messiah” on the shelves!”

THEoDEAD:”Haha touché, but you can’t blame us for dreaming on the “WALKING DEAD” front, eh? Not to keep on the subject of film, but you seem to be very popular as far as movie producers go. What about the rumors regarding “LOADED BIBLE” getting a film adaptation? Is that just internet here-say or is there actually interest? ”

TIM SEELEY:”Well, it’s not a “film” per se….but the great people at HALO-8 are working on an animated style DVD. It’ll be similar to their “Godkiller” flick. I don’t know that Loaded bible will ever get a Hollywood film adaptation…it’s probably a touch too sacrilegious for most of the US. ”

THEoDEAD:” As far as the film goes, I can’t help but pay attention to your twitter seeing as we are both among the thousands out there that are doing the whole “140 character at a time” social networking thing, and I saw a little snippet about your personal preference on who should play Cassie in the film. I know you probably don’t have a lot of control over it, but in a perfect world, who would play the roles of your characters? I know most writers first see their stories in film form in their heads, and the illustrated versions come long after, so I’m sure you must have a few personal favorites. ”

TIM SEELEY:”Is that true? Ha, I definitely DO NOT see my stories in film form first. I see them as comic books, first and foremost, with film being this kind of insane brain struggle involving a lot of pain and anguish! But i guess, if I was writing, directing and casting the HACK/SLASH movie (which is as likely to happen as the Pope performing in a Bang Bus video) I would cast either Kat Dennings or Allison Scagliotti as Cassie, and Michael Clarke Duncan as Vlad.”

THEoDEAD:” Recently we got news that you have a werewolf story in the works titled “WILD GAME”. What is going on with that project? ”

TIM SEELEY:”WILD GAME is a project I’m doing with my HACK/SLASH movie producer, Daniel Alter. Daniel is the producer of movies like HITMAN and JOHNNY QUEST, and I’ve always liked him more than any other Hollywood guy. So, we decided that we wanted to produce a comic book together and WILD GAME is what we came up with. It’s the story of a group of werewolves, who pushed to the brink of extinction; survive by only allowing themselves one night of hunting every year. It’s basically “THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME” meets werewolves, where we see normal people pitted against werewolves in this survivalist horror scenario. We’re still shopping it around as a comic book, but it’s a project Daniel and I are both into on a purely nerd/fan level. I think werewolves are one of the most slighted monsters in horror fiction, and we need to take them back from the pussy Taylor Laughton type werewolves. Right? ”

THEoDEAD:” There’s no doubt about that! I don’t think that there has been a more emasculating event in horror (perhaps ever) than “TWILIGHT”. But I’m pretty sure I could rant about that for hours. When can readers expect to see “WILD GAME” on shelves? ”

TIM SEELEY:”Daniel and I are kinda trying to do this one smart where we have the book done, and the people who worked on it paid before we put it out. The little sneaks we’ve shown are kind of our way of gauging interest and deciding how much of a fire we need lit under our asses. ”

THEoDEAD:” Will fans be able to catch you out on the convention circuit at all this year? ”

TIM SEELEY:”But of course! I’m ALWAYS doing some damn con or another. I’ll be at C2E2, San Diego, Granite State Con, X-Con…shit, fly me anywhere and put me up, and i’ll do any con, anytime. So come see me motherf***ers! ”

THEoDEAD:” I d say that there might be a few offended Catholics out there over it. Haha When can fans expect to see something on that?”

TIM SEELEY:”I think Halo-8 is announcing some stuff during C2E2.”

THEoDEAD:” Well if the reader feedback we have received here at Bloody-Disgusting is any sort of guage for you i d say that interest in WILD GAME is pretty damn healthy! So with all that said what can all your loyal fans expect to see from you this year?”

TIM SEELEY:”HACK/SLASH at Image is taking up MOST of my time. And I’m still the regular artist on WILDSTORM’S WILDCATS. I’m working on a COLT NOBLE and the MEGLORDS 3 issue mini, and I’m working with some guys to do another LOADED BIBLE one-shot. So…yeah…whew. ”

THEoDEAD:” Well hey, if you make Chicago Con myself and the Graphic Content crew will see you there! Before we let you go I have to say on behalf of not only your fans but comic book readers as a whole it is very refreshing to see someone in this industry so honest and committed to doing the right thing. I know after running the news of how you planned to buy back HACK/SLASH fans really stood up and rallied behind you. Is there anything you would like to say to the fans?”

TIM SEELEY:” Well, in an industry as small as comics, loyal readers who spread the word to their friends about a comic book are worth twice their weight in gold. So, I thank everyone, sincerely, who has supported Hack/Slash for the last six years, and I promise that my team and I will continue to pour ourselves into the comics and make sure you’re getting a great horror comic read each and every month!”

Everyone would like to thank Tim very much for taking the time to do this interview with us. He is a stand-up guy and a fantastic sport and we wish he the best of luck in the future. For those of you not keeping track, “MY FIRST MANIAC” drops June 9th from Image Comics! Also you can keep up with Tim over at his official site and on Twitter @hackintimseeley. Also be sure to keep it locked here at’s Graphic Content as we continue to bring you all the latest news from next weekend’s C2E2 convention!



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