Resident Evil

Video game to movie, does it ever work? I guess things have come along way since CGI took over for practical effects. But can it make a movie have any substance whatsoever?

Resident Evil was a great adaptation from game to the big screen, but lacklustered the heart of a true Zombie flick. Although entertaining to the untrained eye, the movie took horror clich√©’s to a new level.

The movie takes a team of agents that work for the Umbrella Corporation into the ‘hive’ where numerous experiments have taken place. Something goes wrong and that is why they are sent to disable the mainframe. Of course, the place in infested with zombies and they must escape before it’s too late.

There are many things that make this movie irritating, like the various implications that the scare was coming- why must they let the entire audience know when something is going to happen, there wasn’t even anticipation. The jumps were so trite that anyone would know what was coming, even a monkey. Prime example is one of the crew members who gets bitten early on by a zombie- we all know what happens next, they drag her ‘transformation’ along util the bitter end where she transforms and makes a mess out of things, of course when things are finally looking good. The movie lacks surprise for anyone who has seen a horror flick, or has any knowledge of the game; other than that, you might really enjoy this.

What did bring this movie to a better level was the CGI (ironically). Most of the time I’d ay that I am a CGI hater (dispiser), but this was done quite well and wasn’t over used. The dogs looked a lot better on screen than they did in the preview and the faces of the zombies early in the film were amazing! Unfortunately, they stop using the CGI on zombies early in the flick and save it for the BIG surprise monster/zombie.

Although there is one thing that drives me nuts, which is the amount of gore. At the end of the film one of the main characters is attacked by one of this giant zombie monsters and when the crew find him he’s fully intact! The funny thing is there’s blood everywhere and body parts, so what exactly did this zombie do? I guess he just removed his blood and sprayed it everywhere (f’n retarded I swear).

Although this movie wasn’t fantastic it was quite enjoyable, I recommend this as a one time see. I think this is also a film that would get more justice out of a theater viewing, watching it on DVD just won’t do. The sound mix is amazing and the soundtrack done by Marilyn Manson shows he can do more than just rock and roll. The blares of zombies and sound effects drive this movie, without it it would be nothing but crap. So if you got the dough, and some time to spare, check it out.

Official Score