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[Podcast] Double Murder: Ep 49 – ‘Sinister’ vs. ‘Insidious’

Danny! and Tim are back, reviewing two PG-13 tales of family, hauntings, and death in this month’s Double Murder: Sinister vs Insidious! These films will make you never trust your children again! Tune in to find out answers to these burning questions: Which movie has not gotten the attention it deserves and which does not deserve your attention? Which one of the hosts is getting married? What’s in store for the upcoming Double Murder 50th Episode Extravaganza? What other podcasts are the guys developing? …and more! ALSO, email Danny! and Tim at with questions to be read and answered on their 50th episode!!

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  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    Um, Sinister is not PG-13, it’s rated R. I’m not sure how I feel about these guys. Sometimes, i think they’re funny and I respect their opinions though I may not agree with them, but then they sometimes come off as those horror fans that would bash you for what you like and say you’re not a real horror fan. I’m not saying they’re like that for sure, it’s just a vibe I get. For the record, I say Insidious totally beats Sinister, but I still liked Sinister.

    • ThunderDragoon

      “…but then they sometimes come off as those horror fans that would bash you for what you like and say you’re not a real horror fan. I’m not saying they’re like that for sure, it’s just a vibe I get.”

      That’s the same way I feel. That’s why I didn’t post my opinion earlier.

    • rg_lovecraft

      I get what you’re saying. While I have been known to bash horror films, pretty badly as well, I would never call someone a lesser horror fan than myself because they like different things.

      I may fucking hate these two movies, but who am I to say that you suck for liking them? That’s petty.

      • WalkWithMeInDarkness

        Yes, it is petty. I’m glad other people understand this. I mean, for me, I fucking hate Zombie’s Halloween movies, the NOES remake and Paranormal Activity, but I never bash anyone who likes them.

  • chris99x

    Gotta agree with the above comments. Still, might check out some of their past episodes because I really like the concept and they did make some excellent points about Insidious (Sinister, not so much; no mention of the children or the ending? Or any of the things that actually hurt the movie?), but I didn’t hear much said in 35 minutes that couldn’t have been said in 10 or 15. A lot of filler, inside jokes, odd music cues thrown in, could use a bit more focus on horror movies (or at least cut out the dead space where you aren’t really talking about anything).

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      You’re right. I didn’t even think about it, but there’s definitely way too much time spent goofing off and not enough serious focus on horror. It’s like a parody of a horror podcast. You should check out the “News from the Crypt” podcast (if you aren’t already familiar with it) it’s more horror talk, less bullshitting (though they don’t do the whole movie battle thing like double murder).

      • chris99x

        Thanks, I’ll check it out! I haven’t listened to a good podcast in quite a while, actually, so I’ll definitely give them a listen.

  • Phaelon

    hmm, read the 7 comments above and registered to give some praise to Tim and Danny.
    Double-murder is one of my absolute favorite podcasts.
    I may not always agree on their opinions of movies, but they always argue them well and listening is always enjoyable.

    Nothing is worse than the fangoria style of reviews where everything is ok and nothing is objectively poor (here’s looking at you Zombie)

  • SteveL7

    I don’t always agree with the reviews and opinions, but the podcast is always entertaining. I like the back and fourth with the hosts and the goofing off helps keep it lighthearted.

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