Ginger Snaps

Werewolf movies in my opinion are perdominantly lousy, making an exception for American Werewold in London. If American Werewolf in London wasn’t such a groundbreaking film, I would say that ginger Snaps is a better movie.

Set in modern time, two teeneage sisters at the brink of puberty are set apart from others because they are late bloomers. They are outcasts and invisible from the world.

The sisters are tormented and picked on and one ngiht decide to get revenge on one of the other girls. As they embark on their mission. a “wolf” which has been murdering dogs in the neighborhood crosses their path and attacks them, leaving the rest to your imagination…

Without spoiling the plot, lets just say the movie includes: one drop dead sexy actresss (Katherine Isabelle), Mimi Rogers, FX by Paul Jones credited to Blade, Bride of Chucky and Hellraiser 2-4 and plenty of blood.

The movie contains two plots, which work together to make it enjoyable for everyone. It goes from a teen flick to a bloody disgusting as hell flick while you blink, with some extra little things that’ll make you cringe… a definite see !!!

PS…Make sure you get the SE DVD, and not the regular one that has no deleted scenes. They are supposed to be excellent!

Official Score