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Wildstorm Announces H.P. Lovecraft-esque Comic ‘North 40’

Wildstorm this week announced a new comic that will be coming out in July called North 40. CBR had a chance to interview the creator of North 40, Aaron Williams. Here’s what Aaron had to say about the premise of the story:
“Aaron Williams: “North 40” is basically what happens when you take a small backwoods county in the Midwest and drop H.P. Lovecraft on it. An old spellbook, belonging to a witch who practiced the odd incantation or two, was opened and as a result, plunged Conover County into a C’thuloid nightmare. Many of the residents are changed, often for the worse, and those who are still “normal” pretty much find places to hole up and hope for things to improve. A select few gained more extraordinary abilities, and they become some of the book’s heroes. Managing the whole mess is Conover County’s venerable Sheriff Morgan, dispenser of wisdom and .45 slugs, if the need arises.”

Seems like it might be a pretty good comic, check CBR for the rest of the great interview. Graphic Content will keep you updated when more news about North 40 arrives.
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